Animal Crossing + Style Savvy <3

As a tie in with Animal Crossing A New Leaf’s Japan release, style savvy added two brands to their shop: “GracieGrace” and “Club 444”.

As you download the items, they are displayed on a revolving manequin.

The GracieGrace items

The KK Shirt with the front and back pictured.

Once I figured out how to get the items in game I rushed off to the photo studio to get professional pictures taken. The GracieGrace line includes five items a dress, sunglasses, hat, boots, and purse.

The Club 444 brand only has one item: a DJ KK T-Shirt.

3 thoughts on “Animal Crossing + Style Savvy <3

  1. Can I just say… I LOVE CROSSOVERS!! If I hear of this cross-promotion thing happening in the US, I might consider getting Style Savvy. Just cuz.

  2. If I could like your reply I would. 🙂 I need more style savvy players! I know it’s way girly, but it’s oddly addicting. And if you read the Iwata asks about it one of the guys thinks of the customers as enemies in and RPG “And their requests regarding budget and clothes are like attacks that, as the salesperson, I have to find a way to deal with.” so it’s not really a game just about clothes. LOL.

  3. Can you still get these items? I’m going to get this game for Christmas along with New Leaf and I’m hoping to get this DJ K.K. shirt! :3

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