Monster Hunters Unite

Casey and I getting ready for a hunt

I have a confession. I have been neglecting pokémon—both White 2 and Conquest. I have a good reason (IMO). Remember a few days ago when I said I wanted to start a monster hunter group in the bay area? While I haven’t found a group, I did post on Gamefaqs and one person in the area expressed interest in meeting up to hunt.

Tomorrow we’re going to meet up in San Francisco and hunt for a few hours. Why has this impacted my Pokémon play time you ask? Well, Casey (my husband) and I are hunter rank 5. The person we’re meeting is hunter rank forty-something. So there’s quite a discrepancy between our levels. Casey and I have been spending a lot of time trying to further our progress in the game.

We got stymied today. We got to the event quest for rank 6: hunting the Ceadeus subspecies. The first time we fought him I mistakenly wore my Gigginox subspecies armor which is weak to water. Since Ceadeus and his cousin the subspecies both use water attacks I got my butt kicked and we failed the hunt. I changed my armor and we tried again…and we failed again. I decided I needed better armor, so I started hunting the lagiacrus over and over. I still need several items from him for the set and have only made one piece of it.

I’m hoping that tomorrow with a little help we can clear that Ceadeus quest and maybe Jhen Moran as well. Then back to pokémon, because I’ve not given up on it.

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  1. Please come back to Pokemon! I need your help translating what all the vendor guys outside the PWT are saying! It seems like they might be offering cool stuff but I have no idea… lol! Oh plus you’re falling way behind. I’ve got 5 gym badges already. 😀

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