Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 18

wherein I break down and buy turnips

Stalk Market

The first thing I did this morning was catch up with Joan. Her turnips were 93 bells a piece. I decided to bite the bullet and pick up a few, just to keep me interested in the market. I only bought 40. Wish me luck on making a decent profit.

Camper #3

I went to the campsite today and found another camper: a kangaroo named Mike. While he seemed enamored with the village he didn’t ask to move in either. I’m starting to think that 8 villagers is the max it holds. 8 villagers + 4 human characters = 12. It makes sense to me and since neither Casey nor I have gotten anyone in a while and we’re holding steady with 8 villagers.

Museum Reconstruction

Of course the big news today is about the museum. There was no transitional construction time and it was all done. As an aside, Casey has been wondering why he hasn’t gotten the museum request and we figured out why. You have to donate a certain number of items to the museum and you have to have donated at least one thing to each section. He’s only had Redd once and his painting was counterfeit so he has nothing in his art wing.

So, without further ado: the entrance to the new upstairs.

Note that the sign shows a shopping cart and an arrow pointing up. There’s a gift shop!

The first thing I noticed were the lockers. They link to your regular storage.

And then my eyes were drawn to something shiny at the “gift stand”.

Screw Talking to Celeste I just want the silver fishing rod.

But I had to talk to Celeste aka フーコ (Hooko) to buy it. I am not above waking up napping owls regardless of their adorableness. I believe she said the silver fishing rod was on sale to commemorate having 30 river/ocean fish displayed. It was only 500 bells. Despite my limited funds I snatched it up.

You probably can’t see well from the pictures, but much like the first floor of the museum there are 4 wings to the upstairs as well. To start they are all blocked off. You can pay 10,000 bells and rent a room to show off whatever you want (just like your house). And thanks to the lockers you don’t have to go very far to get whatever you want to put in the room. I don’t know if there’s a point to displaying stuff. Or if you get anything because of it. But the room is huge, and I’m already running out of space in my drawers so I’ll take what I can get.

The rug next to the fishing pole is the “depths of the earth” rug (or some such translation). It was being displayed because the fossil collection had over 30 items. I didn’t get a pic of it. I’ll try and remember for tomorrow, but it was all earthy with fossils. Take my word for it, it was cool.

Of course we celebrated the construction of the second floor. I wonder why Blathers didn’t attend. (Look at my awesome pose)

Shoe Shank

I recently found out that I have to spend over 10,000 bells at the shoe shop in order to get the hair dresser to show up. So I bought some purple tights and shoes. Remember the weird fortune I had the other day that said “border tights”? Those purple tights are called border tights. Coincidence? I think not! ww

To Reset or Not to Reset

Last night I chose “save and continue” instead of “save and quit” and then just shut the game off improperly. I did it on purpose. I wanted to see if Resetti would show up and if I could then buy his…um…hole? in the public utilities. It worked splendidly. This morning after Shizue welcomed me to the village (before the game started) he broke through the floor and gave me hell. I lied and told him the power went out, not that I did it on purpose, so he went a little easy on me.

His…hole is now in the public utilities section. I haven’t bought it yet because I’m feeling a bit wishy washy about the 368,000 Bell price tag. And I have no idea what it does for you. I already told Nook to make my second floor bigger and that’s going to cost 498,000 Bells.

The Island

There was no new mermaid furniture on the island today, just a Cabana Lamp. In Japanese it’s a “Resort Lamp”. I don’t know if it’s always been called resort furniture because this is my first AC in Japanese. I personally dislike wicker so I’m not very excited about collecting the set, but it does seem to be island exclusive. Maybe after I finish the mermaid set. For now I was content to let the lamp stay there.

I only fished a little bit and caught a few bugs. Nothing earth shattering.

Lillian and Nelson sitting in a tree?

I was a little worried cause I hadn’t seen Lillian all day and I’m trying to be very nice to her. I was about to break out the megaphone (I want to try it too Chorna!) but then I walked into Nelson’s house and found Lillian hanging with him. Wut wut?

I swear Nelson told me to keep it a secret that Lillian came over. Or maybe he said it wasn’t a secret? I’m just confused. 😛

Village Diving

This would not get good marks from the Olympic judges

I wanted to practice my diving techniques. I found out that the scallop was available at the village as well as the island and I thought I could stock up in case Pascal showed up and maybe donate one to the museum since I haven’t yet.

