WIP Wednesday 4: Mirabelle “If Only”

I am still slogging along with this beast, but there’s light at the end of the tunnel!


I took a slight detour and worked on another mini project for part of the week. I finished it and I’ll post pictures next week. I made it for a friend and I don’t want to ruin the surprise. I also successfully made last week’s birthday castle into a card using a lot of double-sided tape and a few pins (thanks for the suggestion Cross Stitch TV!)

It was actually a lot easier to mount than I thought it would be.

Finished birthday card

Finished birthday card

As for Mirabelle, I am too lazy to remove her from her snap-frame, so the edges are cut off in the photos, but I managed to work up the left side with the peach border and run it alllllll the way across the top. The awkward size of the frame—11×17 means I’ve literally stitched upside down and backwards to try and work comfortably. At least the project is making me feel like super woman.

Where I am in my quest to finish the top border.

Where I am in my quest to finish the top border.

The border along the top isn’t quite as bad as I thought. With a few more X-Files episodes (yup, I’m rewatching the series while I stitch this) I think I could get it done.

The bottom work. The right side is smushed under the frame, but I got it all finished.

The bottom work. The right side is smushed under the frame, but I got it all finished.

After that it’s just filling in the bottom, which is feeling more and more doable. I filled in all of the darker green, and all of the single vertical rows, so I have the big empty space where the flourishes of light green and light brown go and then just the solid brown and light green that flank the dark green. I’ve so got this. Hopefully by next week I’ll be doing the backstitch.

The end table my cross stitch took over.

The end table my cross stitch took over.

That funky silver and black thread. It's the one marked █

That funky silver and black thread. It’s the one marked █

I haven’t even opened the backstitch diagram. I have no idea how much I have to do, but I know it has some intricate parts with a really interesting silver and black thread.

Until next week!

WIP Wednesday 3: Mirabelle “If Only”

You know how I said last week that I was going to chug on until I finished Mirabelle? Well, almost immediately following thinking that, I thought how nice it would be to have a shift in perspective and a little break. So I made a birthday card. It took about 2 days, and it was nice not doing completely straight stitches for those two days.

We're sorry, but your birthday is in another castle...or something.

We’re sorry, but your birthday is in another castle…or something.

I’ve never made a card before, and I’m not quite sure how to put it together, or what to say on the inside, but I loved all the pretty beads. I regret that I miscounted the text and most of it is 1 square too low. It would have left ugly holes if I took it out, so I left it. I don’t think it’s really noticeable unless I tell you. ;) The pattern is from world of cross stitch magazine, which I frequently buy digitally (OMG a print subscription to the states is expensive!) If you’re interested in the pattern I also found it on the designer’s Etsy shop. She makes some lovely whimsical designs.

The castle was stitched on hand-dyed evenweave. I’ve never worked with evenweave before, and while it wasn’t that difficult to stitch on, counting on it—since you work across two holes for each stitch—was absolutely horrendous. It was also my first time working with Kreinik blending filament. I like metallic thread, and it wasn’t terribly difficult. I just had to stitch a little slower and use short lengths. The hardest part was threading the needle.

After my brief sojourn into castles and beads I returned to Mirabelle if not exactly renewed, at least determined. I finished up a lot of the bottom left hand side, and then decided to tackle the peach border on the right. Originally I was going to perform the miraculous task of counting alllll the way to the top and working my way down. That’s just how I stitch: top to bottom, left to right. But I decided that was rather narrow minded and so I stitched bottom to top and finally reached the top. So now I’ve reached all four borders. Yay!

Mirabelle's state of completion as of  4/8/2015

Mirabelle’s state of completion as of 4/8/2015

I expect to continue working on the bottom right side and work my way toward the middle, and then try and finish up the top left peach border. The part across the very top will be quite monotonous and I’m not looking forward to that, but I have to work up on the left to do even start that.

The bottom is filling in! On the left at least.

