Final Fantasy: Week One

I have been diligently playing Final Fantasy on the PSP. I didn’t play the original, so I don’t get thrown back into nostalgia land with this one. Actually, since the graphics and the music on the PSP are so pretty I feel like I’m cheating and starting with a later game.

I chose the following classes as my party of four:

  • Monk – I was hoping for crowd control…
  • Thief- I like to steal things, but alas—can’t
  • White Mage – Healers are non-negotiable
  • Black Mage – Such cute little pyromaniacs!

So far the story leaves quite a bit to be desired. I started off and was immediately thrust into saving the world. ‘No problem,’ I thought as I stumbled around stabbing at goblins and hitting them over the head with my hammer. Then I went the wrong way. I wandered into Matoya’s cave and he just kept mumbling something about his eye. Whatever. Then I beat up some pirates and they gave me their boat. I thought something must have been wrong with it since I just smacked a few of them around and it wasn’t a very tough fight. I guess the moral of that fight is: never look a gift boat in the mouth.

I’ve been sailing around lost ever since. Doesn’t this game have a map?? I have pressed every button combo I can think of and can’t seem to find one. I tried just sailing around, and when I came across Elfheim (and poor Link’s grave) I thought I was finally in the right spot. And I was, sort of but they were damn vague about where to go next. I found the dwarves…who couldn’ help me…

So, sick of not knowing where the hell to go, I broke out my guide from the gameboy version. It has a map. I am now back on track. I visited the Western Keep and tomorrow I will go off to the marsh cave to kick some butt.

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