Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 32

Stalk Market: Closed

Joan was trying to pawn off her turnips for 110 bells apiece this week. I declined to buy. Unless there’s a major spike I wouldn’t gain much off of them. Since I didn’t buy that probably means there will be a big spike…

K.K. Live

Lest you think I forgot (and I almost did!) I visited K.K. Slider last night to listen to his live show. This time he asked me if I had any requests, or if I wanted to tell him to pick a song based on my mood. I told him anything was good and he broke into K.K. Roma.

I find this album cover slightly less offensive than last week’s.

K.K. Roma Album Art

K.K. Roma Album Art

Letter from Nintendo

Pete was waiting outside my door this morning. I never expect him. He had a special delivery letter from Nintendo. Inside was a Yule Log. Nintendo sure likes to send me food.

Letter from Nintendo

Which brings us to another round of Jennifer’s awkward translation attempts. 頑張りましょう!

To Yumi:

The big event of the year’s end is approaching
and everyone in the village is getting nervous
about what presents Santa will bring.
Please accept this and have a wonderful

From: Red-Nosed Staff

I took liberties with that translation. It’s either that or you get total Engrish.

I learned something! The Japanese word for Yule Log is taken from the French “bûche de Noël”. Not that I’m really sure what a Yule log is having never had one…It’s got to be better than a fruit cake though, right?

Yule Log 1

Yule Log 2

Storm’s a-coming!

I think tomorrow Kasen village will be blanketed in snow. The bulletin board had a “big snow” warning on it this morning. So winter is finally here! At least the snow might cover the bald spots on the ground and maybe I can test my very rusty snowman making skills! Where did I put those snow boots mom sent me?

Black Rose

I got my first black rose today. It doesn’t look quite as black as the ones in City Folk, more of a very deep magenta.
Black Rose

Last night I spent a lot of time on the island catching bugs, but I didn’t get quite enough to cover the remodel of the town hall. I’m hoping to finish paying for that tonight and hopefully have a new town hall in the morning.

Still no Santa pants. I bought a Christmas TV in Nook Brothers’ today. I’m slowly working on my Christmas collection.

I have been chatting with all my residents and while they sometimes mention Christmas I haven’t caught wind of specific items that they want. More often than not they just tell me how beautiful the village is. I’m wondering if I have to be wearing the santa outfit before they’ll tell me what they want? Poor Lillian told me she was lonely today so I went and hung out with her. Bad mayor! No lonely Lillian!

Nothing mermaid wise or exciting on the island. Oh! I think I accidentally sold my marine suit 🙁 and I’m waiting desperately for another one to appear for sale on the island. I want to hunt scallops!

This post feels really short, but there’s not a whole lot going on. Tomorrow I’ll have snowy pics galore.

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  1. LOL I wanna hear your Engrish versions sometimes! Heheheh xP

    Doesn’t the Yule Log look kinda like those Ho-Ho’s snack cake things? Mmm… I’ve never had one either tho so I dunno.

    Good luck on getting everything on your town’s wishlist, Santa! 😀

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