Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 27

Stalk Market

AM: 34 Bells
PM: 30 Bells

Come on icky prices go Up!

No visitors

I really shouldn’t say no visitors, because Pete was wandering around. He hasn’t said much to me though.

“Today too I’m delivering the morning mail” That’s about all he’s said. Nothing scandalous about Pelly or Phyllis.


A camper is kind of like a visitor. Yuka (ユーカリ) had pitched a tent. I welcomed her to town, prodded her a little and then asked her to move in. What have I got to lose?

I don’t know when she’ll move in. I’m hoping she just trades spots with Rizzo.

The New Clock

It got placed one square forward of where I wanted it. I’m sure this will drive me nuts. But I’m not tearing it down until I’ve had perfect town for two weeks and gotten my prize (gold watering can?). Not that I have perfect town. I checked. She still told me I needed more utilities.

I looked at my utility options. Someone had told me they wanted “Stadium Lights”. Sure enough there was an eyesore of lights in my utility list. I imagine they’re as bright as the sun at night. But since I’m not planning on hosting any football games I declined to place it.

I chose the rotating art and wandered around trying to place it. I settled on a spot just west of my fishing bridge (slightly northeast from town hall), nestled in a grove of trees. I don’t really like the spot because once I looked I realized it cut across where I was going to put my path (but haven’t yet cause I’m lazy). So either I make a detour path around the objet d’art or demolish it eventually and make a nice straight path.

Unfortunately I had to break into my nest egg to pay for it, so unless I get busy catching bugs tonight I won’t be breaking a million bells in the bank any time soon.


Coffee was yummy as usual, but after I drank it Brewster said something to the effect of “from now on the right side of the counter (I’m assuming by the cash register) I’ll be preparing takeout coffee”. Does that mean I’ll have to deliver it? We’ll find out. He didn’t expound when I pressed him on it.

Brewster talks about the right side of the counter

Gingerbread facade

OMG I want to have a gingerbread house. I doubt if I started a new character they would get a new house, but if I knew they did I would. Is it too soon to pitch the mermaid house for a seasonal candy-like house?

Museum Case

While I’ve been unimpressed with the museum’s lack of wallpaper, today they had a new case. This one comes with stuff in it already and you can’t interact with it in any way, but it still looks neat.

Nook Brothers

I want a Christmas Tree darn it! Alas it was not meant to be. I had to make do with a yellow light stick and a party popper. He had the candle again. I suppose the mushroom room will stay as it is until I can get a few more holiday items.

Island Hopping

Since I had nothing better to do I took the boat to the island. I didn’t expect anything exciting there, but they had the mermaid bed! It seems I’m always frantically doing tours to get 40 medals. My favorites were missing again (they rotate) so I did the gardening tour that I hadn’t seen in a while and the matching one (that I’m really bad at) until I scrounged enough to buy it.

Can you tell I had to plant nothing but red flowers? LOL

Here’s the Mermaid Room from a different angle.

Counting the wallpaper and floor I have 11 mermaid items. I wonder if there are 12 or 13 items since they added wall things? Must google later and see if I can find out…

Emotional Wreck

In the afternoon I paid a visit to Shrunk. I gave him a letter and he told me a joke. It was something about square and round over and over and then it changed to dear eating round? It was a play on words because “shikaku” is square and “shikakuu” is deer and eating. I dunno.

I think he’s about to pull something

And the emotion I got a star falls and hits me on the head. Ouch!

Menu Interlude

Here’s what the bottom screen looks like when you’re in the house. You can use the + pad to change the angle (drastically). I mentioned the giant light switch. There it is. You use the green chat button on the bottom to…chat. The purple face button opens your emotions or “joke book”.

The bottom screen (with the giant lightswitch) when you you're in your house

My Emotions

These are the emotions I have: dissapointment, love, and oh no! My translations-they may not be entirely accurate. You get two pages of emotions (note the big purple arrow on the right).

Melody Card

I got up the nerve to write Lillian a letter on the melody paper. You write on it just like normal paper, but at the bottom it has a play button and you can add a melody. Just like those annoying hallmark cards!

Melody Notepaper

If you know any Japanese you’ll know I used “thanks” a couple times. I was reading on the internet and someone insisted that saying thank you at the beginning of a line made them more likely to send you a present in return. I asked for a pear. I doubt she’ll send me one, but I’ll keep trying!

Adding a melody

The melody creation is just like town tune.

Typing a message

So is writing it.


I wish I could place more than one public utility a day. I want perfect town! Or at least a different message. LOL. Hopefully tomorrow I wake up to a jacob’s ladder.

7 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 27

  1. Ooh Yuka! She’s cute. 🙂

    That gingerbread house looks awesome. I’m a sucker for gingerbread house motif!! I’d buy it. XD

    Thanks for posting some pics of the menu too! Ur new emotion is hilarious lol!

  2. Well since December is Xmas season, why not get seasonal with your house? I’m sure you’ll be able to switch back to the “mermaid” facade later. Oh and i’ve thought aobut your “bridge” delima and thought maybe you can put one between the middle of town? All i know is the one spot that has two villagers placed there?

  3. New chars start the same way as the first, so if you can get 10k bells again can get that house and still keep the mermaid one.

  4. I tried to start a new character, but then I chickened out! The only spot that I could think of to put a house was “too close” to the train tracks. So I shut the game out and waited for Resetti to yell at me when I turned it back on…but he didn’t. I don’t think I’m ready for another character. 😛

  5. By the time I thought, fine I’ll just switch to Gingerbread stuff Nook Housing was closed. Boo! I should probably change my town to night owl instead of beautiful town…Stupid Nook Mart closes at 8PM. It’s horrible.

  6. Another great post! Thank you so much for keeping us updated on the game’s progress. 🙂 Shame you don’t have a Christmas Tree yet! 🙁

    I love that you can turn the camera around so much!

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