Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 15

wherein I curse the existence of scallops

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The majority of the day was occupied with Harvest Festival activities. But before I get to that I just need to tell you that Katrina cursed me! Ok. I’ve been running. On my paths. Just a little. And now I bite the dust all the time. And of course I think it’s hilarious so I run everywhere now.

Museum Upgrade Rumors

I went to get my fossils identified this morning and Blathers (also known as フータ or Hooter) was all in a funk. There was something he wanted to discuss with me. Our collections were growing nicely, but there aren’t as many visitors as he’d like. He envisioned a second floor where customers could display their own collections. And he made a request with Shizue.

Unfortunately I couldn’t run and see how much it cost and build it straight away because my fountain was still under construction. I paid that off today, so hopefully tomorrow I can look into a museum addition.

Dinky Basement

OMG, what did I get myself into? I owe 428,000 bells for something the size of my teeny teeny upstairs room. Buyer’s remorse!

But here it is all harvested up. And it has a pikmin from a fortune cookie.

Harvest Festival

The residents walking around outside told me that everybody was in their houses cooking. It was pretty cute. When you walk in on someone at home (even though they have no visible kitchen) they are all wearing chef coats. And they beg you to help you gather ingredients. But I’m getting ahead of myself.

Perched in the town square was Franklin wearing a chef’s hat with a bunch of cooking implements on a table in front of him. He claims that Shizue requested that someone come and cook for the harvest festival. Unfortunately he’s run out of ingredients and wants to use fresh ingredients from the village. He tells me three ingredients to get for a dish. And off I go to beg, borrow, or fish for it. For example the first dish he wanted to make was Fish Salad. He needed vinegar, horse mackerel, and red snapper. Obviously I could catch the mackerel and snapper. Vinegar though? Well, you have to go to your townies inside their house who are busy cooking in their houses.

Chef Lillian

For example Lillian wanted a horse mackerel as well. I gave her one and she gave me the vinegar. She also gave me a bit more advice about a secret ingredient. When making a fruit pie she puts honey in it. For fish food she usually adds lemon or vinegar.

So Franklin asks for 3 ingredients, but really you give him 4. Here’s a breakdown on the courses and what you need for them. You only make 1 dish for each course. So 4 dishes total. The rows in red are what I had to make.

Dish Name Ingredients Secret Ingredient
Salad Oyster Salad vinegar, oyster, seaweed lemon
Mixed Salad apple, horse mackerel, thin mushroom vinegar
Mushroom Salad flat mushroom, round mushroom, vinegar apple
Fish Salad horse mackerel, red snapper, vinegar lemon
Fruit Salad vinegar, orange, apple honeycomb
Soup Shellfish Cream Soup milk, clam, scallop butter
Mushroom Stew milk, flat mushroom, round mushroom butter
tom yum goong vinegar, lobster, thin mushroom coconut
Fruit Soup milk, cherry, peach lemon
Soup de Poisson flounder, red snapper,sea bass lemon
Main striped beakfish saute butter, striped beakfish, round mushroom lemon
righteye flounder meuniere flour, righteye flounder, thin mushroom vinegar
sea bass saute butter, sea bass, round mushroom lemon
butter-roasted red snapper flour, red snapper, thin mushroom lemon
flounder meuniere flounder, flat mushroom, flour vinegar
Dessert Apple Pie flour, apple, lemon honeycomb
Assorted Fruit Pie orange, pear, butter lemon
Cherry Pie flour, cherry, lemon honeycomb
Banana Custard Pie banana, lemon, sugar honeycomb
Coconut Cream Pie sugar, lemon, coconut honeycomb

Getting the ingredients for the salad was rough because the red snapper was elusive, but it took me probably two hours to get everything for the soup. I had to get a clam and I didn’t know where to get that and a scallop (fish, not the shell) and I didn’t know where to get that either. After a bit of googling I found I could dive around my village for the clam. And so I did. That wasn’t too bad. The scallop was another matter. I finally found that supposedly you could only get it by diving at the island. So I put on my diving gear and I went to the island.

