On a good note, Bravely Default shipped and should be here by 10:30 tomorrow morning. Ugh what will I play this weekend?! #firstworldproblems


I just read an Animal Crossing comic. The villagers find a message in a bottle and get freaked out because they think that pirates (カイゾク) are going to attack the village (たんぼ村). The message looks like:


A short time later a car drives up and what looks like a peg leg, but is actually a pig leg, steps from it, much to the confusion of the villagers. The new arrival is a villager moving in named 「ハムカツ」. hmmmm. Do you see that in the message?

The letter was from him, not about pirates. His handwriting is awful, and moreover he used improper breaks, no punctuation, and put the last ク in a weird spot. It should have read:


It translates much more sanely to something like “Hamukatsu is going to tanbo village on the seventh!” But he thought that ク and 7 looked the same and misplaced the ク in イク sending the entire village into a panic. Not a good start to village life.

The moral of the story: Good handwriting is important.