Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 23

Stalk Market

AM: 53 Bells
PM: 49 Bells

I’m still hoping for that upswing…

Evening Recap

Meditating on my bench. I think it needs some flowers around it.

Kokuto had Maikochan so I let him bring her over.

We went and danced at Club 444 with Iris and Shrunk

Quiet Village

Not a whole lot is happening in the village today. I don’t have any visitors that I can tell. The store above the Able Sisters is still under construction. I got another Mushroom Dresser today, on the last day of mushroom collecting. So remember me next November when you get an extra mushroom closet. I’ve got TVs and beds and more stashed away to trade. 😉

Nelson wants to move. I told him no too. I’m a greedy mayor! I don’t let anyone move. I’ve decided I can part with Margie, Rizzo, Iris, or the Poison Frog (Ida). But they all seem happy in Kasen. (I secretly like Zombie Pig. Don’t tell him though.)

Nelson dropping the M-Bomb

Another Camper

Another bird camped out: Gladys (ちとせ). I think I had her in City Folk. She seemed nice enough, but also didn’t ask to move in.

Silver Net!

The museum gift shop finally had a silver net to commemorate having donated 30 bugs. I snatched it up. The rug was the same fossil rug. I wonder if you have to donate more things to get the wallpaper?

The sad part about getting the silver tools in town is that I can’t take them to the island which is where I do most of my fishing and bug collecting.

This is my very random museum display room.

Back at home

My tiny east wing has been balloonified. This is the extent of my Balloon collection. The furniture in the top left corner isn’t a balloon item, it looks like a toy vending machine, but it kind of matched so I left it. I have a balloon dog in my catalog (that I don’t know where it came from) but I can’t seem to find it. I have to scour my drawers later.

Seeing as how I don’t have enough room to sit on my very comfy looking balloon sofa I went and paid off my loan and told Nook I wanted to make this room bigger. That’s another 498,000 Bell loan. Me thinks I’ll be doing some late night bug catching.

Nook Brothers Remodeling

I was surprised to hear the Nook brothers were having a pre-remodeling day sale today. I almost never buy anything except for fortune cookies (both of today’s were duplicates). Nevertheless Tsubukichi (つぶきち) told me the shop would be closed tomorrow and apologized for the inconvenience.

Since everything was on sale I bought the lovely lamp and lovely end table. He also had a book I hadn’t seen before so I snatched that up as well.

Not the best shot, but you can see the book.

New Sign

Of course we celebrated our new sign. I didn’t put anything else in since there was nothing new. I really want to put a third bridge in, but I’m torn between the stone bridge and the fishing bridge. And I have no idea where I should put it.

If only I could charge fines for disobeying the signs. A mayor needs to increase revenue after all.


Tomorrow night should be K.K.’s acoustic performance. I’m looking forward to that. I still have no idea when/how Shrunk shows up during the day. I talk to him in the club at night but he hasn’t mentioned anything about his own act. Kokuto’s shop above the Able Sisters is still under construction today, so I won’t find out what that is tomorrow…

And now I’m off to study. I can’t wait for Sunday (and the JLPT) to be over! Then I have to study for my Japanese final which is on December 12. No rest for the wicked.

3 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 23

  1. *spoiler* For the comdey act give him a fruit and see what happen…that what i heard anyway.
    I also seen other bridges to pick but read no info on how they get to be place.

  2. Eek!! You can’t take the upgraded tools to the island? I’m gonna have to actually work HARD??? NOOOOOO!!!

    I really love that balloon furniture set, it’s so cute!

    Good luck on your test tomorrow. I know you’ll do well – the fact that you’re able to understand what’s going on in ACNL is proof enough to me that you’ll ace it!

  3. I think you’re turnip prices might go down even lower…i don’t know if it’ll drop below forty or not..haven’t seen turnip prices go below forty though…so maybe tomorrow morning it’ll be a huge spike and you can sell it. I hate to lose any turnips.

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