Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 35

Stalk Market

AM: I have no idea. 😛 I didn’t turn the game on till after noon
PM: 70 Bells

Today’s playtime was kinda rushed due to all day cramming for my Japanese final, but I’ll give you the highlights. Last night I caught my first bee instead of getting my eye gouged out by it. I’m quite proud of myself. I hope never to have to shake another tree.

I caught a bee

I also walked around all night catching snowflake after snowflake until I completed the entire ice series. It’s hanging out in an extra exhibit room in the museum till I buy the back room in my house and can display it properly.

Ice Set 1

ice set 3

ice set 2

Snowmama Returns

Snowmama was melting this morning. I was hoping to craft snow daddy or something else, but apparently my expert hands only roll snowmamas.

snowmama day 2

she’s meeeelltiiiiiing

today's snowballs prejoining

today’s snowballs prejoining

snowmama again

I think I need to research proper sizes for various snowpeople…

Christmas Wish List

Iris spilled about what she wants from Jingle/Santa: “consumer electronics”. So far we’ve got two iPods, one ugly sweater. Check.

iris wants consumer electronics

Iris wants consumer electronics

Joke Time

I gave Shrunk a regular peach. He taught me some weird Saturday Night Fever dance move. I spin around and then awesome stars radiate around me. I feel like the shizzle when I do it. I so need a disco shirt and an afro now.

Shrunk doing the disco move (I do it better)

Shrunk doing the disco move (I do it better)

staying alive

staying alive staying alive ah ah ah ahstaying aliiiiiiiive

Wardrobe Malfunction

A g-rated one anyway. Kokuto san got Santa pants, I still haven’t. I had him order them for me but in the meantime I’ve just decided to go with whatever hideous fashion statement this is:

wardrobe malfunction

Part-time Job

my brief instruction in coffee making

my brief instruction in coffee making: “Make the customers their favorite drink”

I started my part time job today. I thought I would be delivering the coffee. Nope. I’m slinging it! Fulfilling my desire to be a barista. Does this count? Can I cross it off my bucket list? I think so.

In walked Nelson. He said “Oh you’re making the coffee? Ok. I’d like a blend (of beans)”. So I set about making his drink as Brewster did…nothing to help. I was prompted “what kind of beans would you like to use?” He said blend so I picked that. Seemed easy. Then it asked about how much milk to add…but he never mentioned milk. And finally I had to choose how much sugar to add. He never mentioned that either. I had to wing the last two. And I don’t think he was altogether pleased with my creation. He said it was “very different from what he imagined.”

bean selection was ok

But, the coffee bean selection was ok. He’ll come again.

And more people came in. Next was Ida (poison frog). The only clue from her was not to add milk. She didn’t say anything about the beans or how much sugar. She didn’t like the beans I picked (I think I used Blue Mountain for her. There are four choices of beans: blend, mocha, kilimanjaro, blue mountain) but she said it was good and she’d come again.

oh it's ready! It's ready!

“oh it’s ready! It’s ready!”
(literally came! came!)

The same thing happened with Derry the monkey. He wanted a lot of milk in his coffee but that was all I had to go on. I gave him blue mountain beans. I think I didn’t put any sugar in since he didn’t mention it. I apparently only got the milk right for him. Everything else was a little off. I felt like a coffee slinging menace and Brewster was not helping me out at all. My last customer of the day was Pelly! I was surprised to see her.

coffee please!

coffee please!

She wanted a blend and didn’t mention anything else. She wasn’t impressed either. She was too polite to tell me that she was going to pour it in the shrubbery outside, but that was the vibe I got from her crestfallen face.



After Pelly left Brewster told me the rush had died down and I could go. He said I made most of the customers happy (sure didn’t feel that way). He gave me a bag of “good coffee beans” for my trouble. I don’t know what to do with them yet since I don’t have a coffee maker…

will work for beans

“will work for beans”


aurora borealis


aro—manhole open!!!

aro—manhole open!!!


It’s a little scary down there. You jump down the hole and there’s a long tunnel.

Resetti Tunnel

I kind of felt like the whole Resetti experience was a long lecture and I totally wanted some hand sanitizer afterwards. All I got out of the rant was that I wasn’t supposed to be there. It was a dispatch center and he was defending his big comfy chairs and his TV on in the corner. There was a lot of scowling involved. And as far as I can tell I got nothing out of it. I’m hoping he sends me a present to shut me up.

"How did you get in?"

“How did you get in?”

no peeking

ranting resetti

delicate balance between work and relaxation. He’s been doing (whatever he does) for 30 years. Yada yada *makes self look big*

Tv in the corner


And that dear readers was my brief day in Kasen village. Tests are now over. Class is done for three weeks. I should have more timely posts (except when Christmas gets near as there will be travel and family). Is there anything you’d like me to talk about? I’m enjoying scavenger hunting on Japanese blogs to try and figure things out. It’s good practice.


7 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 35

  1. Hello. Hello. I am a follower of your blog.
    Could you clarify a doubt Resetting center? How do you get out in the public works of the game? Does it come out by default? I read somewhere that you have to close the game without saving to be available, but do not know if it’s true.
    Thanks and keep it up.

  2. What on EARTH are you wearing? Is that a Kintaro wig? You can buy those in the store now??

    Awesome that you finally got into the Resetti manhole! Why am I not surprised that he STILL hasn’t finished that pizza? It must be growing mold. I wonder why his thinner brother was not present? Nice shot of you on the toilet btw LOL!!!

    The Aurora looks even COOLER in this game! Was there any 3D effect to it as well? Congrats on getting that whole ice series – that didn’t take long! Love the new dance move too.

    I’m sure every barista has a tough time on their first day of work. The language barrier probably doesn’t help either. Over time you’ll be like every other barista, memorizing frequent customer’s particular requests. You’ll be a pro in no time! 🙂

  3. Have you by any chance seen LinandKo on Youtube? They make Animal Crossing Videos and cover quite alot of questions I have seen yourself ask.

  4. @Luke One of my friends introduced me to their videos on youtube. I only watched the Nintendo Direct translation by them. I probably should look at more of their videos, but I kind of enjoy not knowing everything. 🙂

  5. I really want the Aurora so I can invite my friends over and we can dance and have parties! By the way, where did you get the wig? you know, the one with the little ponytail hanging from the top of you’re head?

  6. @gracie,acnl big fan! The aurora is very pretty. I am excited to see it again. The wig I believe is a Japanese region exclusive item. It’s a regular catalog item, just not in other region games.

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