Animal Crossing New Leaf Day 7 3/4


I only intended to log in to check the turnip prices, but of course I got distracted. Pete was standing outside my door with a letter for me from Nintendo. Just when I thought he didn’t stop by with special deliveries anymore!

Letter Accompanying Turkey Download
What the heck does it say you ask? Well, I attempted to translate it. Here’s the gist of what I think it’s saying:

Dear Yumi,
It’s nearing the end of Autumn.
Even in the village Autumn is coming to a close.
The season for the Harvest Festival has arrived!
Please savor the flavors of fall! (I’m taking some liberties with that one)
from the Gluttonous Staff

What was in such a strangely food-related letter? A turkey of course!

The turkey is directly in front of me. Don’t be distracted by the whale shark.


I’m actually glad I waited a bit to talk about streetpass. My Japanese class is near J-Town in San Francisco and I occasionally run into one or two people from Japan (or maybe they’re just otakus like me). Today I got someone from Japan who had Animal Crossing New Leaf. Score!

I talked to Kent outside of the Happy Home Exhibition Area and he escorted me into the plaza. Waiting for me there were two people! The one on the left I expected, that’s Kokuto (aka KC). The styling guy on the right I did not anticipate. His name is TETQUE from BILLYS village (caps his, I haven’t just gotten that excited and broken my keyboard.)

If you look carefully you might noticed that Kokuto is holding a pinwheel. When you talk to people holding balloons or pinwheels they give them to you (which makes me wonder if maybe the balloon guy is not in this). I’ve only gotten that pinwheel. KC has gotten a regular balloon and a bunny balloon from me.

I talked to TETQUE and he told me that his house was in West #8. They kind of have addresses. There are three sections West, North and South. Both of my visitors are in West so far.

The outside of TETQUE’s house

That’s the outside of TETQUE’s house. Kokuto’s house is a row behind him.

The Inside of TETQUE’s house

It’s a little spartan for my taste but meh. We’re all just starting out. Once inside you can play with everything just like if you were visiting a real house. But when you touch something it will tell you what it is.

Sorry I don’t have pics of this, but on the bottom screen while you’re in the house you have the option of ordering things. It will display a list of items in the house. When you click on one it shows it on the top screen like this:

For example when I click on the “summit” wallpaper it brings up a rotating copy of it. If I could buy it there would be a price on the bottom left hand side. Unfortunately this is not for sale.

I thought the large patchwork sofa in his room was cute, so I clicked on it:

This one gave me a price of 2160 Bells. So I bought it.

Most of the stuff that is “not for sale” normally (like special set items such as the mushroom furniture) you can’t order from the house. However, the downloadable raccoon clock was for sale as well as the nutcracker I got from Gulliver.

Additionally you can see a player’s profile card (it’s on the bottom screen. I haven’t taken pictures) and mark them as a favorite so that they don’t get kicked out of the area when you run out of space. You can have 16 favorites.

KC’s house in the plaza

That’s KC’s house. It’s changed since I got him on streetpass, though I believe he still has the urinal. 🙂 The red balloon is from my character via streetpass.

Misc. Island Stuff

Yesterday when I went to the island there was a couch in the upper right hand corner of the hut. I thought it was a decoration since there were four chairs in there already and it didn’t seem out of place to me. But today when I went to the island (I’m weak!) there was a Cabana Vanity in the corner. That looked out of place… So, apparently in addition to the clothes, and paper there’s one piece of furniture for sale there. It costs medals as well. My assumption is that since Redd no longer sells regular furniture that you can get rare set pieces of furniture from the island. The Cabana vanity wasn’t rare in city folk though, so I don’t know if the rare items have changed, or if they sell regular furniture too? Or if I’m just making crazy guesses. I totally want that pirate hat BTW.

FYI, the guy in front and to the right of me buys whatever you’ve gotten off the island for next to nothing.

The lady (?) at the desk will sign you up for tours or you talk to her when you want to leave.

The old lady probably sells you merchandise, but I haven’t had enough medals to confirm that. Maybe she just dozes in the corner.

Those chairs to the left are where you need to sit to go on tours.

Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 7

Stalk Ticker

AM: 59 Bells
PM: 55 Bells

The Island Beckoned

So, I couldn’t stay away from the island yesterday. I got to go back multiple times. It cost 1000 bells each time, but it was well worth it considering the whale shark sold for over 10,000 bells. I kept one in my house just in case I can use him for this weekend’s fishing competition. I found out that for the most part the diving fish aren’t worth very much and aren’t worth lugging back in my basket.

