Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 54

Stalk Market

AM: 69 Bells

Welcome to the last post of 2012. This one is going to be short because I’m saving a lot of play time for the countdown tonight. Tomorrow’s post should be fairly lengthy depending on how the festivities go.

Home Center

I think we should turn the Nook Brothers in to homeland security for the rocket they’re trying to pedal.

Home Center Wares

Rocket, study chair

I love that K.K. album. You can test them out in the store before you buy them. I have it playing in my balloon room now. It’s something to the effect of “clear with sunlight filtering through trees”. I’m sure its official English translation will be much more succinct.


There’s a “simple” series in the game with very plain furniture. The wall clock belongs to that series. It’s the only piece I’ve gotten so far.


The plant looks like a tomato plant to me. It’s just called a “planter”. I want to put it outside, but something tells me it wouldn’t do very well.

New Villager

In time for the new year I have a villager moving in just west of the rotating art and just east of Yuka’s house. According to the sign, the villager is Moe (ジンペイ). When I asked Kokuto about it I learned that he recently moved from Jisuna village, so he’s probably Kokuto’s Moe.

Moe's future house

Moe’s future house location

Countdown pre-show

Shizue is watching the countdown clock. When I talked to her she gave me some end of the year soba noodles. It’s a Japanese tradition to eat soba noodles on New Year’s Eve. They supposedly help you to live longer since they’re so long…or something. Shizue made sure to tell me that unfortunately I couldn’t eat the noodles she gave me. They’re just for decoration.

end of the year soba

end of the year soba

Redd is working at the merch booth. He sells two different New Year’s hats, yellow and green. He also sells party poppers.

Redd at the merch booth

The countdown display

The countdown display

Green New Year's Hat

Green New Year’s Hat

Noise Maker

Noise Maker 2

I decided the noisemakers I’ve been hoarding were completely appropriate for New Year’s Eve, so I’m just gonna run around blowing on them until midnight. See you in 2013!

Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 53

Stalk Market

I bought 200 turnips at 96 bells apiece. Let’s hope for a good week.

turnip prices

It was a pretty quiet Sunday in town. I screwed up my snowman again. Seriously what is my problem with making a good snowman?

Home Center

I’ve been on a buying spree at the Home Center. I can’t help but snatch up the pieces of furniture that I don’t have, selling them back at the recycle shop and wondering why I never have any money.

pyramid and roulette table

Lovely table milk jug and asian shelf

bonsai for sale

Able Sisters

I decided to gear up for space travel. I think I have the pants somewhere, but I still need the shirt…and boots if they’re in this.

astronaut yumi

“sporty and fabulous”

Mable gave me another mannequin. I went home and accessorized. I seem to have lost my hero (Link) boots, and I don’t have the hero (Link) hat, so Link is a little suspect…


At least Samus is looking good.

More Hide-and-Seek

Today Yuka wanted to play hide-and-seek. Hakase participated, but didn’t mention dieting thankfully.

Hakase I found you!

Hakase was the last one. I had a hard time finding him

For all my hard work I got a crappy table lamp. I put it up for sale at the Recycle Shop.


I went to the island and made a big bug run. It wasn’t enough to repay my current loan. I’m still 170,000 bells in the hole. Maybe tomorrow I’ll pay it off and get an even bigger loan! I also changed my town to be a “morning person” town. So my shops will open earlier. Now, let’s see if I turn the game on before 10am to make it worthwhile.

sitting next to the dormant tree

I didn’t know you could do this until a fellow animal crossing player mentioned it on twitter 🙂

lillian's house

Lillian’s Christmas TV is getting good use

Shrunk taught me to laugh

Shrunk taught me to laugh

bitter coffee mmmm



I’m liking my amish look. And sitting on the bricks is very peaceful if not a bit chilly…

Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 52

Stalk Market

AM: 178 Bells
PM: 85 Bells

Glad that I sold when I did! I kept thinking today was Sunday though and wondering where Joan was…

Gulliver’s Present

I feel kinda silly because I forgot to take a picture of the name of the item Gulliver sent me and I don’t remember what it’s called…but, this food item is what got expedited from Korea.

Gulliver's Korean Item


The only visitor Kasen had today was Pete. He was pretty quiet when I saw him on his evening delivery run.


“As you can see I’m doing my evening deliveries.”

Packing Day

Today is Ida’s last day as a resident of Kasen village. Shizue told me to visit her before she left, so I did. I liked her house, and she wasn’t half bad as far as poisonous amphibians go, but I’m still excited to straighten out my path after she leaves. (Her house is over just a little to the right where I want my path.)

