Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 11

wherein I learn that dreams really can come true

Stalk Ticker

Since it’s Sunday the stalk market© is closed. Joan was wandering about town this morning. Once again I opted out of buying turnips. She was selling for 104 bells. Anything over 100 bells is a bit risky to my conservative financial self.

Hybrid Lily!

Red + Yellow = Orange!

Another New Villager

How many villagers can my town hold?!? I have 8. No one (that I know of) has complained and wanted to move. But I have a new house going up just north of my bridge—right where I was going to put my path down. Silly townie ruining my layout! The townie’s name is アイーダ (Aiida). I can’t find mention of them on the internet, so I think it may be another townie new to the 3DS version.

OMG Camper!!!

OK, so just when I thought the campground was totally useless I walked over to where it normally sits looking forlorn and unloved by marshmallows and there was a tent there. Of course, it being eight in the morning and me being a bossy mayor, I walked right in. I was met by Fang (シベリア) who told me how much he liked Kasen village and asked if he could move here. Sadly since we’re kind of full up (I think) I declined his request to move in.

This is not to be confused with the tent I inhabited upon my arrival

Fang (the camper) gushing about my lovely village

Someone lost something?

I haven’t had any villagers get locked out of their house yet, but this morning I found a curious bundle on the ground. It was something someone had lost. I had to go around asking everyone if (whatever it was) was theirs. It was early in the morning and not many people were about, so I was quickly able to get it back to its owner.

“A dropped item” or some such translation

Hakase lost his bathing suit…no mental images. No mental images.

Meanwhile back at the shopping avenue…

As predicted, there is a shop going up just east of the Able Sisters. I truly don’t know what it will be because though KC’s started building yesterday and I expected it to be unveiled today, it’s still under construction. The suspense is killing me.

*KLANG* *BANG* *WHIRR* ahhh the sounds of progress

And I had a note on my bulletin board saying that The Nook Brothers (seriously what do I call that store now?) store will be closed for remodeling tomorrow, It’s not quite as much of an inconvenience because I can sell fish, bugs, etc. at the Recycle shop (for more money!).

Today I got another Majora’s Mask from the fortune cookie. I donated it to Kokuto.

Island Hopping

Ugh I can’t stay away! Today they had a mermaid closet for 40 medals. I of course had to have it.

I played a mini game where there are a ton of rocks on the island and you have to smash them for ore. Most ore are worth one point, one designated ore is worth three points. In the upgraded (2 star) game there is one ore worth 10 points that there is only one of on the whole island. You have to get a certain number of points to get medals. It’s not too hard.

I played another mini game that was like whack a mole! There are hammers and everything! Tortimer loans you a hammer and you have to hit this little machine that looks kind of like a run-away lawn mower 30 times within the time limit to get points. I hit it 93 times. I guess I got a little carried away.

Mermaid Closet obtained!

QR Code Machine

I walked into the able sisters shop and ignored Sable. There was a giant (sewing?) machine behind her. After a lengthy chat about the other two sisters buying it for Sable and nobody knowing how to use it I was able to give it a try.

I had been eyeing the DJ K.K. T-shirt since the game released, so I booted up the QR code machine and went to the official site. They have a few other QR code patterns there: Princess Peach’s Dress, Daisy’s Dress, Legend of Zelda Skyward Sword Zelda Dress, as well as a leaf, Shizue picture, Tom Nook, Mable, and a gyroid.

To get the DJ K.K. shirt you have to pick one of your design places to put it (not too hard since I’ve only made one thing) and then scan 4 QR codes (since it’s a pro design). It wasn’t difficult to align each one and snap it. I tried to put the shirt on one of the mannequins in the store and it was grayed out. I don’t know if it was because they weren’t pro mannequins or because it’s a special design. I so wanted to get all my townies wearing K.K. T-Shirts. LOL support the local act! (whenever he shows up….)

DJ K.K. front. It’s just like the style savvy shirt ♥

Not too easy to see…

There’s also a design on the sleeve, but it’s too tiny to bother with a picture.

