“Fire Arrow Village” is born! aka Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 1

Animal Crossing A New Leaf starts much like every other animal crossing game except that you’re on a train instead of a bus. I answered a few questions and chatted with Rover. Soon we arrived in “かせん” village. I got off the train and there was a whole posse waiting for me. They yelled “Welcome!” all at once.

I don’t really like my nose. And I hate my haircut.

I was just about to reset and try for a better face when I spotted a peculiar bunny in the crowd. I went and talked to her and found out it was Lillian from my favorite Japanese Animal Crossing manga (She is a “famous” detective in the comic)

名探偵 Lillian!! (meitantei – great detective They cross it out and change the first kanji to è¿· which is read the same, mei, but means lost…so lost detective. Because she’s always wrong.) 


Also in the crowd was a mouse named ちょろきち, Rizzo in the English version. Why does he have something tied around his head? What is it?

And the last villager there to greet me was a pig named ハカセ (Cobb). I wasn’t especially excited with those two, but Lillian makes up for it. She’s so gonna be my BFF whether she likes it or not.

I was dilly dallying talking to the villagers. I was supposed to go straight to town hall. Since Shizue was following me around I did eventually go over there. She told me the previous mayor worked for many years and he was an old man. Then she trailed off. So I hope he didn’t die. I’m sure I’ll find out come the next holiday…

My next task was going over to Tom Nook Housing to get a house so I could be registered as mayor. I got to put my house wherever I wanted it. I didn’t have to pick a pre-set location. Of course it still has to be built and I’m living in a tent until then. And god knows what Nook will charge me for it (I sure don’t).

And to commemorate my rise to power inauguration the whole village gathered while I planted a tree.

You can see from the above picture my other two villagers: サリー (Margie) the elephant. I had her in City Folk and a bird who I think might be new named しのぶ.

She’s pretty cute. Anyone know if she was in previous games?

After introducing myself to everybody I decided to look around at shops and make a little money to buy a tool or two. So I picked fruit. I have peaches. (My husband has apples. We can trade!) I was hoping for a net in the shop because I keep seeing bugs and I want to catch them, but all the shop had was a shovel and a fishing pole. After shaking a few trees I was able to buy both.

There was something strange in the shop that I hadn’t seen before: a fortune cookie. I didn’t know if it was a decoration or what. But from what I can glean you eat it and it seems to work like Katrina’s fortunes. It costs 2 game coins (not bells) to use. I did not buy it, but when I do I’ll be sure to post the results.

Naturally I then went around digging up fossils and catching fish. Not much has changed there either. Which is a good thing. And what do you do when you dig up fossils and sell fish? Go talk to Blathers of course. I woke him up…

Um, are you supposed to run into Gulliver on the first day half-drowned on the beach? Because I did. And I don’t know what I’m supposed to do with him.

Today’s a day off from school it looks like he’s saying. WTF? Help!

That’s pretty much all the excitement I’ve had so far. There are a bunch more shops I need to explore. And letters requesting fruit to write to villagers (in Japanese !!) and more fish to catch because I need $$$. So off I go to do that. More to come!

One thought on ““Fire Arrow Village” is born! aka Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 1

  1. OMG YAY!! Congratulations Mayor of Fire Arrow Village! xD

    OK my long list of excited comments:

    – Your character is CLEARLY a cousin of King Squirt’s. The nose runs in the family.
    – I think Rizzo is a ninja mouse. Isn’t that a ninja wrap thingy on his head?
    – Nerdy pig boy? He’d be the first I’d kick out of my town lol!
    – LOL it’s so funny that the mayor of the town has to sleep in a tent!! Awesome that you can pick your own location for your house. I’ll be choosing a spot by the beach. Cuz at least in Animal Crossing you’re safe from tidal surges and floods.
    – I’m *pretty sure* that’s a new Ostrich. I checked the AC wiki page I used for ACCF and she’s not listed there.
    – I’m dying to know what’s in that fortune cookie! You’ve got enough play coins, come on… SPLURGE!! XD
    – How does the museum look? It has a slightly newer layout right? Isn’t there a new section? And is the little sister owl (who’s name I forget) working there still?
    – Gulliver seems to be asleep. He’s telling his mom that he doesn’t have school today and to stop waking him up. I’d recommend nudging him repeatedly until he moves. (I am making this up. But maybe it’ll work!!)

    So excited to read more!!! YAY!!!!

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