Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 36

stalk market

AM: 66 Bells
PM: 133 Bells

Jacob’s Ladder

I’m impatiently waiting for two weeks to pass on for my perfect town status. Today is day 8. I found another Jacob’s Ladder by the cliff and brought it over to the other two.

Jacob's Ladder #3


I decided I needed advice on snowperson making so I turned to the internet. I wanted to try my hand at making the snow…man. I wonder how they’ll translate that. The snow Daddy? The big snowman with the numbered eyes is what I’m getting at. I looked at the picture and tried to roll my snowballs similarly, the first one going about to my ear, the second one a bit smaller. I forgot to take a picture before I joined them, but if you click on the above link you’ll see the appropriate dimensions.

I was pleasantly surprised when the giant snowman appeared and said “splendid!” and started complimenting my crafting of his heavyweight body and tightly-packed head. Then he gave me a bingo card.

Bingo Card

It was a little disconcerting when his eyes started rolling around in his head…

slot card bingo start!

slot card bingo start!

rolling eyes

brings a whole new meaning to rolling your eyes

His eyes stopped on 48 which I had on my card. Apparently I can get a number a day. I don’t know if he’ll do it each day till he melts or if I’ll have to make a new snow daddy each day to get another number.

snow daddy #48

You get ski/snow related items from bingo. You get the snowman set from the regular snowman I believe. Maybe I’ll try to make the regular snowman tomorrow.

Christmas Wish Lists

I’m halfway there with Christmas snooping. Margie told me she wants clothes. So that’s 2 clothes, two electronics. Hopefully I’ll rock the Christmas delivery thing.

Margie wants clothes

Margie wants clothes from Santa

Museum Shop

I’m a little miffed that I haven’t seen Redd in a while. I got this display case from the museum shop today. It looks like it holds paintings. But I don’t know if it just holds the generic thing that it comes with or if you can put your own in it. I don’t have any extra paintings lying around so I can’t check.

Art Display Case

Fortune Cookie

Nook Brothers had a fortune cookie in stock. It was #26 and contained a green pipe complete with unwelcome guest. Someone remind me to update my fortune cookie page later.

#26 Green Pipe


From fortune cookies to fortunes. I saw Katrina’s tent today and decided to squander 500 bells on a fortune.
Katrina's Tent

This fortune seemed like a weather report. She told me Kasen village had clear skies and she could see uncountable stars in the night sky. From that she deduced that I would have very good luck with items. She shouted “casket” and the reading was open. FYI shouting casket does not inspire confidence in good luck.


I saw a picture of a remade piggy bank so I decided to bring mine in for Kaizo to trick out. I followed his recommendation and gave him an emerald to jazz it up. I haven’t picked it up yet so you’ll just have to wait till tomorrow to see how it turns out.
piggy bank remake

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  1. In the end you say: I gave him an emerald…
    So, does this mean you need crystals for changing your furniture? Because I still have no idea what they are actually needed for 😛

  2. Snowman bingo looks cool! I can’t wait to try it out! Good luck on your perfect town… you’re past the half way point! 😀

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