Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 24

Stalk Market

AM: 46 Bells
PM: 43 Bells

This is why I don’t play the stalk market… I sold at a loss. Kokuto’s prices were over 100 bells last night, but I thought I would get lucky today. No dice.

Badge Master!

I had another visit from the Badge Master.

He bestowed on me the Good at catching bugs badge. You think? I make my fortune off of beetles.

This signifies the person holding this badge has caught many bugs.

Shopping Avenue

Nook Brothers is closed for remodeling.

That’s a mighty big tent are we getting another floor?

But much to my surprise the hair/makeup salon was open!

Speedy Hair Salon. Is it trying to sound like super cuts or something?

Blathers was feeling contemplative again. (Maybe he just didn’t like my beard.) Since we just added on to the museum I didn’t know what he might want. I’m glad I heard him out.

He always looks like he has a broken wing when he gets moody.

This time he wanted to talk about his friend that he had known for a long time, the Café owner, Brewster (マスター, Master).

Brewster is looking for a spot to open a new shop. Blathers wants him to open it inside the museum, but he thinks a shop in the village would get more customers and so he implores me to add the cafe via public utilities.

Sign me up.

Public Utilities

Last night Margie told me she wanted a brick bridge. I have wandered around looking at spots to put it and I have no idea where it should go. I wonder if I can demolish the initial bridge and put it there since that one has the most traffic and I think a brick bridge would be neat.

Nelson also told me about a funky utility. Maybe I’ll put it in after the café: Revolving Art.

It really does turn somehow

First and foremost, it’s café time!

I wasn’t expecting the café and I was hoping it would have a spot picked out already. But I had to find a spot for it and as you can see it’s not exactly small. My village feels a bit cramped already. The first place I tried to put it east of the Town Hall was too close to the town hall and too close to the river. I ended up putting it north-west of my bench on the main path. It will cut into one tile of the path, but I’m ok with that.

Kasen Village

Any idea where I should put a third bridge?

The gyroid towards the bottom of the map is the café’s location.

Margie came a-visiting

I actually made it to an appointment with a villager today. Margie came to see my house. She followed me into each of the rooms and talked about them when I talked to her in them. As you can see in addition to the 298,000 Bell Café I have a 498,000 bell loan on my bigger balloon room.


My New Leaf game had the blue spot pass symbol blinking next to it, so I stopped at the post office. I downloaded something there, but I forgot to look at it. 😛 It’s a stump stool (I think). Photo to come tomorrow when Nook’s reopens and I can access my catalog again.

Speedy Salon

I made time to get a hair cut. You can also get makeup done, which I believe changes your eye color. But you can only do one thing a day. I’m sick of my boring brown hair, so me and Harriet (カットリーヌ – Katorine? Kathleen? could be either) had a chat about hairstyles.

Welcome to speedy salon

I said I wanted a pretty formal, businesslike hairdo (being the mayor and all), but I needed a little…zazz…so I got it fiery red.

Good thing I’m not claustrophobic

Ta da! I like it. Now I almost match the nickname my townies gave me. They call me Yumi-bonbaa which I think sounds way to much like uni-bomber.

So, I paid off the café. It should open tomorrow. Nook Brothers should reopen tomorrow. I have a lot of bug catching to do tonight. And a big test to take at noon tomorrow. Hopefully I’ll get to post in a timely fashion. またね!

3 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 24

  1. YAY congrats on finally starting construction on the Cafe! I know you’ve been waiting for that.

    That revolving art thing reminds of this big sculpture/art thing that’s down by Wall Street in NYC. Can’t remember if the real thing revolves but it definitely looks exactly like that. I’ll try to get a photo to you for comparison lol!

    As for the third bridge… maybe in front of the campsite? I dunno, it doesn’t really look like you need any more bridges lol!

    Regarding the salon – your hair looks great lol! But isn’t the “makeup” option only going to put your Mii’s face on? I’m curious to see if there’s any other options.

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