The bottom is filling in! On the left at least.

Here’s hoping I’ll be done in the next two weeks. I have carousel horses to stitch!

WIP Wednesday 2: Mirabelle “If Only”

I always feel like I’m not getting anything done, so I’m hoping these posts will illustrate the contrary. I’m still working away on the bottom part of the piece. I’m dreading doing the border around the top and sides because I have to count so much to get there which means a high probability of an error, so for the moment I’m ignoring that and just working wherever I feel like on the bottom.

Excuse the pictures. I am without a phone, so they were taken with my iPad and they’re a little washed out and not very sharp. Maybe next week I’ll break out a real camera or test out the camera on the iPhone 6 that should be arriving soon.

The entire cross stitch of "If Only" to date.

The entire cross stitch of “If Only” to date.

I was trying to finish the bottom left corner. For this project I purchased a Q-Snap style frame (though an off-brand because my craft store didn’t carry the “real” brand). I’ve never worked with one before and, while I like it because you can get great tension, I find that I often get the cross stitch into it crooked. The size of this piece is such that an 11 x 17 inch Q-Snap (off brand) frame gets part of the stitched-piece pinched in it. So I was trying to finish the left hand side so that I could set it in and forget it for a while and maybe finish the right side so it doesn’t matter if either side gets pinched a bit (I put felt in between the plastic and the stitching). I think the real brand makes a 1-inch extender which would be perfect. Since I have 2 more projects this size I intend to do it may be worth looking into.

Close-Up of the area I worked this week.

Close-Up of the area I worked this week.


I desperately want to take a break from this and start on a little carousel horse, but I’m afraid if I switch projects I won’t pick this one up again, so expect to see more brown and green filled in next week. Hopefully I’ll be able to fill in the band and maybe a bit of the right side. Any progress is good progress in my book.

Belated WIP Wednesday: Mirabelle “If Only”

As some of you may know, I started cross stitching like a fiend back in August. I thought it was just a phase and that after I finished the few pieces I was working on I’d be done and back to my myriad of other hobbies. But it’s almost April and I’m still stitching almost every day with a back log of projects to start.

I’m about 3/4 done with my current project. It’s Santoro’s Mirabelle “If Only” by Bothy Threads. This is the largest project I’ve done to date and the swirly bodice was maddening. The pattern takes four separate pages, so lining everything up properly was challenging. I also screwed up the peach part of the skirt and it was off by one stitch and I had to rip the right side of it out and start all over.

Mirabelle state of completion as of Wednesday 3/25/2015

Mirabelle state of completion as of Wednesday 3/25/2015

I’m currently working on the bottom portion of the design and as you can tell by the higgledy piggledy state of the stitching I quickly get bored with one color and move on to the next. And the next and the next. It all gets done eventually, but you can only cross stitch so many long blocks of color before going a little crazy.

The bottom area I'm working on.

The bottom area I’m working on.

I hope to do regular weekly updates of my projects as I go forward because I have several more in the works. After this I’d like to do two more Mirabelle cross stitches starting with “Adrift”. I have a funky silver wall in the dining room I’d like to line up these Mirabelle pictures on with the last one being “Butterfly”.

The naked silver wall.

The naked silver wall.

These are going to be several months in the works, but I hope that they’ll turn out every bit as quirky and wonderful as I imagine them to be. Till next Wednesday.

P.S. This WIP was late because Wednesday was hubby’s birthday. No more birthdays or trips for a while, so I’m hoping to stay on track.

