Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 9

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AM: 140 Bells
PM: 184 Bells
Drat! I could have made a few bells

Dual Island Hopping

Kokuto-kun suggested that we could go to the island together last night. For some reason even though there are four chairs in the tour waiting area the fact that we could island hop together never occurred to me. He visited over local wireless and sure enough we were both able to ride on Kapp’n’s boat.

Angel and Devil riding in a boat…

We did a few tours. The flower planting 1 star tour was pretty easy. It just has a bigger flower bed to put the flowers in.

We then did the upgraded flower tour. The catch to that one is that you have to use all flowers of the same color. In our case, white.

We got 8 medals for completing the 2 star (difficulty rating) flower tour

Lastly we did the upgraded balloon popping tour. That one was kind of hard! KC had to shoot blue balloons. I had to shoot red ones. But there were pitfall traps and trees everywhere. We hit our mark, but it wasn’t easy.

Save Yourselves!

Friday’s Report

I thought today was going to be a bit boring too because I didn’t see anybody wandering around or any changes to shops. I started my chores and came across a couple hybrids (I love gardening). I got an orange tulip and an orange cosmos.

I’ve noticed that since I changed the town’s image to “clean” or beautiful (it could be either). I haven’t seen a single weed (dandelions notwithstanding). Also, today Iris told me how clean the air was.

She also invited me to her house. She asked if there was anything I wanted. I love the patchwork set (though it’s kind of busy) so I bought the lamp in the corner from her.

I picked up my third mushroom chair…I cracked open a rock and got a ruby. I checked on the town tree, which looks pretty much the same to me.

Growing very slowly.

I made a date, or something, with Nelson the goat (he mentioned romantic spots) but once the time came around I couldn’t find him. I don’t know where he thought was romantic, but it wasn’t his house, my house, or the place where I had talked to him. Consequently I pissed him off a bit. Language barrier.

Nelson stalking me through the peach trees. A little creepy.

I also checked out the town’s new camping spot. It was right where it was supposed to be, but it doesn’t do anything that I can tell. I can read a sign that tells me it’s the camping spot and that’s about it. I wanted to roast marshmallows damn it!

Just when I thought we didn’t have any visitors I talked to Rizzo and he mentioned Gulliver. I hadn’t checked the beach! Sure enough he was crashed out down there. I talked to him many times but he didn’t get up so I figured I’d come back later. I went about my business and when I came back he was still sprawled in the sand, but finally after several more incoherent conversations he got up and said “Good Morning!”

I was a little more used to the game this time around, and able to pay more attention to what Gulliver was telling me. You have to understand that throughout my entire time of playing City Folk I never ever shot Gulliver down. He’s sort of legendary for me.

He went through the whole “my plane crashed I wonder where I was going…” routine. Then he got down to brass tacks and told me about it. “The country is very big!” he said. “There are the most people living there of anywhere in the world”. A quick google check to see if it was China or India yielded China. Then he said “It’s a very old country full of history”. Well that could have been China or India.But the next thing he said sealed the deal. He said we got many things from the country including Kanpou (Chinese Medicine) and Kenpou (Chinese art of self-defense). Well that just makes it a little too easy, but to be fair I had to look kanpou and kenpou up in the dictionary.

My choices were:

  • USA
  • Russia
  • China
  • India

Obviously I picked China. This time I recognized that he said I picked correctly and that he would send me a present. So yay! I have something to look forward to in the mail.

Hero Pants! (aka Link’s Pants!)

My fortune cookie today yielded Link’s pants. LOL. The inscription on fortune cookie #5 said something to the effect of “You will find a nice treasure box”. Link’s pants aren’t much to look at. In fact they look kinda dirty, but when you put them on they make the “problem solved” sound. I don’t have a really good picture of the pants (where’s my catalogue damn it!) But here they are with my jean jacket and beret.

More Island Hopping

Once my chores were finished I went to the island to do tours. I had a lot of them today. I’m not really clear on how you get more. One of the new ones that I had was a scavenger hunt. You get a list (in your inventory) that has three items to find and bring to Tortimer. This would be easier in English. One of the items I had to look for was a saddle, and that just hasn’t come up in my Japanese class yet. So, the items you have to get are all furniture and they’re all in people’s houses. Essentially you run from house to house looking for the items. Once you have all 3 you talk to Tortimer. I tried to smuggle out a mermaid shelf, but apparently that’s frowned upon. I had to put it back before he’d finish the game.

I had to get the fan out of this house.

Look at this funky furniture. Sometimes I stop to gawk…

I also tried the harder version of hide and seek and failed miserably. I don’t know why it’s harder. You’re still looking for 4 people in the same amount of time. My guess is that they’re not all hidden at once. I only found two of them. It was rough!

Maybe if I wasn’t so busy ogling their items I would have found the other two villagers…

And that’s pretty much the extent of my day so far. I did buy that paper in the hut. I just haven’t figured out what it did for me. It’s called the “Club Kotobuki entrance application form” It says something about “when you join you can enjoy tours with strangers” so I don’t know if that means villagers will do it with me? Or if it’s a new tour? Or if I can do it with strangers over wifi?

The crone telling me the day I was made a member? Or something.

Maybe I get my club card in the mail. I’ll figure it out.