Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 26 3/4


I started playing a little early for the meteor shower, so I decided to stop by Club 444. I believe Shrunk is there cleaning and setting up before K.K.’s act each night from 12PM to 7:59PM. I gave him an apple and he performed for me. This time I got the little heart emotion. I wish I could tell you I understood his joke. Maybe by next year I’ll have learned enough to appreciate it… or not.

And because I forgot to take a picture of it, here’s my shrugging emotion.

I found out that you can use the emotions while you’re in the photo booth so I went over and got a new picture taken for my profile card. かわいいね!

Player Card

I wonder if you can get new backgrounds for the booth? I want one. 😛

Moving (on purpose)

Rizzo came up to me and told me he wanted to move. After much soul searching (and asking Gluxbox what she thought) I told him to hit the road. He’ll be leaving on the 8th. I don’t really mind the little mouse, but he’s not one of my favorites and the village could use a little shaking up.

“I think I’ll be moving somewhere soon”

Public Utilities

I went over to think about putting a new utility in (because it *might* get me closer to perfect town) and realized we never celebrated the café’s opening. So we did that straight away.

Somehow I never tire of the party poppers.

I was going to put in the giant rotating art cube, but it was big and expensive so I settled for a clock instead. But I had trouble finding a good spot for it too and it’s not that big (1×2). I thought it would look nice next to the café, but Shizue insisted it was to close to it. And wherever else I chose was always too close to villagers’ houses. I’d put it next to city hall, but they have a clock. So I put it just north of my house at a path junction. It was relatively cheap, 4X,000 so I paid it off. I hope that tomorrow once it’s built Shizue will tell me my town is super awesome instead of telling me a need more “development”. I went back after I had paid off the gyroid, but she still told me the same thing. Maybe I’ll have to find a place for that giant cube, or a bridge after all.

Paying off the new clock

Cuteness Interlude

The light sticks do nothing except glow. Pressing A did nothing. They. Just. Glow. But the pink one is a heart and I can make a heart. Ain’t I cute?


I don’t talk about my interactions with them too much. For the most part it’s the same as previous games. They ask you to deliver something to someone who’s right behind them, occasionally want to play hide-and-seek, or ask you to get a darn string fish for them. Shinobu wanted something very vague today. She said she wanted “a little bit bigger furniture”. I cleaned out most of my furniture in my drawers, and there wasn’t much in Nook’s that was bigger than 1×1, so I bought her a laptop desk. “No, it’s too small” she said. There wasn’t much in the Recycle shop either. But there were two (identical) shelves in there that, when I asked the Alpaca about, she told me Shinobu had put them on display. I figured what the hell, bought one, and gave it to her. Of course she loved it. Silly bird!

While I was in the recycle shop Iris (the unibrow) was in there. It’s not unusual to see townies in there. I usually feel really bad because I go to sell bugs and they see something they want and make a beeline to it, stand in front of it and do the pee-pee dance while I sell my junk. But I’ve never seen them either buy something or interact with the alpacas in there. Today while Iris was doing the pee-pee dance in front of a well that I put up for sale back on day 1 I went and talked to her. Wouldn’t you know it, she conducted the transaction with me and I got money for it. So the moral of the story is: when a villager wants something in the Recycle shop don’t ignore them, talk to them.

“I’ll take this”


At 7PM the meteor shower started.

It makes the little sparkle sound and then zooms across the sky

Not quite a meteor, but I rarely catch pictures of them.

Also not a meteor, but OMG present! It had the balloon floor in it which I already had.

Green Glow stick + Meteor

The glow stick seems brighter as it gets darker


I decided to take a break and go see what was on the island. They had a mermaid sofa. I had no medals, so had to play a “memory” tour (dig up buried items and match them) over and over to get the 40 medals I needed. I persisted though and now my room is one step closer to total mermaid awesomeness.

Ok, it’s more of a mermaid fainting couch, but it’s MINE!

Too bad I can’t lie down.

I also caught a round of bugs, realized I hadn’t sold anything I caught on the island from yesterday and made almost 300k when I went back home. I deposited it into my bank account and have over 900k. I think I’ll find out before long what the post office sends you when you break a million bells. And then I’ll probably spend it all on home improvements…

3 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 26 3/4

  1. Ahhh how did I miss this entry???

    I love the profile photos for your ID card. I really hope you can change the background cuz that bright green is a bit of an eyesore.

    So I guess the Recycle Shop is pretty awesome. They buy your junk, and they also serve as an Auction house? Can your friends come and visit your town and buy your items from the Recycle Shop? And I assume it’s not flea market-style haggling in there right? What happens when you try to sell furniture and stuff to the Nook N Go?

    The meteor shower pics are AWESOME! I like your light sticks too. SO CUTE!!

  2. The Recycle shop is neat. Your friends can buy something from the recycle shop just like any other shop. When you put stuff in there you set the price, so there’s no haggling involved.

    The big thing about the recycle shop is the “remaking” of furniture. I really need to try this out more. I think you can only remake certain pieces of furniture. I was looking on tumblr and saw some neat pictures of people remaking apple clocks and making them sparkly using the ore you get from rocks. I tried that today, but the Alpaca told me I didn’t have anything on me I could remake. I need a guide!

    Also, it’s a good idea to sell at the recycle shop rather than the Nook Brothers. Nook Brothers only gives you 80% of what the recycle shop gives you. That’ll do in a pinch (when the recycle shop is closed), but that 20% you lose adds up quick.

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