Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 8

Stalk Ticker

PM: 128 Bells

Today things started to slow down. I didn’t have any new villagers. No town visitors. No new shops. It was rather peaceful in Kasen today. So much so that I forgot to check the AM stalk market. Whoops.

New Facade

I got a new front and door for my house today. It’s the Mermaid facade. I forget what the door is called, but it seemed fitting. I think I’m in love with the mermaid series. Now all I need is a red wig and a seashell bra and I’ll change my town tune to Under the Sea! (um yeah. A little carried away)


I also got my first blue pansy today.

Pitfall Trap

And I fell in my first pitfall trap and struggled to extricate myself.

Diving Fish Badge!

I don’t know what they’re going to be called in English, but for me they’re diving fish because you have to dive to get them.

I think he is the fishing competition guy (can’t remember his name)

yada yada caught a lot of fish while diving (still a ways to go)

Mushroom Furniture

I have now gotten three mushroom beds. Which would be great if I was going for a goldilocks theme in my house…I need people to trade with…

Rizzo Dozes Too!

It’s not just Lillian that falls asleep on her feet. I walked in on Rizzo taking a power nap too. And then I noticed the coolest mask on the wall of his house.

I have no idea what it’s called. Must remember for the flea market that it’s here…

I chose wisely

The painting I ordered from Redd arrived in the mail today. I ran up to donate it to the museum. Imagine my surprise when it wasn’t counterfeit! So, my art wing has its first exhibit.

Rembrandt’s The Night Watch

I succumbed to bigger, better, faster more

That is, I asked Nook to upgrade my house again. The next upgrade costs 198,000 bells and should be done tomorrow. I have no idea how big it will be.

Able Sisters

Sable is positively chatty with me. Any day now I’m hoping she’ll unlock the QR code scanner.

In the accessory shop they had an awesome mask. I bought it, wore it around for a bit and then gave it to Kokuto.

I dug up a cricket!

I remembered there was one cricket during the fall that lived underground. When I heard a strange cry I dug and dug and dug until it popped out. Then I scared it to death with my mask.

Island Hopping

…And then I went to the island.

The items today were two hibiscus (yellow and red for 5 medals apiece) and a chair (40 medals). That paper on the right that I thought was stationary? I revise my hypothesis. It costs 50 Medals. Which is a bit steep for a postcard. I know believe it adds more tours. Sadly I didn’t get to test my hypothesis because I really wanted the mermaid chair.

And the crone does watch over that tiny gift shop

So I decided to go on tours. I figured I could play hide-and-seek over and over. But Hide-and-Seek wasn’t one of the tour options. So, they change daily. I don’t know how many there are.

Gardening Tour

The first tour I went on was the gardening tour. You have 5 minutes to fill a “flower bed” (that thing I’m standing on) with flowers. You pick the ones scattered around the island and plop them down there. Once it’s full the game over. An important thing to note about this tour is that if there are leftover flowers in your inventory, they stay with you after the tour ends and you can put them in the box to take back to your village. Not that I would steal flowers or anything…

I’m standing on the spot the flowers go

A hastily snapped shot as the game ended

I did this tour a couple times and got “Gold Rank” each time which gave me 6 medals each time.

Long, Thin Fishing Tour

I was stumped at first about this one. The object was to fish out eels (long, thin—it all makes sense now!) You have to get 3 or more eels in 6 minutes to place. The majority of the fish I pulled up were eels. And you don’t get to keep the fish, sadly. It’s catch and release. They automatically release after you reel them in.

I wanted to keep him cause I’ve never seen him before 🙁

I ended up catching 9 eels

9 eels earned me gold rank and another 6 medals.

balloon tour

This one was my favorite. For this tour the island is devoid of trees. Balloons blow across the island (more quickly than traditional balloon presents, and they change direction). They’re marked on the map on the bottom screen. You have to run over and pop them with your slingshot. Regular balloons are worth 1 point. Bunny balloons are worth 3 points. You have to score 20 points or more to place.


I didn’t get any other pictures cause I was too busy shooting down balloons. I scored 60 points. That gave me gold rank and another 6 medals.

Fishing Tour

This tour was just a fishing tour. No special fish. Catch as many as you can in 6 minutes. Catch 3 or more to place. Sadly it’s catch and release too.

I caught 13 fish in 6 minutes

My 13 fish gave me gold rank and another 6 medals.

Eventually I earned enough medals to get the mermaid chair. I probably should have been strong and held out for the 10 more medals and gotten the paper just to find out what it was.

Public Utilities

I figured the town could use a bit more than just a fire hydrant so I went and talked to Shizue. I decided to build a camping spot. I wanted to put it in the top left of my town map (there’s nothing there it would be the perfect camping spot!) but Shizue said it wasn’t big enough and was too close to the train tracks. So I deliberated and thought of a different spot. Pretty much in the center of my town. I decided to put it where the river makes a little horseshoe shape south of Rizzo’s house. I had to chop a few trees down, but fortunately I got a new axe today (since I broke my other one).

camping spot

The camp placeholder donation gyroid

I had the gold on me, so I went ahead and paid off the balance. What a generous mayor I am! So I’m hoping to have a camping spot (whatever that encompasses) tomorrow.

Whew. I’m tired from all those tours. Where’s my margarita?

2 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 8

  1. That sucks that you couldn’t keep those eels! I’m sure they are much more elusive in “real life” aka not on vacation lol. But it’s still cool that there are so many fun options while you’re on the island!

    I didn’t know you got a slingshot! Have you shot down any normal balloons in town? What’s inside them, just random items?

    At first I thought that mask was the Japanese scary monster mask from ACCF (you know, the red and blue ones?), but it looks kinda different. Maybe it’s updated? And I don’t blame you for buying that Mermaid Chair… that whole series is too cute! Plus I’ll be needing you to order that from your catalog for me once I get the game, so you’re basically doing me a service right now lol! 😉

  2. I still don’t have a slingshot *glares at the gold balloons as they float by*. When you go to the island whatever tool you need for the “tour” is lent to you.

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