Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 13

wherein I kick myself for not buying turnips…

Stalk Ticker

AM: 150 Bells
PM: 340 Bells

The town map on day 13

I thought you might like to see how things have progressed in my village since I started. According to Tammy (a reader, thank you!) the village can support 12 residents. I don’t know where they would all go! (Aside from all that empty land where I’ve made a long path and planted fruit trees…

Kasen Village on Day 13


I moved my few pieces of mermaid furniture upstairs. I decided that a mermaid could use a bathtub, so I put that in there too. There wasn’t any more mermaid furniture on my island to buy.

And a few pics of my rearranged goldilocks downstairs.

The Kart is a duplicate fortune cookie item KC gave me. When you touch it the glider part retracts.

Town Visitors

Lost Kitten

So, this morning while Derry (the monkey, デリー. I’ve decided to call him Derry since I don’t have definitive pronunciation on his name) was asking me for delicious fruit I noticed a semi-familiar little cat wandering around who was most assuredly not a resident.

What’s that Derry? I can’t hear you over the cat’s crying. Oh wait she’s not crying…Who are you again?

In Japanese her name is Maiko amusing because the word for lost child is “maigo”. (I learned that from the pokémon dreamworld game…but I digress).

Sorry for the crap photo. I seem to like talking to people behind trees.

She mentioned straying from her mom, but didn’t ask me to take her back to her mom. She just said she hadn’t decided what village to go to next. And she asked me to take her to another village.

Off we went to the train station

When we got to KC’s town I thought maybe her mom would be there, but she wasn’t. Maiko told me she didn’t like to travel alone, thanked me, and left. I wonder if I’ll get a thank you present in the mail…


A familiar green tent was parked in my town square. Redd had 3 paintings and an ugly statue. I probably should have gone with the ugly statue, but I couldn’t resist the Mona Lisa. So I bought it.

Johannes Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring

Francisco de Goya’s The Nude Maja

Don’t know what this is called except ugly

Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa

I couldn’t resist the Mona Lisa. Come on Redd, no counterfeit!

Public Utilities

Doesn’t it seem like we’re always celebrating building something? That’s because I’m doing such an awesome job as a mayor (even if I do say so myself). 😉 This morning we celebrated the new fishing bridge. And then I decided to put in a bench.

KC has different utilities available to him. He put a fountain in and then got the option to build a wind turbine. I personally think a wind turbine would disrupt the pastoral vibe of Kasen Village, but he thinks maybe he’ll unlock the coffee shop if he puts in electricity. LOL. We’ll see. I’ll report on it.

The Shopping Avenue

The building on the right is still under construction. However, I know what it is because KC’s was unveiled today. But I’m not telling! You’ll have to wait till tomorrow.

コンビニ! Convenience store!

The Nook Brother’s Conbini (That’s the Japanese way of saying convenience store.) opened today. The mayor rejoiced.

I may have been a little too excited to take appropriate pictures of the inside. In the upper right hand corner there’s a machine that contains your catalog. I hightailed it over there.

Catalog Categories

That’s the first menu from the catalog. You can look at household items, clothes, stationery, music, fossils/gyroids, or you can search. OMG search!

You can search your Catalog

Now I can finally see all the junk I’ve amassed! and take better pictures of it to share. Hooray! For instance, these are the ugly boots my mom sent me in the mail. They’re called snow boots.

Fortune Cookie

The conbini now carries 2 fortune cookies. My second was a duplicate, but my first one contained Samus shoes. Now I just need the pants…KC got Link’s boots.


The conbini also had a megaphone (no slingshot, but KC’s has one so I may pop over there and buy it). Apparently if you’re looking for a townie who’s outside you can use a megaphone to find them. I haven’t tried it yet, but that’s what the explanation said.

The store carries 3 items of furniture, one wallpaper, one floor, wrapping paper, stationery

The machine in the back right is the catalog machine

2 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 13

  1. Oh WOW! I’d love to see that megaphone in action. 😀 I think I saw the designer demonstrate it in the Nintendo Direct video featuring Animal Crossing…

    Great update! Thanks so much! 😀

  2. Yay new catalog functions! I guess that explains why they got rid of the Nook Points System… they need that machine for the catalog! Random question but where is the ABD in this game?

    I don’t understand what happened with the lost cat. Is she older now? She went on the train with you? And then when you reached the other town, the mom wasn’t there? And then the kitten went off by herself again? Can someone PLEASE call child services???

    That creepy statue in Redd’s tent is some kind of ancient aliens artifact. I know I’ve seen it on that show before, and I always remember it because it looks like Claydol. But I forget what it’s called so I’m useless lol!

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