Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 12

wherein I meet Mario in my dreams

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New Shoes! New Shoes!

I got mermaid front, door, and mailbox. I need the fence and a better roof. Note the t-shirt I’m wearing was a present from the happy home academy.

I’ll take pictures of the inside of my house again tomorrow after I get my upstairs. That way I can separate the clashing mushroom set and mermaid set. I have mermaid walls and mushroom floor. It’s a mess.

I had a couple mails this morning which was surprising cause I have been slacking writing my townies. I’m scared one of them will be a “bye! I moved letter” since I have so many villagers. The first letter I looked at turned out to be from mom. Talking about the first snow of the season, falling on your butt—and enclosed were new shoes! You can kinda see them in the above picture. They look a little like uggs (ugh. I hate those).

My other letter was from the Happy Home Academy. They were congratulating me on reaching 10,000 points. Their letters never have a score in them, it mentioned going to the counter to find out the details of my points. We all know how much I hate talking to Lyle. I reported that he’s only at Tom Nook housing on Sunday. That’s incorrect. He’s there every day. I mostly ignore him. But they gave me that cool t-shirt in the picture above.

Sometimes the “ore” rocks are in very conspicuous places. This one was most definitely not there yesterday…

The discovery each day of a mushroom bed is turning into a bad cosmic joke. I have started to sell them. They go for 3,000 bells.

There was a post on the message board today reminding me of next week’s harvest festival. I will have to sneak away from dinner with my (real) family to attempt to play. LOL. I’m not above hiding in the bathroom with my 3DS. Incidentally, I will be driving down to Los Angeles for the Harvest Festival Thanksgiving either tomorrow or Wednesday, so posts may be on hiatus for a few days. Fear not, I’ll play, take pics and post when I can.

No real visitors

But Paroncheeno (パロンチーノ) was wandering about. That would be the badge guy as I like to think of him. I wasn’t expecting any badges. I haven’t done anything extraordinary that i can think of…

I’m guessing that the first fishing badge I got was for many different kinds of fish. I think this one is just that I have caught a lot of fish. You know me and my island fishing sprees…

This is to certify the holder has caught many fish (or something to that effect)

I got another Fishing Badge

And this is what it looks like on my profile card. It’s the one with the little hook.

New Villager

While I logged in today Shizue made mention of both the new villager and the new Relaxation salon. She made sure to tell me to visit the new townie. So I tried. But they were busy dreaming. Interesting.

Busy dreaming. Come back later.

It wasn’t especially early. It was after 10am, so it wasn’t a normal time for them to be asleep.

When I went back later she was awake. She is seriously creepy. She looks poisonous.

Her name is Aiida. Hereafter known as Ida.

Shopping Avenue

The building east of the Able Sisters is still covered in a tent with sounds of construction. (KC’s is still being built too. I wonder how long this building takes!)

And as stated on the bulletin board yesterday, the Nook Brothers store is also closed. It’s a bit noisy on the street today. I’m surprised the Able Sisters and the Flower guy haven’t complained since they’re in between both buildings.

The Nook Brothers store upgrading

Relaxation Salon

I did go on a fishing spree on the island last night and paid off the remainder of the Relaxation Salon, so today it’s open. I thought maybe it would be in the train station since that’s where the donation gyroid was, but nope, it’s right in the center of the shopping avenue and it adds a bit of class to the decrepit street.

The inside of the salon is dimly lit and run by a female aardvark named Yumemi (ゆめみ), which in Japanese means “Having a dream”.

It looks very much like a swanky day spa. It has relaxing music playing and everything.

It costs 500 Bells to use the spa.

You have the options

  • Your recommendation
  • Enter a dream code
  • I want to search
  • quit

I have been wanting to visit Nintendo’s dream village since I saw it on their site, so I punched in their code. I’ll post about the other options as I try them.

Nintendo Dream World Code

I then changed into jammies and hoppped into bed.

Yumemi began counting sheep. The lights dimmed.

one sheep….two sheep…

And then I woke up in Nintendo Village!

That village was well-decorated. It had all the hybrids. All the fruit. (I now know I’m missing pears and persimmons and yes I tried to steal them. No dice. Much like the island you arrive without your inventory and leave without whatever you pick up). Great paths. Hibiscus bushes everywhere.

I met Wendell (セイイチ) and had a conundrum. What design to get! Gah! I ruled out all the ones I could get with the QR scanner. So really, did I want the Mario cutout or the path. After great deliberation I took the path. Because my village needs paths and the gingerbread squares (or whatever they are) aren’t cutting it. Maybe I’ll see if I can turn them yellow and remake the yellow brick road I had…

Wendell's Patterns In Nintendo Dream Village Page 1

This is the first page I could choose from.

Wendell's Patterns In Nintendo Dream Village Page 2

And the second page.

I chose the paths also because I haven’t installed the cutout board in my town yet. It’s available under public utilities. And I don’t know where the heck I would put it.

Is this supposed to be Iwata?

Mario!!! His name is actually Nintendo. He welcomed me to the village

The New Hamster and Deer were there

It turns out these are persimmons. I need them. NAO.

I wonder how you get bamboo??!!

No more making picnic designs. You’ve got the real thing!

There were also Dream Mushrooms in the town. I ate one and got BIG and then small again.

What just Happened?

Able Sisters

Nothing much new at the Able Sisters. I used the QR code machine and added Daisy’s dress. I thought it went better with my current hair than Peach’s.

Nelson was inside the Able Sisters, so I had a disturbing chat with him. He asked if I had found what I was looking for and then told me he was looking for some wild and sexy clothes that would suit him. Eek!

Maybe if a costume shop opens up next door they’ll sell you a horse suit or something Nelson…


Nothing new on the island that I had to have. I just fished a little to cover the transportation fee over there. So, while I’m still trying to figure out the Club Membership thing I *think* it will allow me to play on the island with random people over the internet. Kapp’n asks me now if I want to go by myself or with other people and mentions the club. I told him with other people the other day and he gave me a long lecture about it and asked if I wanted to play with other people in Japan (um don’t tell anybody I’m not there) or with everybody. I had visions of people running over my few flowers and chopping down my trees, so I said no. I’ll get brave enough to play with strangers in the near future I’m sure.

Just as an FYI, remember in City Folk how annoying it was when someone accidentally picked up your paths? It’s a little harder to do now because running (should you dare) uses a different button. You now have to hit the Y button to remove the pattern and your character scuffs it out with his/her feet.

removing the pattern to add the new one

I found out quite on accident that you can sit on tree stumps. LOL.

We all gathered to celebrate the new Relaxation Salon. Yes, even the anteater (aardvark?) came.

Ignore my pile of fruit. It’s for friends (I actually have a couple new FC’s from people I have yet to play with)

And then I put up a donation box for a fishing bridge. This is what it will look like. It’s not built yet.

Shizue shows me what it will look like in the spot I’ve chosen

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  1. I found out online the the maxium number of villagers for this ACNL is 12. So maybe you can have Fang ( i think it was mentioned he was camping?) move in?

  2. so i take it that we can’t get the qr codes for the mario and luigi cut outs?

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