Ida is leaving


Hakase sure likes to play hide and seek. But he seems to be insinuating that I need to play in order to lose a bit of weight. I’m not sure I like that.

Yuka hiding

Yuka didn’t hide very far…

unexpected jacob's ladder

While not one of my townies I found my fifth cliffside Jacob’s Ladder while searching

found everyone

I found everybody and they rewarded me with an oriental rug

Special Item

Two (are these spotlight items?) special things at the Nook Brother’s store in one week? Today’s special was the number 9 lamp. It cost a hefty 9,000 bells. I snatched it up anyway…and put it up for steeply discounted sale at the recycle shop. Just after I put it there Derry came in and simply had to have the number 8 lamp that was still on display.

9 lamp

8 sale

no takers on the port-o-potty yet though…

Fossil Finding

I dug up all four fossils today and took them to the museum. I had one that hadn’t been donated and gave it to Blathers. I completed the Mammoth fossil and he was elated. I went strolling through the fossil wing to see what I had left to complete. I just need the パラサロロフス head and the フタバスズキリュウ tail (I hope I spelled those right).

completed mammoth

“Ho ho! This means…!
You did it!
The mammoth is complete!”


I picked up my remade alarm clock. Kaizo changed it from gold to blue (I thought I was changing it to red. Shows how much I pay attention). I think it will look nice in the mermaid room.

blue alarm clock

blue alarm clock

I saw pictures of a neat remake in a magazine and wanted to try it, so I searched my drawers, and two fossil-filled display rooms in the museum before I found all three pieces of a brontosaurus—the only dinosaur that I had all the pieces for. Then I talked to Kaizo. He told me that for just 4,400 bells he’d remake it into an easy to decorate with miniature. I jumped on that deal.


The brontosaurus head pre-remake

For clarity, it may not be the brontosaurus. It’s a (phonetic english) “brontoterium” and I don’t know what that is. I haven’t had a class that’s covered Japanese names for dinosaurs, so I’m on my own. 🙂

remade dinosaur

Isn’t it cute! And portable

dinky dino

as advertised, it fits in a room better, but I still need to scrape together the cash to make my room bigger…

New Hairdo

I got my hair “fixed”. I still went semi-pixie cut, but not quite as severe and had it dyed blonde. This was the only yellow color available and it’s a bit light for my taste. I spruced it up with a flower and I think it looks a little less boyish than the previous hairstyle.

New Haircut

Close up of the new hairstyle

A close up of the new hairstyle with princess peach dress and pink lace up shoes.

smile emotion

I got the “smile” emotion

Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 51

Stalk Market

AM: 135 Bells
PM: 275 Bells

I nervously waited until the afternoon and BAM! 275 bells per turnip. Thanks for the tip Zen! It’s still more lucrative to bug catch on the island at night, but I haven’t been doing much of that lately. And I need to! Nook is gonna send someone to break my knees pretty soon.

275 bells per turnip

27,500 Bells for 100 turnips. Not bad


I screwed up my normal snowman. I knew my streak of two was too good to last! LOL. I think the head got just a bit too big when I rolled it on top of the body. I hate it when that happens.

While I had the number for my bingo card, it did not score me a bingo. I said 43 Mr. Snow-daddy, not 3. Will try again tomorrow…unless he’s melted…

Dormant Tree (I hope)

I was shocked to find that my inaugural tree was completely devoid of foliage and looked like it would be right at home in a haunted forest. I’m hoping this is normal and that I wasn’t supposed to water it or something.

Winter Inaugural Tree


I found a familiar seagull washed up on the shore today. And after I woke him up and he shouted for “Elizabeth” he finally spilled that she was an old girlfriend…but then he mentioned a hurricane, so I think it was really a hurricane…or not. Anyway, on to the quiz. I had to rush through it because just as I started talking to him I noticed a present floating slowly by.

clue 1

“The people in that country eat a lot of hot and spicy kimchi”

He went on to say that he heard a rumor that they had a refrigerator just for kimchi.

My first thought: Korea.

clue 2

“and it’s famous for the martial art called Tae Kwon Do”

This was no help to me as I’m not terribly familiar with the origin of martial arts, but Kokuto confirmed that we were still on track for Korea. And apparently Gulliver used to dabble in Tae Kwon Do. Don’t mess with him.

