Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 6

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It rained this morning in Kasen. I walked out to find Nelson wandering around with a very fitting umbrella.

He doesn’t like the rain because his fur gets all wet

I got all sorts of hybrids this morning too. Thanks watering can! Also, after it stopped raining my flowers didn’t have the sparkly animation (they do after you water them). I assume they don’t need to be watered, but it makes me a bit nervous. 😛

This looks just a little different than the purple one. This is a lily. The purple flowers are violets.

While not technically a hybrid, here’s the progress the inaugural tree is making. It’s got a knot and everything!

New Shop!

Though I figured a new shop was coming because KC is a day ahead of me in most aspects of the game and I saw it in his town last night, today in the shopping mall there’s a tent and loud sounds of construction. Tomorrow I should have a new shop!

I wonder what it will be?

Another new Villager

This will make 8 villagers The town is rapidly filling up!

His/Her name is デリー (derii? delii? not sure) Couldn’t find who or what it will be with a brief internet search. I’ll be surprised.


The camel is back! (That’s such an Animal Crossing bad pun) She was wandering around my town today. Fortunately I didn’t have to go beg my townies for hand me downs. For a mere 3000 bells she followed me to my house, kicked me out and redecorated it.

Clanging and banging ensued as I waited for my new…um…whatever. I didn’t know what I was getting. Oh, notice I got new house exterior? I need a new door… And those are the lily and violet. Of course I snagged them.

It’s a little clashy…but this is what she came up with. Also in the back left is my new fire bar obtained from a fortune cookie.


I am so overwhelmed about telling you about the island. I went down to my little dock this morning and there was Kapp’n waiting to take me to the island. Do you see that basket on the dock? It will become very important in the telling of the tale. Suffice it to say that you can look in it, and thus far it has always said that it was empty with no indication of its use. We’ll get back to it in a bit.

It costs 1000 bells to ride to the island. I paid it gladly. On the way Kapp’n sang sea songs.

Before too long we arrived. I expected to see Tortimer, but he wasn’t there. Instead there were more of Kapp’n’s family running the island.

The island’s shack and a couple of it’s inhabitants

This is what you see when you look in that basket. Your inventory is on the bottom. The basket contents are on the top. And you can flip pages in the basket with the arrow on the right.

See the box to the left of me? That’s directly linked to the basket on the dock. Everything you want to take home with you has to go in that basket. It gives you four pages a total of 20 slots which is pretty generous, nevertheless the only reason I left the island today was that I ran out of space.

I wanted to stay there all day. ♥ I don’t know where the stuff you had in your inventory goes when you come here, but you come here with an empty inventory. No tools, no access to letters to cram stuff in, no nothing. (It’s vacation after all).

Just outside the hut There’s a gyroid that loans you everything you need to enjoy your stay:

  • marine suit
  • shovel
  • axe
  • net
  • fishing pole

I don’t know why you’d want an axe unless you’re a rude american tourist who arrives and then chops down all the trees…

On the island there are two kinds of trees, beach area trees and normal trees. My island had coconuts on the beach and lemons on the regular trees. Kc’s island had bananas on the beach and mangos on the regular trees. I wonder how many varieties there are!

The bathing suit (it’s called a marine suit) is a little old fashioned, but once you put it on you can go swimming!

When you swim, the fish flee as you get near, nevertheless I was terrified when I saw a fin in the water while I was swimming!

If you stay in the same spot without moving for too long you’ll get stung by jellyfish. This doesn’t really do anything to you except make you wiggle around uncomfortably for a few seconds.

I don’t think these are regular jellyfish that you can catch, but maybe they are?

Now swimming by itself is fun and all, but there’s a reason to go swimming here. Occasionally you will see small dark circles, and even circles with bubbles. You can dive at the circle and find things! It took a little getting used to because the circles will disappear or sometimes run away from you. But you can dive a little and then swim towards the spot rather than just trying to dive on the spot (which didn’t work well for me). When you catch something an exclamation point appears and you yank it out of the sea.

My first diving catch was a sea urchin ウニ (my most hated of sushi delicacies. LOL)

The third tab displaying my lone sea urchin (poor quality is because it’s on the lower screen and I have to use a real camera to take a picture)

The things you get from diving get recorded in your collection on the third (new!) tab. I wondered what the heck it was for. There is a tab for bugs, fish, and then an octopus looking tab. I was wondering if we were going to have giant sea monsters or something.

