Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 5

Stalk Prices:

AM: 77
PM: 72
Apparently it does still change twice a day. I checked around 9am and 1pm.

No visitors?

I didn’t think I had any visitors today. Pete was wandering around this morning, but when I went out on the dock this morning there was a familiar face waiting to greet me. Tortimer gloated about his island. He said it was full of rare things. You could pass the time on the beach, take tours, it’s just like paradise. And starting tomorrow I should be able to go (if I can figure out how). He mentioned a harbor and someone in charge. This little dock doesn’t look like a harbor, but we’ll see.

New Townie: Nelson (ネルソン)

I was pleased to see that the new townie’s house had been completed in the night. I was also pleased to meet Nelson the goat! I’m pretty sure he’s also new to the 3DS game.

Is it me or does he look a little stoned?

Townie Houses

And because it’s new to this game I thought I would show you pics of all the townies houses (exteriors). Whoops except Margie. I forgot about her. LOL.

The Outside of my newly upgraded (very plain) house

The outside of Nelson’s house. Smoke puffs from the chimney when they’re home.

Look at that well-manicured verge outside of Shinobu’s house

The outside of Rizzo’s House

A befitting door for a Zombie Pig

Iris the Unibrow’s house

Outside Lillian’s House

Message Board – 掲示板

Today there was actually stuff posted on the message board. There was a declaration that due to an ordinance Kasen Village had been declared a “beautiful village” and that trash and weeds should be removed in order to become a beautiful village. Because of that (I think) I saw a townie pulling a weed today! I also saw one shake a tree. Now I want to see one get stung by a bee…

There was also a post about raising funds for the fire hydrant and urging the townies to contribute. When I stopped by to talk to the gyroid I found out that someone else had donated! Not much, but some at least. I donated 3000 bells to it last night and this morning there were 3221 bells in it.

There was also a post about the weather. From what I can glean it’s getting colder, especially in the morning and evening. And it may snow. In order not to catch a cold please be careful.


My Apple trees matured today along with my Delicious peach tree. Here’s a horrible picture that shows the difference between the two fruits.

The one on the top left show the color of delicious peaches. On the right, regular peaches. And those are run of the mill apples.

I’m not sure if it will always yield delicious peaches. I’ll have to shake it and wait a few days. I’m not sure how many fruit trees are in New leaf. My Husband has gotten Lychees and Mangos from his villagers. Today Shizue gave me cherries.

Living Advice

So, I feel kind of stupid, but I got a watering can finally. When you talk to shizue (not in the mayor chair, just at the front counter) one of the options is Living Advice (or something to that effect). I figured I was sort of an AC pro so I’ve ignored that option. But while tweeting with a Japanese friend about the game he mentioned Shizue gave him a fishing rod and wanting him to show her 3 fish. So I thought…maybe she’ll give me a watering can. Well, I talked to her and she told me about sending letters and gave me paper (been there done that). She talked about fruit and gave me cherries (Yay!). Then she told me about the beach and had me give her a seashell. Then she went on and on about the shovel, then the net and finally she gave me a watering can!

ジョウロ (jouro) means watering can. Very important!


Still no slingshot. And I keep seeing balloons. It’s maddening.

Today from a rock I got a gold ore. It sold for 3200 Bells.

Iris was making Margie cry. Maybe she really is mean and it’s not the unibrow.

My House is slowly getting bigger. Shizue gave me the wallpaper. You can see the bullet bill cannon, Arwing (got today) and question block is hidden on the left.

I walked in on Lillian taking a nap at the table. LOL

I’m making headway. She actually talked a little today.

The Leaf mask is good for sneaking up on praying mantis. (not really)

The tree in the plaza is growing much slower than regular trees. Today I got fruit off trees planted the same day. Yet it is still…tiny

3 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 5

  1. You have NO idea how excited I get every time I see you have a new post up. It’s incredible! My next request – some night shots! Are there areas that are lit up in a cute way?

    So no Lost and Found yet? I could have sworn I saw a photo of Copper or Booker in a lost and found house.

    Congrats on the watering can! Still dying for you to get a slingshot and find out what’s in those balloons! Fingers crossed for you. Also I hope you don’t see a UFO before you get a slingshot, cuz that’s pretty much the worst feeling you can get while playing AC. (Side note – are there even UFO sightings in this game? I mean, there must be, right??)

    Nelson seems like my kinda guy lol! And I love that Leaf Mask, that’s cute.

    Keep the posts coming! We’re loving it!!

  2. Hahaha I was looking for the ‘Like’ button… d’oh! I agree, it’s exciting to see you explore your Animal Crossing town. 🙂 My personal requests are some internal shots of some of the other UI’s – for example the designing ones, or the communication/typing screens. Even the friends lists. 🙂

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