I caught a couple new things and then—surprise—I got a scallop. And who can smell a scallop a mile away? Pascal of course.

Of course I told him he could have my scallop (even though I haven’t donated one) and he said he’d give me something in exchange. He offered his signature words of wisdom. I have no idea what the hell they mean, but considering the rambling nonsense he says in English I’m not gonna worry too much about it.

Yeah. Not gonna try to translate that.

Then he floated out to the sea… I think you might be able to get him once a day whenever you catch a scallop, but I’ll have to dive some more tomorrow to verify.

I’m kinda sad I don’t get to watch him go over the waterfall anymore

Guess what he gave me? The pirate flag I wanted! Mermaids and pirates! Woo! Tomorrow my room should be a little less cramped.

That football fish lamp: I think it was my consolation prize for participating in the fishing tourney. You can’t buy it and I don’t know where I got it from. I’m guessing it came out of a piece of mail and I forgot about it because I didn’t know what it was.

Here is the pirate flag in the catalog:


I went back to Nintendo Land using the dream salon and picked up the mario cutout pattern. I bought the cutout board from public utilities since it was much cheaper than Resetti’s hole. I’ll post a pic of it tomorrow since today all I’ve got is the donation gyroid.

A better illustration of the mushroom’s effects

I also got my village’s dream number. Call me maybe?

9 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 18

  1. Your little monologue always cracks me up. The picture captions are the best, also. Olympics… hah! Poses…. HAH!

    And a little hiding out at her ‘friends’ house – Lillian may stick around, yet! You said he may be moving out on the 29th, right…? That’s 3 days away! D: Have you thought about writing her a farewell letter before she’s gone?

  2. Great blog, I’ve been enjoying reading it. 🙂

    Also about the villagers, I have seen somebody with 10 villagers in their town. So 8 isn’t the max. However they did say it took ages for the 10th villager to move in….so it probably just slows down a lot. (or it might be based on how much you’ve built your town up)

  3. Yay you got some turnips! Now the question everyone wants to know is… can you put them on a table? Do they rot????

    The upstairs of the museum is so cool! I love being able to have a room on display in there. It’ll be my trophy room! 😀 Awesome that there’s a gift shop now, what a great idea! AHHH I’M SO JEALOUS!!

    I’m dying to know what’s in that Resetti hole. I hope you can get it soon! Inquiring minds NEED to know. lol

    So did Pascal just randomly accost you as soon as you pulled out a scallop? That’s creepy lol. And then he sends you a letter with a present? Awesome that he gave you exactly what you wanted! I wonder if the game can tell which sets you are collecting, and is a little bit nicer about making the items you are missing more available? That would be cool.

    I can’t wait to start taking magic mushrooms in Animal Crossing! (What kind of message are we sending to young kids exactly…?) ww

    Wait why is there a friend code?? Wasn’t the whole point of the 3DS to NOT have to use friend codes anymore? Muh?? O.o

  4. Chorna: My letter writing is horrible. I would write her a farewell letter and she’d think I was kicking her out. LOL

    Sean: I’m glad you like the blog and thanks for the villager info. I haven’t had anybody new in a while. I wonder how long it will take to get 10 villagers. I don’t time travel, so building up my town is a bit slow.

    Glux: The code isn’t a friend code it’s for use in the dream salon. You can visit people’s towns “in your dreams” so there gates don’t have to be open. They don’t have to be online. You just wander around. That means they can chop down trees and run to their heart’s content because they’re not really in your town. Neither can they take anything from it. It’s kind of like a copy of your town.

    You don’t need friend codes, but it’s still annoying to know when people are online. Because unless you make the other person your “best friend” you can’t see their status. And you can’t make them a best friend until you’ve wifi’d (sp?) with them. Catch 22!

  5. Reading back here to find out about the museum shop as we haven’t managed to trigger it in our game yet. I am now guessing it’s because my son (who has the mayoral character) has been selling instead of donating – I have donated something in each section with my character but he hasn’t. Time to give him a nudge!

  6. @Sarah LOL. Yes, I think that’s probably your problem. It’s a sad state of affairs when the other human residents donate and the mayor just sells. 😉

  7. I know! We are sorted, today Blathers has put the museum shop on our public services list, finally. (Can’t wait until I move out and become mayor of my own town!)

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