MH4U Dual Blade Upgrade Chart

R1 Matched Slicers 84 750z R1 Matched Slicers+ 98 R1 Dual Slicers 112 1650z R2 Dual Hatchets 140 4200z R2 Dual Hatchets+ 154 R3 Dual Cleavers+ 182 O R4Hurricane 196 220 氷 OO R5 Cyclone 210 260 氷 OOO R8 Tornado Hatchets 308 290 氷 OOO 90000z R9 Typhoon 364 340 氷 OOO
R3 Rex Slicers 196 -20% O R5 Tigrex Claws 238 -15% O R6 Accursed Slicers 252 80 爆 -5% O R7 Pouncing Graveclaws 266 100 爆 5% O  
R2 Freezing Daggers 126 150 氷 R3 Freezing Daggers+ 140 220 氷 R4 Icicle Daggers 154 300 氷 R4 Frozen Death 182 350 氷 R8 Gelid Mind 252 370 氷 R8 Gelid Soul 308 390 氷
R2 Insecticutters 140 5% R3 Insecticutters+ 168 5% R4 Insectiscythes 182 80 麻 10% O R6 Alated Insect 224 120 麻 20% OO R8 Alated Insect+ 280 150 麻 30% OO    
R2 Sworn Rapiers 140 80 水 5% O 3900z R3 Holy Sabers 154 120 水 5% OO R4 Guild Knight Sabers 168 180 水 5% OO R5 Master Sabers 182 200 水 10% OOO R8 Master Sabers+ 280 230 水 10% OOO  
R1 Jaggid Shotels 126 2100z R2 Leader’s Shotels 154 R3 Fledderklauen 168 100 龍 10% 12000z R4 Hungerklauen 182 140 龍 20% R5 Aasklauen 196 180 龍 20% R7 Les Apôtres 224 200 龍 25% O R9 Le Paradis 332 250 龍 35% O  
R2 Cleaving Jaws 168 40 水 80 氷 R3 Cleaving Jaws+ 182 80 水 120 氷 R5 Cool Cleavers 196 140 水 180 氷 R6 Frozen Cleavers 210 260 水 220 氷 R8 Névé Bite 308 260 水 300 氷  
R8 Sandgnashers 322 100 麻 O  
R1 Bone Scythes 112 975z R1 Bone Scythes+ 126 R1 Chief’s Scythes 140 R2 Dual Battleaxe 140 100 毒 3225z R2 Dual Battleaxe+ 154 130 毒 R3 Double Tabarzin 168 180 毒 R4 Terminal Toxin 196 200 毒 R6 Mortal Miasma 224 280 毒 R7 Dual Chameleos 238 350 毒  
R3 Twin Flames 182 120 火 13350z R4 High Twin Flames 196 140 火 R5 Wyvern Lovers 210 170 火 R7 Wyvern Strife 266 200 火 R9 Wyvern Strife+ 308 240 火
R2 Pink Maracas 182 -25% OO R3 Funky Maracas 196 -20% OO R4 Jungle Maracas 210 100 眠 -15% OOO R5 Evergreen 238 120 眠 -10% OOO R8 Evergreen+ 322 150 眠 -10% OOO  
R1 Whirlitwists 126 80w -5% R2 Whirlitricks 154 120 水 -10% R3 Whirlitorture 168 150 水 Def+5 O 13350z R5 Spiral Edges 182 210 水 Def +10 OO R6 Gyro Wedges 210 260 水 Def +10 OO R8 Crossdrills 308 270 水 Def +10 OO    
R2 Snow Slicers 154 100 氷 3900z R3 Snow Sisters 168 120 氷 OO R5 Maulagombs 196 220 氷 OO R6 Brawlagombs 210 240 氷 OOO R8 Brawlagombs+ 280 280 氷 OOO    
