Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 10

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AM: 197 Bells
PM: 156 Bells

Wherein I learn that size really does matter

Today I walked out of my house and was bombarded with the “Hey everybody today is the fishing tournament!” notification.

Please note the mermaid facade and the mermaid mailbox. I need a better roof…

Before participating I snagged my mail and ripped open my letter from Gulliver. Inside I got a wall thingy. I don’t know what it is. But it’s neat looking.

I also got my fourth Mushroom Bed. Completing the set is looking kind of grim.

Fishing Tourney

Because sometimes I can be very blond, I didn’t go in the tent until almost 5pm. So I didn’t know that there would be first, second, and third places

So, today was the black bass fishing tourney. I was sad because my whale shark would have crushed the competition. I fished a little bit and got a bass big enough to beat Zombie Pig’s entry. Then I gave up, did chores and visited shops.

Today’s Fortune: Majora’s Mask

Fortune Cookie #9 yielded Majora’s Mask. I really need to make a page listing the numbers and their contents…


Testing…Testing wifi island hopping

So Kokuto came over via the internet. And then we went to the island and did tours. Without a hitch. It seems if your gates are open and no one’s over it automatically closes them, but when you have friends over you can all go to the island. Kokuto brought me presents: delicious apples! They are shiny.

We did a couple of new tours. The first one involved fossils. The island is littered with fossils. There are two villager houses side by side. The one on the left has fossils in it arranged in a specific order. Your job is to dig up the same fossils and put them into the adjacent house in the exact same order.

Another one was a matching game which was confusing as heck until we figured out what we were supposed to do. There were 16 things buried in the ground, 8 pairs of items. We had to dig up sets. So it’s like playing “memory”. We thought we had to have pairs of things between the two of us, but we actually had to dig up the matching items ourselves.

With the medals earned I bought myself a diving suit, so now I can swim in the sea surrounding my village. The wallpaper next to the diving suit turned out to be mermaid wallpaper. I’m such a sucker for mermaid stuff. I eventually came back and bought that too. Each item cost 40 medals. Doing 2 star difficulty fossil hunting I got 8 medals each time, so it wasn’t too horrible to get on my own.

I think the ocean around town has different diving creatures. I caught this Akoya pearl oyster on my first (and only) diving expedition, and I haven’t gotten that on the island yet.

Oh yeah, the fishing tourney

So around four something I was able to turn Animal Crossing back on and check on the fishing tourney. Lillian was winning with a 60.1cm Black Bass. That’s a huge black bass. I started fishing and was catching anything from 36cm-59.6 (my biggest). But I kept trying. I’m used to the fishing competitions being either win or lose, so if I got a bass that I knew was too small (all of them) I just sold them once my inventory was full. And then KC said something about him probably getting third place. “What do you mean third place?” I asked. “Didn’t you go in the tent?” Um. No. No I hadn’t.

First, Second, and third place. Shit!

At that point it was too late to salvage the tournament. I tried. Dear god I never want to see another black bass. I fished for an hour and a half for black bass. The only good thing that came out of it was that I caught two pikes, so I was able to donate one and sell the other (for a tidy 1800 bells).

Townies fishing up until the last moment. I honestly wanted to shove Shinobu in the river because she beat out Lillian’s giant black bass.

But after it was all said and done I went and celebrated (in the damn tent) with everyone. Lillian accepted her Silver trophy with blushing humility. ♥ リリアンちゃ〜ん!

And then he gave Shinobu the gold trophy for her whopping 61.5cm Black Bass. Oh fine, she was cute too. I won’t even begrudge zombie pig his win. I’m not bitter. T_T

Kokuto almost had the same fate as me. He got overtaken at the last minute, but at least managed to secure bronze.

Under the Sea

To console myself I went back to the island and did tours until I could afford the mermaid wallpaper. Sold fruit until I could finish paying off my 198,000 mortgage And then I called it a day.

P.S. KC has a new building being constructed east of the Able Sisters today. I hope mine starts tomorrow. I can’t wait to see what it is! His general store is also upgrading soon. Mine has made no mention of it… Maybe they will tomorrow.

3 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 10

  1. Your fishing tourney comments are hilarious! XD I know the feeling of never wanting to see a Black Bass again, also… but pushing one of your townies into the river? Bwahahaha!! :”D

  2. Wow that’s so cool – consolation prizes for fishing tourneys! What was KC’s prize? Did he get a bronze trophy or was it more of a “oh congrats on third place!” and a handshake kinda thing? lol

    I’m very impressed that you’ve been able to pay off your housing loans so quickly. Good work! Nook must be elated.

    I wonder if there are multiple designs for the diving suit?

  3. There are multiple designs for the diving suit. The loaner one so far is the cutest. 😛 I have a black one. And I have seen at least a couple more for sale.

    Nook is getting fatter and richer off of my need for more space to put my junk!

    You’ll be able to pay your house off quickly too. Once you can go to the island you can get sharks and stuff. I have been keeping track of selling prices (and may make a page for it in the future) you get 15,000 for a shark, 13,000 for a whale shark, 10,000 for a marlin. Etc. So money is not hard to come by at all.

    I asked KC what he got from the fishing tourney and he doesn’t know. I’ll have him double check later tonight. LOL.

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