Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 34

Stalk Market

AM: 103 Bells
PM: 130 Bells

Snow is Here!

My short-sleeved shirt is making me feel a bit cold, but I’m too excited looking at the snow-covered town to really care.

Snow-covered house

snowy clock

snowy town hall

Snow in the shopping avenue

Snow on the shank

Lonely Cold Bench

snowy bridge

snowy inaugural tree

My first snow…person

I spotted the first snowball south of my house. I rolled it around a little bit and then set off in search of the other one.


The second snowball was way over in the top left corner of town. I rolled it carefully back. It got very small very quickly rolling across R. Parkers stone walkway, but I managed to plump it up again and not spill it in a pond. I did almost pitch it off of the cliff when I got it over by my house.


I didn’t measure my snowballs. I just plopped the littler one on top of the big one and was greeted by:



She told me my balance was perfect.

After gushing about my expert craftsmanship (beginner’s luck) she asked me to bring her 3 snowflakes. Luckily I saved a bunch of them from yesterday.

bring 3 snowflakes

“Bring 3 snowflakes and I’ll trade you for something good”

I gave her three snowflakes and she said that thanks to me her heart was being filled. Then she gave me an Ice Wall for my efforts.
Ice Wall

I had four more snowflakes on me so I thought I would try to give her three more. She accepted them and gave me an Ice Floor.

Ice Floor

I was sad that I only had one more snowflake on me and it wasn’t snowing. I didn’t think I could get any more…And then I found one floating by itself.

lone snowflake

Then I saw another one on the other side of the beach…

beach snowflake

And traded my three snowflakes for an Ice Chest…not that kind.

Ice Chest

Still Perfect

I spotted another jacob’s ladder. Why do they appear right by cliffs? I brought it over to the other one.

Jacob's Ladder #2

Orange + Orange = ???

I had another color conundrum with flowers today. I got a black cosmos next to two orange cosmos. I thought only red + red = black. *insert confused emotion here* Did they get loosey goosey with the hybrid colors in New Leaf?

Black Cosmos with Orange Parents

Christmas Wish List

I’ve still been trying to chat with everyone and find out what they want for Christmas. Today Lillian spilled about what she wants from Santa, but before that she wanted to sing together. She’s so cute!

Lillian sings

“When I sleep a little more it’ll be C-H-R-I-S-T-M-A-S”

Then she said she was going to ask Santa for “consumer electronics” (according to the dictionary). LOL. Two present requests heard, six to go.

Lillian wants consumer electronics from santa

Lillian is going to ask Santa for “consumer electronics”. Maybe she wants an ipod?


I tried to get Hakase (zombie pig) to tell me what he wanted for Christmas, but he was only interested in playing hide-and-seek.

Lillian "hiding"

Lillian “hid” behind Yuka’s house.

I caught Hakase behind Shinobu’s house. Finally I found Yuka. Village hide-and-seek is much easier than a hide-and-seek tour on the island.

They gave me jomn pottery

They gave me Jomon Pottery for winning

Part-Time Job

I got my coffee to go from Brewster today. After I got it I decided to try and talk to him again. He usually just thanks me and goes back to cleaning up behind the bar, but today he asked me what I wanted. I told him I wanted a part time job. And he said to come back tomorrow. Sooooo maybe I’ll have part time work starting tomorrow. 🙂

part time job

“About that part time job, start tomorrow please.”

I then enjoyed my coffee on a snow-covered bench. brrrrrr.

sip ahh sip ahhh


and gulped it down…

My Favorite Villager

In City Folk I had kind of a homely looking rabbit named Carmen. She was constantly trying to win beauty pageants and she started calling me her BFF. Despite her buck teeth, Carmen grew on me. She was my favorite villager and City Folk was never the same once she decided to move.

Carmen Recovered from H1N1

Carmen from my City Folk Town: DoomDoom

I haven’t gotten Carmen in New Leaf, but I have Lillian. And as you may have gathered from my constant gushing and ♥, she’s my favorite resident. It may be that I like her because she’s another bunny. She and Carmen have that in common. And I think that may be part of why I really like her. But there can’t ever be another Carmen.

As you know, I’m learning Japanese. As you may also have gleaned, I like to pick up Japanese Video game magazines (purely to further my studies :P). Unlike American video game magazines, JP magazines have comics in them. Famitsu DS + Wii has an Animal Crossing comic in it: “News From Dragonfly Village” that is adorable and one of its main characters is none other than Lillian. In the comic she’s always trying to help the main character solve mysteries and she’s always wrong in her reasoning. I’m kind of sad she hasn’t started that role in my village.

She has the cutest little animal-speaking voice. I made her say “bye bye” as her catchphrase, so she always sounds like either she’s threatening to move or she’s trying to get rid of me. LOL.


4 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 34

  1. Nice hybrid flowers. Been arranging my flowers like I did back in WW, but not a lot has come from it. Any thoughts on how I should arrange them this time?

    Also, would you mind adding me? I would love to see your town and you can come visit mine as well. 🙂

    Zen – 0602-6348-8733

  2. Hi Zen,

    I’m not very creative with my flower arranging. I usually just put them around villagers houses and line paths with them. I try and put them together so they spawn hybrids. They seem to grow like weeds for me. I think part of it is that the villagers plant them now, but it might also be because I have my village set to きれい.

    I added you to my 3DS
    My friend code is: 5155-3157-1276

  3. YAY the snow finally came! It looks so pretty. Congrats! The ice series is so cute, and so is the snowmama! I wonder what they consider consumer electronics… a boombox?

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