I was right about the island being a beetle fest at night. Unfortunately I kept scaring them off of trees! I was able to catch a couple regular sharks, a hammerhead, and something I don’t remember from the other games:

Saw Shark – ノコギリザメ

I feel a little stupid, but I was able to go on a tour as well. After careful reading (language barrier!) I realized that the tour lady tells you to sit in the chairs (behind you) and wait for the tour boat to come. DUH! There’s no actual boat, you sit down and get whisked away to another island. I did Hide-and-Seek (かくれんぼ) tour. And there was Tortimer instructing me on the rules of the game.

Maybe he’s only semi-retired. He’s a tour guide now!

It was standard hide-and-seek. Find four villagers (not yours) within 8 minutes. I had a really hard time finding the last villager. The place is covered in trees and is pretty big. It had neat decorations sprinkled around it. A cow was hiding behind a sphinx. LOL. I didn’t get good pictures of that as I was busy hunting! Also, sometimes the tour places have different fruit. Mine had lemons, but KC’s had durian. How many darn fruits are there?!

This was the last villager who was very stealthy

You do get medals for winning. I believe you get more based on how well you do. I only got five. KC got seven when he did it. That was the only tour I went on. I’ll keep you updated on the others as I do them.

My favorite island addition so far: hermit crabs! You catch them with a net like any bug. They jump up and scurry along the beach. They’re so cute! I should have taken one home for a pet. Alas I donated him and sold his brother.

And in case you’re wondering what a whale shark looks like in the wild, here is his shadow:

I got so many things to sell at the island I paid off my 98,000 bell mortgage with bells to spare.

And today, Kapp’n’s boat is at the dock again. Unfortunately I have Japanese class today and don’t have time for another long island spree.

Fire hydrant party!

I took a break from island hopping and sat in the mayor’s chair. Shizue decided to have a party to commemorate the completion of the fire hydrant. She gathered a few of the townies and off we went to admire the little red hydrant. She gave us all party poppers and everything. I’m glad that the mayoral duties contain a lot of celebration because it’s not easy doing all that fundraising!


Immediately after the party I found out that Margie had fleas. Eww.

Meanwhile at KC’s town

I visited KC’s town so we could trade fruits. He had completed a clock. And had started donations for a new bridge!

Kc’s Clock

I gave him a few bells to get started

And the New shop is…

Shizue told me all about the new shop before I even logged in. It’s the flower shop! And aside from its proprietor, it’s adorable.

Meeting レイジ (I’m gonna call him Reggie until I hear otherwise)

OMG he had an axe! An axe! Now I’m really unstoppable. Paths here I come!

Look how adorable it is.

He sold a red cosmos, and a yellow lily. I promptly bought them both ignoring the tree.

New Townie is…

デリー’s house (I was thinking maybe it was a cow – derii dairy?)

A monkey. Um. Ok.

He looks like a circus monkey at least. Maybe he does tricks.

Today’s visitor: Redd

He had three statues and a painting. I bought the painting. My thought is that three of the four items are probably counterfeit. Not such good odds.


Badges are everywhere! You’ve got medals in pokémon and now you’ve got badges in Animal Crossing. I was wandering through town today when I came across a suspicious character:

Hello, are you lost sir?

He noticed I had taken an interest in fishing and gave me a badge. My character was very excited about this even if I didn’t really know what it meant. I don’t know how many fish you have to catch to get it, or how many different types. I don’t think it does anything for you, but badges show up on your profile card.

That circle in the bottom left corner (that looks like a boy scout necktie thingy?) That’s where you see your badges. You press it on the touch screen and it flips your profile card over.

Tada lonely Bronze fishing badge

And when you click on that it shows you:

Fishing Master
This is to certify that the holder has caught a lot of fish (translation mine)

I wonder how else you get badges? It looks like there will be a silver and gold fishing badge as well.


All of my fruit trees appear to be growing.

Margie wanted to play hide and seek, so it’s not limited to the island.

I see you margie

I got the Samus top out of a fortune cookie. I was all excited until I realized I don’t have the pants…

Oh sure, badass in a plaid skirt. Riiiiight.

Sable is really warming up to me and I think was trying to invite me to tea with her and Mable or something. But she forgot about her (third) sister? I dunno. It was hard to follow.

And um. Still no time for streetpass discussion. I’ll get to it. Must go write Japanese essay on friends now. ugh.