New Leaf Day 3: My New House

I have a house! Or as I like to call it: A shoebox.

I did indeed get a house today. Turns out that 10,000 bells I paid was just a downpayment. The remainder to be paid is 39,800 bells. I have about half that. And oh dear god do I want to pay it off soon because this house is dinky. It has no upstairs where you sleep. It’s one very very small room.

Dinkyness illustrated

I have 3 pieces of mushroom furniture and the table is way too big. Lillian gave me a couch today so I crammed that in there. The statue I bought apparently is counterfeit so I threw that in my abode as well. The aforementioned nutcracker (from Gullliver) is on the table. Oh, and the clock I got as a download which you can’t see in this pic is:

Raccoon wall clock downloadable at the post office from 11/8-11/30

In addition to the new house I got a new villager:

this is Iris. I think she may be new to the 3DS game too?

Rock that unibrow Iris (アイリス)!

No new tools today. Still no watering can… and no new flowers, though KC aka Kokuto (my husband) reports that he got a new flower like my purple one, but it’s red. I’m trying to get him to blog here or at least post his pictures too.

Fortune Cookie: フォーチュンクッキー

In response to Gluxbox’s request that I buy the fortune cookie, I did. The salesraccoon said:

たべると おみくじが出てきますので、
それを お持ちくだされば
非売品のレアグッズと 交換いたしまーす〜

I think this says: “when you eat it a fortune will appear. You can exchange it for rare items that you can’t buy.” Feel free to google translate it. 😛 So I went outside after paying my two game coins and popped it in my mouth.

“from inside a fortune appeared! …something something…”

something about being hit on the head and being calm??!! #10

I’ll admit I was confused. I was expecting something about planting trees or watering flowers, you know regular fortune stuff. I figured I got a dud that didn’t do anything. But then after rereading the “when you eat it…” screenshot I saw “交換” which I know from pokémon means exchange or trade. So I thought maybe I was supposed to bring it back to the sales guy. Bingo! When I talked to him with it in my inventory there was a “fortune” option on the menu. He looked up fortune #10 and told me the prize was “バリアスーツ·ヘッド”. Again I was stumped. Until I put it on!

So now I want to buy all the fortune cookies…I think you can buy one per day.

Mayoral Duties

My game still seems kinda lacking in the mayor department. Shizue kept telling me to wait until my house was built. Well, it’s built so I thought we would get down to brass tacks and I could begin to rule with an iron fist…err. So, whenever I sit in the mayor’s chair I have the option of asking how the town’s doing and she gives me a rating. At first it was at 23 points (out of 100) which is pretty awful. I think nothing’s gonna really happen until I can get to 100 points. After giving me the rating she gives me advice on what to do to increase it. Sometimes it’s helpful, sometimes not (I don’t have a watering can you stupid shih tzu!!!). But I seemed to get points for planting trees, and writing on the notice board. I wonder if I get points if I make a new flag or change the town music? I’m up to 84 points. I’m trying!

Train Station: 駅

It occurs to me that I neglected to talk about the train station yesterday. There’s not a whole lot to say. As you see from the picture, the notice board is next to the station, not the mayor’s office. And the crossing to the shopping avenue is to the east of it. Trains actually do go through your town sometimes and the gate closes.

Inside you find a monkey. He opens your gates or lets you go to other towns (after you get a passport picture). See the locker to the right? That confused me at first. It’s storage. Your storage. From your house. So technically you don’t have to have a dresser in your house if you don’t want. You can just come to the station whenever you need stuff. It’s pretty handy since it’s right across the tracks from the shops.

Kokuto (my hubby) coming to my town


  • Today’s gem was an amethyst. I really hope I’m not supposed to do something with them…
  • OMG I want wallpaper and floors. Where do I get them???
  • I can’t figure out what to do with boots and cans. The shopkeeper won’t take them. KC has started burying his and making a junkyard.
  • Glux: Yumi would be proud to be Squirt’s long lost cousin. 😉
  • Also Glux: Celeste (Blather’s sister) is nowhere to be seen
  • I miss Brewster and Copper and I know they are in this game…
  • It’s Saturday will KK show up tonight? If so, where?

And I’ll leave you with a few more pics because you can’t have too many.

They’re actually called Steam Punk Goggles. I had to have them.

Kokuto and the sales-raccon talking about the furniture. He thought his bunny Chrissy would like it. She wanted him to get furniture. Nope. She didn’t. So he put it for sale at the recycle shop.

I was feeling uninspired and maybe craving a little English, so I made Shinobu say “Yo!” as a greeting.

2 thoughts on “New Leaf Day 3: My New House

  1. Follow Up: The trash can be sold at the recycle shop. I got 80 bells for an old boot.

    Also, the locker at the station is *your* locker even in another town, so you have access to your stash.

  2. YES! I’m so glad you got that fortune. Very cool! I guess that means there’s no more Nook Points System? That was the old way of obtaining those Nintendo related items right?

    For some reason, Iris doesn’t bother me as much as that nerdy pig boy.

    I’m glad Yumi found the full royal outfit (sans crown, obviously lol). Now she looks even more like King Squirt’s long lost cousin! Still debating if I should continue the King Squirt legacy when I get my new game, or if Glux should usurp the throne. Or maybe Pokemon names? I haven’t decided lol!

    Regarding KK, Brewster et al… I believe I read somewhere that Brewster gets his own coffee in that shop area. You know that KK Slider is going to appear in Club 444 or whatever it’s called… whenever it opens! I’m guessing it’s going to be the same situation with Celeste, maybe an observatory? I also remember seeing a picture of Copper hanging out in a Lost and Found type of location, is there not one in your town yet?

    Waiting with baited breath for your next installment!

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