Animal Crossing New Leaf: Interlude Night Lights

Since someone keeps bugging me to find out what the town looks like at night, this post is a compilation of night shots. I usually don’t play really late, so it’s not horribly dark in them, but lights are on. You’ll get the gist. Enjoy!

The warm glow of museum lights. The plaque in front can be read. It lists the donors to the museum and what they donated.

When trains go by (I see them mostly at night) the barricades lower and the lights flash.

The Exhibition Area gets the spotlight treatment

They turn the lights off after they close. It gets kinda bleak after that

At the eastern edge of the shopping avenue there’s a bench you can sit on overlooking the ocean

This may be my favorite night building. I love the heart door and the chimney smoke

Outside of my station

The trains run over the bridge to get out of town

When you can’t use the photo booth the sign turns red

Docking at the Island at Night

A couple of KC’s townies. And I thought Iris’ unibrow was bad. Ricky can shoot death rays I think.

2 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Interlude Night Lights

  1. This is simply the cutest thing I ever saw. Since I usually play in the evenings (and no doubt once I get my hands on it during the day at work, every chance I get), I’ll be seeing a lot of night lights. 🙂 Oh my heart warms to see the picturesque little details of your town. 🙂 Thanks so much for this! <3

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