Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 30

Stalk Market

AM: 92 Bells
PM: 152 Bells

I didn’t sell yesterday, so I’m hoping the prices rebound.


I did a little river fishing yesterday and saw a giant shadow. It turned out to be a stringfish. Blathers was very happy when I donated it.

Snowy Day

I haven’t changed my date. I don’t time travel. It’s December 7 in game and there’s still no snow on the ground, but today I walked out to a snowy Friday. I didn’t water my flowers since it was snowing. I’m assuming the snow will “water” them. We’ll see if I have any withered flowers tomorrow.

I ran into Nelson who is finally out and about after recovering from his cold. To thank me for bringing him bitter, horrible medicine he gave me a totem pole.


Yuukari moved in today. She is cute, just not hamster cute. She actually talked to me a little bit rather than just telling me she was unpacking and to come back tomorrow. She mentioned the camp and how I asked her to move to town. (Don’t remind me!)

Outside Yuukari’s house

Yuukari acting cute and saying how glad she was I talked to her when she camped.


I visited Lillian and she started talking about Saharrah and her coordinates, which let me know Saharrah was in town so I ran around till I found her. I told her I’d pay the 3,000 bells for her to redesign my house and she followed me over.

I had to wait outside while she did my house. She came out after banging around and told me she was done.

Saharrah’s coordinates

I thought the floor might have been something new, but it was the bathhouse floor. I don’t think it really goes with the basement wall, but maybe I just don’t understand the camel’s aesthetic.

Perfect Town?

I asked Shizue again this morning how the town was. She told me something different so I was a little worried (especially since I don’t really understand what it means.)

She says it’s a lovely village, but I don’t know what ナデナデ (nadenade) means. It’s not in my dictionary.

But then she yelled:

“Viva! Kasen!”

Then she gave me the usual paradise statement, so I’m pretty sure we’re still in the running for perfect town.

Christmas Tree!

Finally! Nook Brothers had a little Christmas tree—and a fortune cookie! The bed behind me is a “Mixed Wood” bed. It’s a new series.

The fortune cookie was #42. And from it I received the Samus Leggings. You know what that means? I have a full Metroid Suit set!

My design

I’m not much of a pattern designer. I don’t do it much, or well, but I decided to make a pro design so I could try out the QR code scanner.

Mine is the pink number second from the right. I called it “school marm”

I talked to Sable after making my pattern (I haven’t talked to her in a long time) and to my surprise she gave me something—a mannequin. So that’s where you get them!

Receiving my mannequin from Sable

Receiving my mannequin from Sable

Then I used the machine. I told her I wanted to make a QR code from my design. It immediately saved the images to the SD card. Here is the QR code for my ugly “school marm” shirt. 🙂

School Marm 1 (front)

School Marm 2 (back)

School Marm 3 (left sleeve)

School Marm 4 (right sleeve)

Then I went home and set up my mannequin.

Naked Mannequin

I put the hero outfit on the mannequin and decided to wear a different hero outfit.

Samus Outfit

Recycle shop

I’m remaking another item using fabric. It’s not done yet, so you’ll have to wait till tomorrow to see what happens with this scandinavian chest.

scandinavian chest

2 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 30

  1. I am thinking your turnip prices might be a small spike this week…it might drop back to low this afternoon…but i’m hoping it won’t. I hope you get a higher number than 101 to make a profit. As for the snowstorm bulliten hopefully that’ll happen in the next few days or its gonna be strange for xmas day. Wonder if Jingle will be in town or what will be the events you’ll have to do for that?

  2. Congrats on the new fish and continued perfect town! How many days has it been now? Maybe her outburst was because it was even MORE PERFECTER than before? 😛

    Oh yeah and congrats on finally getting a Christmas tree lol! I think the mannequin is really cool. Please tell me you can order multiple ones from the catalog???

    The Samus costume looks great. 😀

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