I also caught squid and octopus (they run!) from diving. I pulled out sea grapes and I got this crazy nautilus.

There are of course all sorts of tropical bugs and fish to catch in the traditional manner. Here are some of the things I caught today:

  • emperor butterfly
  • stag beetle
  • Some weird eel that’s new (pic to follow)
  • porcupine fish
  • napoleon fish
  • sunfish
  • marlin
  • stingray
  • butterfly fish
  • clown fish
  • moray eel
  • whale fish (new)
  • wharf roach フナムシ (new)

I got a couple other butterflies and beetles as well. I wonder what the place is like at night? I bet it’s a beetle catching fest.

Look at the size of him!

Here’s the wharf roach. I’ve seen them in my town on the beach too, but they’re very fast and they run and burrow.

New eel

1 star difficulty, 4 minute limit. Lots of words I don’t know and haven’t looked up yet. 😛

You can also take tours, but by the time I tried I was too tired to figure out why it wasn’t letting me go on the tour. I have a sneaking suspicion they’re mini games and you get medals for winning (purely hypothesis). Each one had a difficulty rating, and a duration. I think you get medals because there are a few things you can buy in the hut, a blue aloha shirt, a blue captain’s hat, and some paper. But in order to purchase them you need medals. I don’t know how else you would get them…

We’ll save tours for the next island outing. Oh, selling fish on the island sucks. Since they’re plentiful there you get next to nothing for them. But if you bring home duplicates you can make a small fortune. I sold 3 marlin for 8000 bells apiece. My extra sunfish went for 3200. Since space was limited and I needed to bring fruit home for KC as well I didn’t get to bring as many fish home to sell as I would have liked.


Whew that was long. Oh geez I was gonna write about streetpass. Um, next time! The island overwhelmed.

I got my fire hydrant. Shizue posted on the board and thanked everyone for their generosity. I think I can build something else. Maybe a wooden bench? I didn’t see any weeds today. I wonder if the townies plucked them all. Oh, and Sable remembered my name today. Not long now till we’re best buds. Oh and there’s a fishing competition this weekend!

Glux: I took night shots last night but this has gotten very long, so I’ll try and add them to another post.

Chorna: I’m trying to include menu items now, but they’re all on the bottom screen so I have to use a separate camera to take pictures of them. Also, a lot of stuff is pretty much the same. I have a few pics of menus up on flickr, but you have to wade through the set to find them.

This is KC’s town layout for contrast.

The island is pretty tiny, but fun!

He’s trying to bite my face off!

4 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 6

  1. Hahaha oh WOW! Looks like such a busy day! Thanks SO much for writing this up. 🙂 And for taking shots of the UI ^_^ I’m such a nerd… 🙂 Hope you’re still enjoying playing 6 days in!

  2. I’m so glad to see the Island is back! I really missed it, I loved it in the GC game. It was so cool! And now you don’t have to find a stupid link cable to hook up a GBA in order to visit the island. It’s fun to listen to Kapp’n sing sea shanties on the boat. Much less creepy than the bus ride to the city.

    Love all the new stuff on the island. Not loving the new “wharf roach.” Why would anyone want to add a disgusting bug like that to the game?? *shudder*

    Sooo glad they simplified the Saharah nonsense too. It’s pricey but just less of a headache. Did she only add a new carpet, or does she give you other things too for all that cash? Were you able to choose a theme or was it random? I’m just glad we don’t have to go nuts with cloning like we used to lol! (I wonder if cloning is even possible in this game?)

    Keep the blogs coming! Every day has a new surprise! ^.^

  3. It’s good to see someone playing this through and posting images. If you wouldn’t mind, any images of new creatures would be appreciated for the Animal Crossing wikia, like here:

    I am going through a ton of gameplay videos and footage to try and pick out screenshots of new fish/bugs but actual screenshots are perfect.

  4. Silversea: If there are specific creatures you need pics of I can take screenshots of their entry in the encyclopedia thingy (I haven’t put any of those up here. They’re a lot clearer than me showing off the bug.) if you’d like. Just tell me what you need and if I’ve caught it I can put pics up here or email them or whatever.

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