R2 Twin Chainsaws 140 80 雷 3225z R3 Usurper’s Fulgur 196 140 雷 R5 Despot’s Blitz 210 180 雷 R6 Levin Acrus 238 240 雷 10% R9 Neo Twin Acrus 308 260 雷 20%    
R6 Brimstren Drakeclaws 252 280 龍 300 雷 O R9 Brimstren Drakeclaws+ 336 320 龍 310 雷 O    
R1 VpreyClaws 140 2100z R2 High Vprey Claws 154 OO R3 Raven Tessen 182 15% OO R4 Wolf Tessen 196 180 毒 25% OOO R6 Crow Tessen 224 220 毒 35% OOO R8 Pox Tessen 308 240 毒 35% OOO    
R2 Kut-Ku Pair 140 70 火 R3 Kut-Ku Pair+ 154 190 火 13350z R4 Dual Kut-Ku 182 240 火 max upgrade reached      
R4 Dios Slicers 210 120 爆 R5 Dios Slicers+ 224 140 爆 R6 Demolition Blades 238 200 爆 OO R9 Spectral Demolisher 350 240 爆 OO  
R3 Glutton’s Tools 126 OO 7350z R5 Gorger’s Tools 168 400 火 OOO R8 Savortooths 224 460 火 OOO              
R4 Felyne and Melynx 112 150 麻 OO 1650z R5 Felyne and Melynx+ 126 200 麻 OOO R8 Felyne and Melynx++ 280 280 麻 OOO              
R2 Plesioth Cutlasses 154 120 水 3900z R4 Plesioth Machetes 182 200 水 R5 Verdant Slashers 196 180 眠 250 水 O R6 Alluvion Slashers 210 220 眠 320 水 O R8 Jade Plesioth Fans 280 240 眠 350 水 O          
R5 Melting Wail 266 150 毒 280 火 -20% Def +20 O 45000z R6 Melting Blazer 280 170 毒 320 火 -15% Def +20 O                
R6 Zakun Twins 238 10% O 40000z R7 Zakun Twins+ 280 10% O                
R4 Dual Dragon 182 220 龍 O 24000z R6 Dual Dragon Ultimus 224 280 龍 OO R7 Dual Dragon Ultimus+ 238 320 龍 OOO R10 Dual Dragon “Angst” 364 420 龍 OOO            
R4 Wrath & Rancor 224 100 龍 5% 66666z R6 Wrathful Predation 238 150 龍 5%                
R5 Worn Blades 98 -30% R5 Weathered Blades 112 -20% R6 Enduring Schism 126 420 龍 OO R8 Enduring Sacrifice 182 450 龍 OO R9 Enduring Surrender 210 550 龍 OO          
R6 Twin Nails 196 160 爆 400 氷 5% O              
R6 Flamestorm 224 230 火 O 55000z R8 Salamanders 280 270 火 O                
R7 Akantor Blades 322 30% 99999z                  
R6 Blackspine Bundles 294 60 麻 -15% OOO 75000z R7 The Wrackful Gemini 322 80 麻 -15% Def +40 OOO                
R7 Ukanlos Ruinblades 378 90 氷 -30% Def +20 O 40000z                  
R7 Ritual Hailscreamers 196 220 麻 400 氷 O 75000z                  

