Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 14

This may be slightly unintelligible as I am posting while drinking a glass of wine and I have not yet had dinner. 頑張ってね!

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AM: 161 Bells
PM: 138 Bells

Visiting and Visitors

Last night I visited Kokuto’s town and he had Katrina so I got my fortune told! I have no idea what (if anything) it did, but it sure looked neat.

“Border Tights” Buh? So confused.

I also had a new friend visit from Japan. Yay! I think she took advantage of yesterday’s high turnip prices. And she left me presents! I had gotten a regular sling shot from Kokuto’s town, and she gave me a silver one because she had gotten the gold one.

遊びに来た ありがとうございます!

We chatted via skype all in Japanese. It was fun and scary! LOL. I couldn’t remember how to tell her I had opened my gates. What are gates in Japanese!!!??? She was trying to bring the lost kitten to my village but for some reason the lost kitten didn’t come. 🙁

Petition Signing

This morning I left my (real) house at 4:30AM to drive to Los Angeles (trust me it’s necessary because of traffic.) The moment the clock ticked over to 6:00AM I turned on Animal Crossing. It wasn’t quite as sleepy in town as I anticipated. My mailbox was blinking away and there was a familiar character waiting for me.

Shrunk! or in Japanese: Shisho

He wanted me to help him get a petition signed to put Club 444 in at the shopping avenue. I had to go around and get 6 villagers to sign the petition.

The petition is an actual item in your inventory and you can read it to see who has signed it.

It was early and there weren’t many villagers about, so I had to wait until they woke up to bug them. No one refused me.

Margie said it sounded lively and signed the petition right away

Despite his snoozing he signed the petition

Lillian signing the petition

My First Balloon!

I shot down my first balloon today (with my swanky silver slingshot). So in partial answer to the question “What’s in the balloons now?” the Balloon Furniture Set.

and my second balloon…

I’ma getcha!

Inside was this lovely balloon hat. I kinda feel like Kramer from Seinfeld when he wears the technicolor dreamcoat…

Another Badge?!

Yup, the boy scout badge delivery master (as I’ve come to think of him) was also wandering around at 6 this morning. Apparently I play a lot. Me? Never. I got a “Village representative badge” or something.

Time spent in the village is increasing (or something) badge

Park Bench

I can now sit on a bench overlooking the sea (just like home in Half Moon Bay, but I’m sure my village is warmer with a less biting wind…)

You can’t really see them, but I have two hibiscus bushes growing merrily behind the bench.

Oh fine, here are the hibiscus bushes. 😉

Shrunk said it would take a while before it was built after I gave him the signed petition.

And the newly completed building is:

The shoe shop! or Shoe Shank as it’s called. I wonder if they’ll change the name for the English version. It sounds either like a side of beef or someone being stabbed. I’m not sure which.

The Shoe Shank wares. I bought the heart tights. Cute!

In the mail I had:

A present from the lost kitten thanking me for taking her to Jisuna (Blood Sands LOL) Village, Kc’s town. Apparently it’s a fun place, name aside.

Toy Camera. It doesn’t do anything that I noticed.

I also got my Mona Lisa delivered from Redd. I ran up to the museum to donate it and low and behold it was real! In City Folk that was the last painting I needed and I only got it because my friend Gluxbox gave it to me. 🙂


I need to quit while I can still type semi-coherently.

My character is growing on me. Look at all my pink adorableness! Now if only I could get a new haircut…

Celebrating the park bench

I put in a fountain after the christening, but I’m not sure I like the placement of it. I can demolish it after it’s built and place it elsewhere but I don’t know if I get my money back.

I have a new theory about the delicious fruit. I think only the fruit native to your village will grow “delicious” in your town. I am certain the two trees I planted beneath my delicious peach trees were delicious apples, but only regular apple trees grew. I’ll try again and see if I can confirm this.

No delicious apples for me

Oh! And I asked Nook for another addition to my house. I got to choose what I wanted this time. I think we would have made my first floor bigger, but I opted for an addition. He let me choose where it was, left, right, north, or a basement. I got the basement. My new loan is 428,000 Bells. That’ll take a bit.

OK, signing off! Happy Thanksgiving! No promises on posting tomorrow, but I’ll play.

4 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 14

  1. Drinking while typing…(hands you a ticket), that’s a ticket able offense! Anyhoos….just a query…how many shops do you have now? I’ve lost track and how much have you spent on your house additions?

  2. Trust me, the drinking was totally necessary and I would gladly pay a fine. 😛

    Shops that I currently have:

    Shopping avenue:

    • Museum
    • Photo Booth
    • Relaxation Salon
    • Coming soon: Club 444
    • Tom Nook Housing
    • Post Office
    • Nook Brothers Store
    • Flower Shop
    • Able Sisters
    • Shoe Shank

    In town the only real shop is the Recycle Shop unless you count town hall.

    House additions started reasonably

    • Down Payment of 10,000 Bells
    • Additional 39,800 Bells for the shoebox
    • Upgrade: 98,000 Bells (makes downstairs bigger)
    • Upgrade: 198,000 Bells (makes downstairs even bigger)
    • Addition: 298,000 Bells Adds Upstairs
    • Buyer’s remorse choice You get to either make a room bigger (maybe the upstairs?) or add on. This is where I’m at now. I chose add on. You can choose where to add on to the main room or the basement. I chose basement.

    And that’s as far as I’ve gotten with upgrading.

  3. Your little Animal Crossing girl looks SO cute! I LOVE the patchwork-style hat! 😀 The petition signing was sweet. And that pink dress… how perfect for Thanksgiving? 😀

    Thanks for sharing! x

  4. WOO HOO CLUB 444! Hope it opens soon. And by soon I mean… by SATURDAY! XD Or I wonder, since he’ll have his own venue, he won’t be restricted to shows only on the weekend? Maybe it’ll be a nightly party!! And prepare yourselves… I know for a fact that KK has ditched his acoustic guitar in favor of a DJ table.

    The balloon theme furniture/hat… OMG ITS CUTE!!! Can’t wait to see more of it.

    So Shrunk is giving out petitions… what happened to his day job? Is there a different place to learn emotions now? Or is Shrunk just unemployed until whatever building he’s going to be working in is built? Or MAYBE… maybe Shrunk will perform during the day at Club 444 and KK will take over at night? That would be pretty cool. Let me know if I’m right lol! 😛

    Congrats on the Mona Lisa! I’m glad I won’t have to be digging thru the black market to find an extra copy for you this time around lol!

    PS – You type just fine when you’re drunk! lol

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