Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 22

Stalk Market

AM: 59 Bells
PM: 56 Bells

I think I’m gonna lose my bells this week…

PM Recap

I did get someone on streetpass on my way to class last night. It wasn’t a new person, but TETQUE. I really need to figure out who that person is and exchange friend codes…


TETQUE’s house has filled out a bit.

Before class I stayed in my village and dove around a bit. I saw another long thin shadow in the water and was able to climb out of the water and catch it. Got my tuna. 🙂

マグロ ftw

I also found another scallop. Pascal surfaced behind me just like before and we exchanged items. I still haven’t donated one to the museum.

Something about cooperation

He gave me this awesome piece that I hung in the mermaid room. I believe it’s called a pirate blade.

I also broke down and decided to put the other bench south of my house at a bend in the river. I was going to put it by the fountain bus Shizue said it was too close. Sheesh, who doesn’t want to sit by the fountain?


I found Maikochan in my village and waited until very late before trying to take her over to Kokuto’s village. Just as we were boarding the train she dropped her ticket and stepped off the train to get it. The train’s doors closed and she didn’t get back on. I was sad and didn’t know if I’d done something wrong, but I think it happens randomly.

Maikochan dropped her ticket

The train doors close in front of Maikochan

Bigger lopsided house!

True to his word, Nook added on to my house in the night.

I’m digging the extra embellishments on the mermaid facade.

I need to rearrange my front room to accommodate the new doorway. My front room is labyrinth-like at the moment.

New room. The wallpaper was from Mom who heard about my new additions. The windmill was a present from Gulliver.

Despite the fact that Maikochan wasn’t able to ride with me last night, she still sent me a letter. She told me she was able to catch the next train. She also enclosed a present. Unfortunately it was the toy camera I already had.

Gluxbox: remember that she gave you her picture in City Folk too? Though I would love to see portraits in this game I haven’t seen any mention of them.

As seen in the above picture, Gulliver did indeed send me a windmill for getting him to Holland. And Mom sent me another terse letter (do you think she’s mad I moved out?) with that wallpaper. It isn’t rare or anything. You can buy it from your catalog.

Back View of the Windmill. It’s very detailed and it turns.


The scout master gave me another badge. I finally have a bug badge!

I got the Bug Expert Badge!

Look at those fierce mandibles

Lillian is still here!

If you’ll recall, today is the big day that Lillian said she would move and she hasn’t. Yay! I ran into her this morning and we traded items. I gave her an emerald and she gave me some lychees. I think I got the short end of the stick, but whatever.


I paid 3,000 bells and took Saharrah to my house

She uglified my room and I didn’t even get any rare wallpaper or rugs from the experience. Luckily she gives back the old wallpaper and rug so I was able to put my mushroom stuff back up.

Um no. Put it back.

New Bench

At least we got a party for this bench.

Note that I got Link’s shirt from a fortune cookie today. I think I look more like Indiana Jones, but that’s cause I’m missing the proper hat and footwear.

I went back to Resetti’s place last night but it wasn’t open. I tried hitting it with a shovel, watering it, but I got no response. I think it’s randomly open much like in City Folk.

There weren’t any new utilities, so I decided to put in the yield sign in front of the Recycle Shop since I’m constantly running up there to sell.

Oh and speaking of shops, whatever is being built above the Able Sisters is still under construction today.

The site for the new sign