Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 21

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Last Night’s Continuation

I liked that you could see the lights on in my house from the side (barely). Margie stomping around in a huff is icing on the cake.

I realized I don’t post many pictures of the inside of townies’ houses. Hakase aka Zombie Pig’s house is very fitting.

I don’t go to the Street Pass Plaza very often because the only person I get usually is Kokuto (maybe I’ll get someone else tonight, since it’s class night in J-town San Francisco) but I love the things he gives me. Unfortunately I accidentally ate the ice cream cone he gave me the other day, but he gave me a noise maker that I ♥.

I was able to take a picture of Maikochan’s picture (how redundant) from Kokuto’s furniture list in his street pass house. See, I can get around the fact that I can’t get him to blog. 😛

We went to his island. He had a mermaid shelf. I made him do some tours with me in order to get medals to buy it.

Though I missed in this shot, we actually did really good on the whack a thingy tour. We can whack each other, but you can’t take your frustrations out on Tortimer (who’s standing up north). It just talks to him. Boo! Whack a turtle FTW!

Mermaid Shelf (behind me) in my ever-pinkening room.

I found out that some lights are brighter than others… In this game when you’re in your house there’s a big light switch on the bottom screen and you can make your room bright even when you don’t have a light in the room. I shut the light off and found out that the football fish lamp is more of a night light.

You can get more than one badge per day. As I was wandering around later yesterday I ran into the scout master and he gave me a silver diving mania badge.

Seriously I need a beetle mania badge. That’s all I catch…


I thought I was forgetting how to play this morning. After I turned on the game I immediately tried to open my inventory to see if I had room for mail (I never do) and I couldn’t open my inventory. I took a step forward and found out why:

Resetti was waiting for me

He talked to me about his new center and about making him mad. But I have no idea what the purpose of his center was. I couldn’t interact with his manhole cover. LOL Though there were no posted hours, my guidebook says it’s open from 9PM to Midnight. I need to try to remember to go this evening.

I’m glad I stuck it in the corner. It’s an eyesore

I went back to talk to Shizue. She didn’t even want to celebrate putting in Resetti’s manhole. I feel slighted. I was looking forward to all the booze party poppers.

Since I was not in high spirits without my celebration I decided not to put anything else in for the day. There was nothing new and exciting waiting for me anyway.

Shopping Avenue

Something’s coming! The Able Sisters are open during remodeling. Is it the hair salon? I didn’t think I had bought enough stuff for it yet. Time will tell.

Fortune Dud

I got my first fortune cookie that did not yield a super-fabulous Nintendo-themed prize. #30 was a failure. The Nook Brother gave me a jukebox. I don’t know if #30 will always yield a jukebox or if you get different consolation prizes.

I don’t know, I don’t think it’s so bad.

Nature Corner

Got my first purple rose. So pretty. 🙂

The inaugural tree is a little bigger!


Tomorrow was the day Lillian had said she would move. I firmly believe (positive thoughts. positive thoughts!) that she’ll stay. But today Shinobu, my second favorite villager, dropped the moving (引っ越し) bomb on me this morning and said she wanted to move on the 3rd. I also told her no and it seemed to dissuade her.

Why can’t Rizzo or Poison frog or even margie want to move? Sometimes I even forget the unibrow lives in the village. She could go too.


I’ll admit, some of Gulliver’s magic is wearing off. Kokuto still hasn’t seen him. And I find him washed up on the beach all the time. He must be a really bad pilot. He seemed really shook up about today’s crash.

I was determined to get him back on his way. Let’s see, where he was going.

That country is famous for tulips.

Gulliver 💘 colorful flowers. (His words more or less).

And the large windmills on the landscape are impressive (why is it my translations always sound Engrishy?)

And my choices are:

  • Malaysia
  • Canada
  • New Zealand
  • Holland

I chose Holland. Ding Ding! Tomorrow he’ll send me a present from there. Will I get a windmill? A tulip basket? Stay tuned.

Home Remodeling

I barely scraped up the cash to pay off my home loan today. I then marched into Nook Housing and told Nook I wanted an addition. Tomorrow I should have a very tiny room off to the right side of my house. I’d best clear my flowers from that side just in case. This addition will cost 348,000 bells.

2 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 21

  1. OMG these photos are so cute. And I love how the kitten sent her portrait! I wonder if that means portrait pics of all townies are back in the game?? I sure hope so.

    Sorry the Resetti thing turned out to be a dud. I feel bad for requesting it now! D:

    Tho maybe it’ll be like that weird Resetti room in the tunnel in the city in ACCF. Hopefully you’ll at least be able to go down there and enjoy some half-eaten pizza with Resetti’s brother like Squirt did… lol

    It’s crazy that you got Gulliver again. Without the added excitement of shooting down a UFO, I can imagine his visits aren’t as mind blowing anymore lol!

    I think you made the right call on the new room addition. I can’t wait to see how big your house can get! 😀

  2. Oh and don’t forget, you should be able to whack Tortimer if you can get Kokuto to distract him in a conversation. Work together as a team!

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