Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 4

I need to think of snazzier titles.

Double Rainbow! (though it didn’t rain) And that’s my new flag (from an old Animal Crossing Comunity design)

Mayor Duties (the quest continues)

So, yesterday I was trying very hard to get to 100 points with my village because it was certain that after I did something would happen. I couldn’t quite figure out how to get the points though, so I googled. I was confused, so you don’t have to be! To raise your point rating you have to do the following (according to a Japanese blog)

  • recycle stuff (whether this means trash or just buying or selling at the shop I don’t know)
  • Water dying flowers (I didn’t do this cause I don’t have a watering can STILL, but I did see townies watering things)
  • pull weeds
  • Fish trash out of the river and ocean
  • write on the message board
  • change the town tune
  • change the town flag
  • talk to all your townies and listen to their requests

KC seems to think planting trees raised your points too. I don’t know if it does or not, but I planted a bunch. I can’t wait to get an axe.

public Utilities: 公共事業

Today I had two new options when sitting in the mayor’s chair. The first one is public utilities. Your townies want you to build things for the town. And you can pick from the list and then decide where to put the item. I chose a fire hydrant mostly because it was one of the cheaper options. Shizue then asked where I wanted to put it and followed me around. Then you ask her if the spot is ok. She’ll tell you whether it’s too close to something else or why it’s a bad choice. Or she’ll tell you that it’s perfect and you can plop the item down. I don’t know how to pay for it yet…

I think this gyroid might be a collection box. I’ll have to try and talk to it or something…

Ordinances: 条例のこと

The other option was ordinances (or rules and regulations or something). Apparently this changes the “image” (reputation?) of your village. For a mere 20000 bells you can pick from

  • 美しい村 – beautiful village (I picked this)
  • 朝型の村 – morning (person) village
  • 眠らない村 – village that doesn’t sleep
  • リッチな村 – rich village
  • 特にない – nothing special

I won’t really find out what this does until tomorrow.

Street Pass / Wifi

The stairs north of the shopping avenue that I was hoping would lead to new shops don’t. But today it was no longer barricaded and I learned a little about what is beyond that point.

That dog is Shizue’s younger brother Kent. The space beyond there is the Happy Home Exhibition Area. I wish I could say with certainty what happens here, but as I may have mentioned, my Japanese is not the best (I’m working on it!). I know it has to do with street pass. I thought you got other people’s houses here, but then he mentioned stuff here being fairly high-priced and rare and that you could order it. So maybe it is other houses? I hope to get KC on street pass in the next day or two (he hasn’t unlocked this yet) so I can report with more certainty once I do.

My very empty exhibition grounds.

Soooo wifi. KC and I have used local wireless. Not visited via internet yet. And it’s all pretty standard and works like you’d expect. What I didn’t mention was that you can mark people as “best friend”. Which of course I did with KC. A little tab appears on the bottom screen (which I can’t screenshot. I need to just take a regular pic of it so you can see my town map.). Your friend roster is there. When you make someone your best friend, you will see when they come online and a little chime will sound, regardless of whether your gates are open or their gates are open. You can also send messages to your best friend even when they’re not in your town. Very handy.

This was sent to KC’s town even though neither of our gates were open


Yup, she was in town this morning. I got the low-down on the stalk market (which now takes place at the Recycle shop). She was selling for 100 bells and I wasn’t feeling particularly lucky, so I opted not to buy.

The more things change the more they stay the same?

Another New Villager tomorrow?

Tom Nook Housing staked off another section for a new villager. Looks like this is for someone named Nelson. (ネルソン)Any idea who this might be? I’m sure I’ll find out tomorrow.


Ugh I hate Lyle. He works out of Tom Nook Housing. Nook introduced him to me this morning. I suppose I really should talk to him, but I hated him so much since Wild World. I’m not really sure what he does, he’s the Happy Home Academy Kasen Village Area Manager. I guess I’ll take one for the team and talk to him so I can give a more accurate report. 😛

Lyle aka Honma in Japanese

Fortune Cookies

I got two more and got a bullet bill furniture and a mario block furniture. I’ll post them when I have some place to put them in my house. Speaking of which, I talked to Nook, told him I wanted a bigger house and I’ll get it tomorrow for the low low price of 98,000 bells.

I wonder what 98,000 bells buys me in this economy…


  • Today I got a ruby out of the rock and sold it
  • KC is better at writing letters than me. His townies sent him a mango and lychees which he planted (I hope they grow cause that means more fruit for me!) All I got was a stupid shirt and some furniture.
  • Glux I don’t know if you can put your house on the beach. I reset maps A LOT before I started and they all seemed like they have cliffs and very narrow beaches.
  • On the start screen instead of Rover you have Shizue. Today she introduced me to the former mayor: Tortimer. He was all decked out in a hawaiian shirt talking about the resort town he lived in. He’s not dead!! Yeah! He invited me to visit him there. I don’t know how, but when I do, you’ll know. It wouldn’t let me take screenshots. Boo!

You can rotate the camera a ton and sit and watch the fish. The museum is pretty swank.

See how narrow the beach is? And cliffs, no tsunamis here.

I didn’t put that down it naturally looks like that. And the only hills are from the beach up to the town. There’s no upper and lower part.

Do you think you throw axes in this one?

Doesn’t it just figure? Yesterday KC had the queen’s crown.

2 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 4

  1. addendum: You do talk to the gyroid and donate money. I don’t know if your villagers will help or if it’s up to me. Time will tell. 😉

  2. Hope you get a watering can soon! From what I remember from the various AC3DS trailer videos I’ve watched, that back area is the StreetPass Plaza. When you StreetPass with people, their houses will show up there in those empty lots. Was not aware that you could order things from there… maybe you can order items that are on display in other people’s houses?

    I have to say, I’m a little surprised that you started getting Mario items from the fortune cookies. If you can get a Bullet Bill from a fortune cookie, then what is inside those floating balloons, I wonder?

    I like the new beach layout. The cliffs look cool! I kinda liked having a split-level town in ACCF but this is a DS game after all… Just slightly worried that there will be less places to get a good vantage point for catching scorpions and tarantulas without the ledges we had in ACCF!

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