Animal Crossing New Leaf: Days 16 & 17

Day 16 金

stalk Ticker

AM: 81 Bells
PM: ???

New Fountain

I paid off my fountain and went to admire it. As far as I can tell I can’t chuck an axe in it. Which is good. I hated that witch.

Celebrating the New Fountain


This is my third run in with Gulliver. Kokuto hasn’t had him in his town once. Gulliver seemed to wake up with less prodding this time around. Maybe I’m perfecting my technique. I had trouble with his quiz this time. I told Casey the hint and he got it right off the bat. Gulliver told me the country he was going to had a mermaid princess and was said to have mermaids there. Then he got carried away daydreaming about the mermaid princess. That was actually all the clues I got. My choices were:

  • America
  • Norway
  • Japan
  • Denmark

I chose Denmark in part because of looking on wikipedia. And I was right! Huzzah! I was excited for the reward because of my (tiny) room housing my growing mermaid collection.

Museum Reconstruction —博物館の改築

Having paid off the fountain and celebrated its erection I went back to talk to Shizue about public utilities. Sure enough there was a request for a reconstruction of the museum.

Much like the dream salon, the donation gyroid was placed in the train station. I didn’t have much time to play so I wasn’t able to pay it off in one day. Rats! I’m so impatient.

Maikochan came to visit

The (not lost) kitten showed up in Kokuto’s village today and he escorted her over to my place. Sadly I won’t get anything out of hosting the wayward cat, but I can’t wait to see what he gets.

And Gluxbox I totally think child services needs to intervene. But she does seem to be older.

Mushroom Wall Lamp!

I got a mushroom wall lamp. Despite the fact that I’ve gotten five mushroom beds and two or three tables I realized that I only need one more Mushroom Furniture piece: the Mushroom Closet.

Island Shopping: AKA the Duty Free Shop

The island shop had a mermaid screen. I was able to scrape up enough medals, 40, to purchase it. However I was not able to raise enough medals to buy the island floor there. It cost 100 medals. Unfortunately you can’t view wallpapers and floors on the island so I don’t even know what I missed. 🙁

I hope I see the island floor again.

I tried the “labyrinth tour” to accrue medals. I thought maybe I would have to find my way out of a hedge maze. While there is a hedge maze made of hibiscus bushes, the goal was not to find my way out of it, but to gather a certain number of a specified fruit from within it and then deliver them to Tortimer.

I also took a stab at the “dangerous fishing tour”. You have to catch sharks and piranhas. I had forgotten the size of the piranhas shadow, so I only hunted for sharks.

Releasing a shark

Day 16 Conclusion

While I didn’t shop on Black Friday I was busy all day and didn’t get to do much. I still have a giant mortgage hanging over my head and I want to pay off the museum addition. I fished a bit late at night but the shops were already closed so I have to sell tomorrow.

Day 17 土

Stalk Ticker

AM: 68 Bells
PM: 67 Bells


The day I’ve dreaded has arrived. Lillian said she wanted to move on the 29th. Why is it always my favorite villager that wants to leave? I told her not to go and I wrote her a letter. I wonder what else I can do to make nicey nice with her…Thoughts?

Don’t leave Lillian!!

Another Camper

Inside the camping tent was a bird: Robin. She didn’t mention moving to my city and I had just gotten Lillian’s news so I didn’t mind.

Hybrid Watch

I got my first black tulip today. I haven’t gotten any new hybrids in a while.

Fortune Cookie

From the fortune cookies I got Wario’s Mustache and a coin. I forgot to get a pic of Wario’s Mustache. Soon.

Gulliver’s Present

My gift from Denmark while not totally surprising was very cool. He sent me a mermaid statue.

Ignoring the bee sting, here’s my current mermaid room. I think I need to upgrade it next.

Donation Station

My townies generously donated over 500 bells to the reconstruction of the museum. I was able to contribute the remaining bells to make up the 198,000 bells. I don’t know if it will be reconstructed tomorrow or if it will begin construction tomorrow. Either way I’m excited!

Island Shopping

Sadly there was no island floor today, but there was a mermaid table. I bought it after a few tours.

Loan Payed

I had a lot of down time today because KC and I were driving back to the bay area from Los Angeles, so I had plenty of time to gather money for my 428,000 home loan. So for the next few hours I’m debt free! Tomorrow I’ll probably tell Nook I want a bigger upstairs.

5 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Days 16 & 17

  1. Congrats on the fountain! Glad the goddess in the fountain will not be returning lol!

    I wonder why you keep getting Gulliver so often? Thinking ahead, you should snag some spares for me lol! 😛 (Btw I had no idea on the answer to that quiz, so you’re not alone!)

    Sorry to hear about Lillian. As far as I know, just keep sending gifts and talking to them constantly. Or maybe there’s cool new features about being the mayor that can allow you to FORCE THEM TO STAY!! MUAHAHAHAHA!!! Talk to the Shih Tzu. 😀

    Wow I sure hope it’s as easy for me to pay off my house loans when I get the game. What’s your secret? Fishing? Fruit collecting? Bugs? There must be an abundance of expensively priced items hiding somewhere if you can muster up the cash that fast lol!! Congrats on all the upgrades and can’t wait to hear about the museum!

  2. Hmmmm perhaps I should talk to Shih Tzu… My new decree: Lillian must wear a tracking anklet at all times that will not allow her to leave Kasen village limits.

    My money raising secret: the island. My sub-secret: bugs on the island. If you go in the evening after 7 you can get all sorts of pricey bugs off the coconut/banana trees. Most of those bugs sell for 6000-10000 bells. There are a couple that sell for 12000 bells, but they’re really hard to catch. I’ve recently gotten so snooty that the cheapest thing I’ll catch is the blue morpho butterfly that sells for 2500 bells. I also catch anything with a fin in the ocean when it shows up. I need to design a t-shirt that says “I break for fins”. You can take 40 items back from the island and that can be a pretty big haul.

    I still haven’t gotten Pascal in my town. Or if I have I didn’t see him. This time around you have to give him scallop fish and not the shells. I need to learn how to catch them and stash them in my dresser just in case. One of the things you can get from him is a giant pirate flag. I want it!

  3. Hi!
    I love your post about this game, I hope you continue writing until AC comes to Europe 🙂

    I haven’t see yet how do you save the game and start it, because I had read that there isn’t any beds in the top of the house as they are I’m previous games.

    Sorry for my English, my native langue is Spanish 🙂

  4. The game starts the same way as previous games except Rover doesn’t talk to you, Shizue does. When the game turns on you walk out of your house.

    Since there aren’t any beds to sleep in to save, you save by hitting the start button on the 3DS and choosing “save and quit”, or “save and continue”.

    Thanks for the questions. I’m glad you’re enjoying the blog. 🙂

  5. You know what, all this information would be really useful at as there are a few other players that are playing from japan on there? Just a suggestion! I love this blog so much…and its giving me some good tips on what to expect when it does get released for the rest of us folks. Makes me wish i had a Japan 3ds though…(sigh)…oh well, i might as well dream!

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