The snorkel, sadly, is purely aesthetic. It doesn’t help you stay under longer when you dive.

And dove. and dove. and dove some more. I googled again to make sure. And found that it was apparently one of the larger shadows (even diving spots have sizes) and that it moved in a zig zag pattern (i.e. it runs from you). Some of the diving things run and they’re really hard to get and some of them just stay there easy peasy. I chased and chased and chased and I was quite exasperated with scallop hunting. Finally I gave up. Kc (my hero!) took over and caught one.

The Legendary Scallop

Handing over the scallop

Start Cooking!

I should mention that after you turn in the ingredients for a dish—you must give them all at once + the secret one—Franklin gives you a reward. I got a Harvest Lamp, Harvest Wall Lamp, Fruit Basket, and Cornucopia.

The Harvest Set has been on special in Nook’s store this month, so I have a few pieces of it already. He seems to have a piece a day since he upgraded stores. Each piece costs 3,333 bells. I don’t know if you must get the lamp and wall lamp through the festival or if they’re sold in the store. I haven’t seen them there yet.

The Final Spread after all was delivered

This was a grueling festival. You could easily be screwed if you don’t have a diving suit of your own to get a clam, or if you don’t have either bananas or coconuts. I got lucky. So, the moral of the story. Before this festival rolls around next year, check the ingredients and stash them away. I found that you can put fish in your dresser. Could you do that in City Folk? You can also stack fruit in your inventory. It’s quite handy.


And after all that diving I saw the Scout Master wandering about ready to give me another badge.

Diving Master Bronze

This certifies that the holder has caught many products of the sea


Gluxbox, the ABD is where it always is in the Post Office. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 15

  1. Hi Jennifer! This is such a great blog post. Any chance you wanna join me in putting this information up on the ACUKE site which I’ll be working on this weekend? 🙂 I’m sure people will find it super useful. 🙂

  2. wow, this year thanksgiving festival is much different in this game then the other series of Animal Crossing. Much more time intense too. Good advice to save up for next year…as for the fish, now we couldn’t store them in our dressers in City Folk…oh well. I guess the storage of things have changed in this game…makes me wonder what else. As for Blathers wanting to have other people put their collection? Maybe its something that other players if they wified with you and caught something in your town could be transferred to their museums? Hmm…food for thought.

  3. Wow I’m very impressed with that chart on all the possible courses and ingredients. It is very reminiscent of Harvest Moon! It seems like this holiday is a bit more… humane than the one in ACCF? Something about stealing forks to save a turkey cowering behind a house doesn’t really sit right with me. But is the mental image of a turkey chowing down on fish salad and flounder seems weird too.

    I wonder if Blathers’ sister will move in when you upgrade the museum? Very excited to see what will change there!


    So I just realized that it sounds like we’ll be getting the ACWW style houses in this new game (the upstairs, left, right and back rooms with a basement). Does that mean that if you create multiple human characters in ACNL, you all move into the same house, like in ACWW? I wonder. Will your town be getting any new people-residents anytime soon? 😉

  4. You can have up to four human characters in New Leaf. I don’t know if they get the same house or different houses. I was thinking of starting a new character thinking she/he would get a new house. There’s a gingerbread house facade in Nooks and I totally want it but I love my mermaid stuff and refuse to give it up. Aw hell. Maybe now I’ll have to get a new resident and see if I get a new house.

    Celeste will move in when the museum gets upgraded. I got the January DS+Wii magazine in LA. It had a walkthrough book on New Leaf, so I have a lot more info now. It even tells how to get a lot of the new buildings and stuff.

  5. Oh sweet! That’s awesome, is the walkthrough in Japanese too? And I forgot to say that it’s hilarious that you were cursed, that never gets old. SPLAT! haha

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