My choices were:

  • India
  • Korea
  • Vietnam
  • Thailand

I chose Korea and should receive my present in the mail tomorrow. I then ran up and shot the aforementioned balloon out of the air. I got another balloon hat. Rats!


I had a swagger in my step as I entered the museum today with my Venus in my pockets (ha!). It was indeed legitimate bringing the number of artifacts in my art wing to three.

legit venus

Still Bad Hair

I haven’t changed my hairstyle yet. I put on a dress (you know, to look more like a girl) and bought some weird starry eyed glasses that I think make me look a bit more feminine.

Newish look

The Christmas dress should have been discounted I think, but it’s still cute.

Island hopping

I’m getting pretty pale, so I thought I’d hang out on the island for a bit. Imagine my delight at finding a piece of mermaid furniture I don’t have! Now the only piece I’m missing is the mermaid lamp. I did tours by myself for a bit until I saved up 40 medals. I like to do the 2 star difficulty fossil tour. I get 9 medals a time (assuming I get gold rank which I usually do).

mermaid um dresser?


I took my part time shift at Brewsters. He didn’t give me anything new this time. I started a remake of an alarm clock. It’s supposed to turn red. Haven’t picked it up yet. Margie wants a dung beetle, but I almost never find them before they cause my snowballs to commit suicide…


Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 50

Stalk Market

AM: 56 Bells
PM: 118 Bells

This is not the greatest profit by any means. Should I sell? Should I hold out??


Another camper braved the cold and built an igloo in Kasen. I keep hoping to see another hamster (so cute!) but alas today’s visitor was Boone (まんたろう) the gorilla. I didn’t offer him a spot in the village even though Ida is moving out in two days.

camper boone

“How far was it I ran I wonder? About 100 kilometers?”

Public Utilities

Lillian stopped me and told me she wanted something built in the town, a modern bridge. I still have room for one bridge, though I haven’t decided where to put it. I was hoping for something golden gate-esque. I think it’s kind of ugly. It may be awhile before Lillian sees this spanning our little river.

modern bridge

Modern Bridge


It should come as no surprise that I screwed up my snow-kid. I ended up with another snow-mama. Gaaaaahhh! I made the bottom snowball a little too big. Snowman bingo wasn’t kind to me either. I still need one number. Come on 43! Sooooo maybe I’ll just go for snow daddies for a few days until I get a bingo…


I was so excited to see Redd’s tent today. Instead of just picking an item at random I sized up each one before picking the real item. Well, I think it’s real. I’ll know tomorrow when it gets delivered.

King Kamehameha

This is the same one i had last week. It’s fake. The hand is going the wrong way. Palm should be up.

Solemn Painting

This one is a fake I think because the person in the dress is too tall
Las Meninas
by Diego Velázquez

Venus de Milo

This *should* be legitimate. The fake Venus has long hair.

can't remember the name...

This is fake because if you look closely there’s a “bite” out of the big leaf

Home Center

Nothing too exciting in the home center. A desk, a compass, a cone, something that looks like it belongs on a stage as a prop of grass, and a shelf I had.

cone, shelf, grass

compass, desk

I ran into Yuka in the home center. She made sure to clarify something for me:


“The Y in D.I.Y doesn’t stand for young, it’s yourself”

Gardening Store

Over in the gardening center they had a potted tree for sale.
garden center

I bought the flower bags (not that I need them) and Reggie pulled me aside and gave me the silver watering can. Hooray! If my black roses ever wilt and I don’t want gold ones I can bust it out. Now, do I need to buy the trees or the shrubs for the axe? Or does it matter…

silver watering can

“Because you’ve bought a lot of flower seeds…”

At the Café

Resetti was in the café this afternoon. He’s pretty gruff.

Resetti at the cafe

“what do you want? Do you have some business with me?”

I took a shift since I had the time. Nobody except the out of town customer told me what they wanted. Nonetheless I performed admirably (probably pissing Brewster off. He hates it when the customers like my drinks better.)


“My usual please!”


“I’d like to order my usual please!”

making coffee for T-Bone

making coffee for T-Bone (nobody tell him he’s going to be dinner)

Shizue wants her usual too

“I’d like a coffee”

In addition to the usual coffee beans Brewster gave me a used coffee mill. Pretty soon I’m going to be able to set up my own used coffee shop and put him out of business.
coffee mill

The coffee mill

Bad Hair Day

It seemed like a good idea at the time to get my hair done in a pixie cut, dark blue. Instead I just look like a guy. Kokuto swears I look like Terry Gross. Help! Will change tomorrow…

blue pixie

bad blue pixie cut.