Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 29

Stalk Market

AM: 17 Bells
PM: 101 Bells

The price went up, but I’m wondering if I could make a bundle by waiting. Should I be safe and sell? Hmmmmmm.

Nothing Exciting Last Night

I didn’t get anybody on streetpass last night. Boo! I look forward to that. I just got Kokuto again. I looked around his house. It’s kind of a jumble, but Saharrah gave him the (boring) music room wall and floor. She never gives me anything that matches.

In the plaza, Kokuto had an ice cream cone. He gave it to me and I managed to not eat it! Yay!

Still Perfect

I didn’t find another Jacob’s Ladder today, so I checked in with Shizue. She claims the town is still like paradise. 13 days to go…

Somebody lost something

It always turns out to be Hakase (zombie pig) who loses things. He’s such a butterfingers.

“I picked up something somebody dropped!”


I picked someone else too sooooooooon (that’s a wail btw). Today’s camper was the most adorable little hamster named Yukimi (ゆきみ). No matter how many times I talked to her, she didn’t offer to move. I take it back! I don’t want the koala.

“You’re the village’s person?” – She’s adorable. (T_T)

She has an Xmas sweater and everything. I think I could pick her up and run away with her…

The stupid koala

Yuukari has staked out a spot behind the town hall. I probably can’t persuade Yukimi to move because this move is in progress. Yuukari will make villager #9 so assuming they can find a spot I still have room for one more.

Yup, it’s going up *right* behind town hall.

Mail Call

Gulliver did not send me a replica Niagara falls, or a moose, or a bottle of maple syrup. He sent me a dream catcher. Are those very Canadian? I thought that was more “Native American”.


Katrina is in town today. I’ll be damned if I know what her fortunes do for me. This one had something to do with two fighting villagers and a disputed item, so I don’t think it was a good fortune, but I’m not cursed. I ran around after to see. 😛

“bunan bottoms” last time was “border tights”. What am I not getting about the clothes references?

Clothes Shopping

I bought a santa jacket and a pink hero dress and a funky leaf (that makes me feel like Huck Finn). I just needs some santa pants now—btw no Christmas tree, though I did purchase a Christmas chair that I was promptly forced to trade to Lillian.

This is a horrible shot of the Santa jacket. I’ll wear it sometime. Preferably when I’ve got some matching pants.

My “unique” – her words- leaf.

do do doooo – Pink Hero! (I got the hero shoes too. They all make the noise when you put them on)


Today I gave Shrunk a durian fruit. He gave me shyness (or bashful?). I didn’t actually look at what it was called. LOL.

might be better without a helmet…

Thoughts on Grass

I can’t find concrete evidence thus far that running removes your grass. Neither do my flowers seem to be “repairing” it like they used to in City Folk. I have gaping bald areas that annoy me to no end. They don’t seem to be getting any better having had flowers placed there for at least two weeks. These aren’t areas that I walk/run on regularly, just random spots like the cliff east of Nelson’s house where I only walk to water flowers.

9 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 29

  1. I love that mannequin in Kokuto’s house! Did you pick up one of those yet? I want to make a room of creepy mannequins!!!

    Sorry about the cute Hamster situation. 🙁

    I guess Native Americans are from Canada too, soo….. acceptable?

    LOVE the “unique leaf” and all the cute shoes! I like the sandals you were wearing initially as well. But you can’t pass up wearing a full Pink Hero costume!!

    So the Dr. Shrunk emotions work the same way as the patterns did with Wendell… every food item gets you a different option? I hope there’s a comprehensive list of all this by the time the game comes out in the US!

  2. Something really odd happened to me today. I bought that new Denpa Man game, it just came out here in Europe.

    One of the Denpa men I caught is called Kasen, that’s the name of your town isn’t it?

  3. @Gluxbox I have no idea where Kokuto got the mannequin. I don’t think it shows up as something I can order in his house either. I’ll have to see if he remembers where he got it. I want one.

    I’m not sure about how Shrunk works if it’s random or if it works like Wendell. I suppose I should go see if I can find info on the wikis. And maybe head over to and see if there’s a guide out yet. 😛

    @Sean Kasen is the name of my village. It also means a lot of other things. If you look it up in the dictionary it can mean anything from great poet, to rivers, to what I chose it for: fire arrow.

  4. For reference to Gulliver’s gift of the dream Catcher, the correct term is First Nations of Canada. We have several bands of aboriginals in Canada. Just thought you might want to know that for the future.

    As for the bashful look, looks really cute when wearing the superhero outfit! And for your grass, i don’t know if you have heard but a few of my friends in ACC (animal crossing community) have said that if you upgrade the store to the final stage, there should be something called Fertalizer? Not sure what it does yet though?

    By the way, you don’t have snow on the ground yet in your game, do you have it set date wise differently? Wonder if anyone has snow yet?

  5. @Jennifer Is that not really ambiguous and confusing though? People could interpret the name of your town in more than one way….

  6. @Sean It is really ambiguous and confusing. Japanese is a vague language with many homonyms. Usually you can tell what is meant by context, but since there isn’t any people could think my village name means any of the different definitions.

  7. @Tammy I didn’t know that about Canada. Thanks for telling me.

    Fertilizer huh? I’m excited about that. I think it will be a while before my Nook Brothers upgrades to the final stage though.

    My date isn’t set differently. I don’t have snow on the ground and neither does Kokuto. I haven’t had an announcement on the bulletin board about a big snowstorm yet either. I wonder when the snow will stick.

  8. Hey,
    I love your blog a lot and if you don’t know it yet, there will be fertilizer 🙂
    It seems you can buy it from the gardening shop after it upgrades.
    Btw, you should start to buy the little tress from the gardening shop too, because you get the golden axe after buying them every day for 50 days 😛
    heard that from a youtuber who makes lets plays from this game and translates it to english 🙂

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