Item Wish List

  • R6 Melting Blazer: 1 Fire Dragon Scale+ (teostra) 60,000z
  • R6 Wrathful Predation: 1 Deviljho Scale, 4 Deviljho Saliva (guild 7 2 quests) 70,000z
  • R6 Twin Nails: 2 Daora Claw+, 1 Teostra Mane 70,000z (need another worn blades…)
  • R7 Dual Chameleos 6 Chameleos Hide+, 2 chameleos taile, 1 chameleos Gem 70,000z
  • R7 Zakun Twins+: 4 M.Tigrex Blastclaw, 1 M.Tigrex Tail 1 Seregios Dissenter 60,000z
  • R7 Pouncing Graveclaws: 6 M.Tigrex Blastclaw, 3 M.Tigrex Fang+, 1 Pulsating Blastheart 70,000z
  • R7 Akantor Blades: 5 Akantor Carapace, 2 Akantor Hardclaw, 1 Akantor Gem 99,999z
  • R7 Ukanlos Ruinblades:1 Ukanlos Fin+ (carve 12%, Break back 50% for 2, 35% for 1)
  • R7 Ritual Hailscreamers: 6 Kirin Icehorn 75,000z
  • R7 The Wrackful Gemini: 1 Dalamadur Fanblade (break back!), Dalam Tail Shell (Tail carve, break tail), 1 skyblade gem 90,000z
  • R8 Savortooths:4 firecell stones, 4 B.TetsucabraHardclaw 85,000z
  • R8 Evergreen+: 6 E.Congalala Fur, 2 E.Congalala Hardclaw, 4 Massive Bone (G carve Kecha, Lagombi, congalala, tetsucabra etc.)
  • R8 Felyne and Melynx+: 3 najarala piel (G: carve, capture, break tail, break back leg), 6 Omniplegia sac
  • R8 Pox Tessen: 1 Rejuvenated Beak, 3 Kut-Ku Fellwing, 1 Kut-Ku Luckear 60,000z
  • R8 Crossdrills: 2 Tetsucabra Hardclaw 60,000z
  • R8 Brawlagombs+: 4 Lagombi Fur, 3 T.Najarala Piel, 2 T.Najarala Cortex, 2 Cryo Sac
  • R8 Master Sabers+: 3 Purecrystal, 3 Basarios Fellwing (G Body carve 7%, capture 10% Break Back 30%) 60,000z
  • R8 Jade Plesioth Fans: 2 G.Plesioth Shard, 2 Fine G.Plesioth Fin, 2 Nerscylla Scishorn, 1 Cathangeafish 70,000z
  • R8 Névé Bite: 6 Zamtrios Grandfin, 4 Zamtrios Piel, 3 Cryo Sac, 3 Flood Sac 70,000z
  • R8 Sandgnashers: 6 T.Zamtrios Grandfin, 4 T.Zamtrios Piel, 4 Omniplegia Sac, 3 T.Zamtrios Tailbrand 70,000z
  • R8 Gelid Soul: 1 Cryo Sac, 4 T.Najarala Piel, 2 T.Najarala Sounder 85,000z
  • R8 Alated Insect+: 3 Piercing Claw (G hermitaur, G conga) 60,000z
  • R8 Salamanders: 3 Agnaktor Fin+ (trade B.Tigrex Claw+), 2 B.Tetsucabra Gnawrl, 3 B.Tetsucabra Cortex, 60,000z
  • R9 Wyvern Strife+:5 Rathalos Cortex, 5 Rathian Cortex, 6 P.Rathian Shard, 6 A.Rathalos Shard 90,000z
  • R9 Le Paradis: 6 Gore Magala Shredder, 2 Gore Magala Sensor, 5 Gore Magala Cortex, 1 Gore Magala Mantle 90,000z
  • R9 Brimstren Drakeclaws+: 2 S.Zinogre Hardhorn, 2 Zinogre Hardhorn, 4 S.Zin Dragonlocks, 4 Zinogre Electrofur+ 95,000z
  • R9 Typhoon: 5 Meldspar Ore, 3 Allfire Stone 100,000z
  • R9 Neo Twin Acrus: 3 I.Lagi D-Shocker, 5 Zinogre Electrofur+, 5 Zinogre Hardclaw, 1 Zinogre Lash 90,000z
  • R9 Spectral Demolisher: 3 Brach Cortex, 2 Fine Brach Ebonshell, 1 Brach Crown, 1 Brach Pallium 95,000z
  • R9 Enduring Surrender:2 Heavenly Crystal, 5 Allfire Stone (volcanic hollow mine or G Gravios, black gravios, akantor), 4 Monoblos Chine, 1 Lrg Wyvern Gem 100,000z
  • R10 Dual Dragons “Angst”: 3 Lao-Shan Azure Claw (trade Daora Hardclaw—Advanced: Hell Hunter Hoax to unlock), 5 Lrg ElderDragon Bone, 1 Lrg Elder Dragon Gem 120,000z

Last Updated: 4/12/2015