Dreaming…*snore*…of a new store…

It’s not just the villagers that fall asleep on the job. Shizue was asleep at her post today! I thought it was random, but after I talked to her I think it may be a one-time thing.

Wake up!

I initially walked into the mayor’s office to inquire about a new bridge. I need another and since my loan is paid off for the moment and I haven’t got anything else building, it seemed like a good idea. I thought I’d get a fishing bridge, put it behind the mayor’s office so I could get over here easier… But I didn’t realize I never talked to Shizue after finishing my useless awesome! campground. So she marched me and some townies over there to celebrate. And we shot off party poppers outside of poor Fang’s tent.

I was waiting for him to come out and eat us all

Backtracking a bit, when I woke Shizue up after she apologized profusely for falling asleep on the job she told me she had been having a dream. It was about a “Relaxation Salon” where tired people could go, fall asleep and dream. Shizue wants to go there on her days off. And incidentally dream building has been added to the list of public utilities.

The mysterious dream building

I didn’t want to get it, but I have to know what it is and how it works! I know you can get codes to go to other people’s dream towns. And I know the Walrus (crap what’s his name in English?) gives you designs there. The official JP site has a Nintendo Village code and I had no idea how to visit it. Soon it will be revealed!

But I didn’t get to wander around and say “I want my dream building here!” Instead I was very confused until Kokuto came to visit and I noticed a donation gyroid in the train station. Now I only have to raise 230,000 more bells.

Dream Shop donation gyroid to the left


A lot happened today! I’m gonna try to go to the island and fish till I can’t fish no more to raise bells for the dream shop. I went once with Kokuto earlier and got a little over 100,000 bells (seriously it breaks the game, but there’s so much to buy!). I would have upgraded my house, but Nook had the mermaid door, so I bought that. Once you buy something from his shop he won’t talk to you about upgrading until the next day.

I did a little landscaping and made a long fruit promenade. I only had one lychee fruit (I gave my other one to Iris because the villagers sometimes ask you for fruit and then gobble it up), so I put a pitfall trap as a placeholder. Of course Rizzo fell in and then marched around in a huff.

I’m not very clever with my townies when they want phrases. I made Hakase say “oink”. Unfortunately now Nelson is saying it too. There is *no* space for catchphrases. Seriously it’s 4-5 characters. I couldn’t even fit in “sweet” for Lillian. I imagine the English version will get a little more room.

My other landscape project included delicious peaches and apples flanking the short path from town hall to the square. They’re growing well. I wonder if pears are in this game? It’s one of the few fruits neither KC or I have seen yet.

4 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 11

  1. Great entry on all the AC New Leaf so far….since i have to wait for the NA release…this is helping me realize just how much stuff is crammed into this game! Keep it up! Query: Does the grass “wear” out as it did in City Folk?

  2. I think the grass wears out, but I don’t have a definite answer yet. When you start the game there are already patches that are thinner than others. And even bald spots! I’m trying to plant flowers in bald spots to see if the grass grows back (like you used to have to do in City Folk). I did run in my town when I first started, but have since pretty much stopped just in case. 😉 Once I notice something happening one way or the other I’ll mention it.

  3. I wondered about the grass, too, it would be a shame if it was as prone to wearing out as in AC:CF.

    I’m glad you got your wardrobe! We need a new house shot with your updated mermaid collection. 🙂 Thanks again for the post! x

  4. I love your promenades! How cute! :3

    Is it just me or do those tours (the ore and the whack-a-mole) remind you of mining in Harvest Moon? They both seem reminiscent of different aspects of mining, specifically in Sunshine Island (where you had to attack the weird bats and birds when you got low enough into the mines!). Maybe I’m just crazy.

    I wonder what the dream building/store is. It’s the ANIMAL CROSSING DREAM WORLD! Where you can complete ice cream cone mini games to meet new townies with dream world abilities and… oh wait. xP

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