Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 33

Stalk Market

AM: 122 Bells
PM: 146 Bells

Yup. Already regretting not buying. That’s usually the way it works.

Let it Snow

Today is the big snow storm. I thought that meant I would wake up to a white wonderland, but I just woke up to a blizzard. The snow hasn’t stuck yet. Soooooo tomorrow? It’s certainly a dark dreary day though.

Snow Storm

Snow Crystals…

Last night the snow began. I was wandering around minding my own business when I saw a perfect little snow flake. Ok, it was not little compared to the normal snow…dots. I didn’t even think at the time to pull out my net. I just followed it around and wondered if it would land.

Snow Crystal

I forgot about it until I saw another one today. I had seen pictures of an icicle set and I thought “OMG maybe that’s how you get the icicle set!” So I whipped out my net and chased after the snow crystal.

I caught a snowflake!

I caught a snowflake! (It translates as snow crystal. I don’t know if that’s what Japanese people call snowflakes or if there’s a difference?)

I was hoping it would tell me that it wasn’t really a snowflake that it was really a piece of furniture. Alas in my inventory it was just a snowflake. I did a little researching and I think the snowflake is used in a game with the snowmen…but I can’t make snowmen yet. So I have an inventory full of snowflakes. I can’t really do anything with them ATM…I might try and save them until tomorrow and hope I can build a snowman.

Remodeled Town Hall

I paid off the town hall remodel fee last night and this morning we have a new building. Too bad it’s such an ominous looking day.

New Town Hall


I’ve never hit a rock and gotten ores to pop out, but that’s what happened today. It was just like the money rock, but ores shot out. Sadly I dug a hole and didn’t get as many as I could have.

Ore Rock

Blizzard Camper

I don’t think I’d pitch a tent in this weather but Alli apparently didn’t hear the weather report. I didn’t invite her to stay. I’m holding out for a hamster or a deer next.

Camper Alli

Blizzard Visitor Too

Saharrah braved the weather to share her interior design skills. I paid 3,000 to let her work her…magic. Then she shoved me out of my house and I waited hoping she wouldn’t break anything.

waiting outside for Saharrah

“What are you doing in there? You better not be eating my Yule log!”

The results weren’t horrible. The carpet sort of almost matches but I think the wallpaper has a bit of an eccentric feel, like I should have a grand piano and some expensive candlesticks in the place. And all I’ve got is that Christmas Piano. It’s not quite the right vibe.

Saharrah's Design

Santa Requests

Finally! Someone didn’t gush about Kasen’s beauty, or the terrible weather. Yuka mentioned Christmas and my ears perked up. She said she wanted “clothes” from Santa for Christmas. It’s a little vague, but I’ll take it. Now if only the rest of the town would tell me what they want…

Yuka wants clothes for Christmas

Yuka wants clothes for Christmas

Shrunk’s Comedy act

I gave shrunk a mango today and he just got me confused.

giving Shrunk a mango

This is how I feel after listening to most of Shrunk’s jokes

Various Winter Diversions

I had to stay warm, so I got some coffee and went to the island (after a few attempts at catching bees without success). You’d think bees would be slower in the cold. I finally got another marine suit and accidentally bought the cabana rug thinking it was the southern island rug. Can’t hurt to have it.

I think she’s trying to tell herself she’s not cold…

I had to stop in for some hot coffee today.
“fragrant and the taste pervades my body” or something…

One of the rooms from the scavenger hunt tour on the island. I want whatever is behind me!

Playroom! I want! (also on the island for the scavenger hunt tour)

A room from the scavenger hunt tour with “dirty” furniture. LOL

balloon in a blizzard

Sooooo I’m hoping tomorrow there will be snow on the ground. I want to make a snowman and see what snowman bingo is all about! Until then I’m gonna snuggle up with my electric blanket.

4 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 33

  1. Congrats on the Town Hall! It looks fab. 😀

    Haha I bet you’ll get a lot of use out of that confused emotion! What the heck IS that big glowing egg shaped thing, btw?

    Hope you get snow soon!

  2. I was kind of pressed for time on the tour so I didn’t pick it up to see what it was or interact with it (the globe thing). I’ll keep an eye out for it on the tour or in Nook’s shop and if necessary take one for the team and lose my tour so I can see what, if anything, it does.

  3. This is a great post! I love the whole snowflake thing… how delightful! And your Christmassy room is a great ensemble. 🙂

    OMG Playroom!

    Gosh, I really cannot wait to get this game!

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