Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 37

Stalk Market

AM: 87 Bells
PM: 79 Bells

Piggy Bank Remake

Yes, you can use ore (emeralds, sapphires, etc.) to remake pieces of furniture. You can’t use them on all pieces of furniture and I don’t know which ones are eligible for ores or why, but I knew you could use them on the piggy bank because I’d seen pictures. If I get a guide or find out more I’ll clarify.

Piggy Bank Remade with Emerald

Here is the piggy bank after the remodel using an emerald.

emerald piggy bank in home

And here’s the piggy bank in my house. It “sparkles” as you move it around and you can still see the underlying pink color.

Birthday Invite

I had one mail this morning from Shinobu. It was an invite for her birthday! I didn’t even know it was coming up. Shows how much I pay attention.

Shinobu's birthday invite

To Yumi:

I’m holding a party for my birthday.
Would you like to come?
When: December 21
Where: My house
What to Bring: Present

from Shinobu

I wonder what a birthday party will entail? What should I bring her? Maybe something from the Asian Set since she seems to like that…

No Moving

Margie ran up to me this morning and told me she was thinking of moving on the 19th. I told her not to go. It’s too close to Christmas and I already no what she wants. I don’t want to have to re-snoop a present out of a new villager.

Margie wants to move on the 19th

Margie wants to move on the 19th

Snow Daddy Day 2

When I walked up to the Snow Daddy today his eyes had reset to 0. He immediately started the slot machine going (creepy!) and they landed on 43. I didn’t have that on my card. I think it will be a while before I get any bingos.

not a bingo #43

I managed to make another Snow Daddy (I’m open to suggestions for alternate names) and this time I got a number I had! 36. Now I just need three more numbers to make a bingo.

snow daddy 36


I gave Shrunk a peach today. From what I can tell I think he got a letter from someone saying they loved him and then got creeped out because he didn’t know who it was?

shrunk in love

I said “I love you too”

shrunk gets creeped out

Who on earth sent that?



Who’s this we have washed up on shore? Where’s Redd? Not that I dislike Gulliver’s crash landing, It’s just that the art wing in my museum is feeling very empty.

gulliver washed up again

clue #1

In this country there are vast plains and a lot of animals.

clue #2

giraffes, elephants, lions, and somehow I’ll be going too

  • Brazil
  • Mongolia
  • Australia
  • Kenya

I picked Kenya. Kokuto had this quiz the other day. My prize is neat looking. I can’t wait to share. 🙂

Home Improvements

I paid off my home loan using a bunch of bugs I caught last night on the island. And immediately told Nook I needed a back room. I’d like to move my ice series out of the museum and into my home where it can actually score me points with the HHA. Now I have yet another 348,000 bell loan. This will make the final addition to my house. Everything else is just an expansion.

gimme another 348000 loan

Barista Yumi

I tried my hand at making coffee again and I did a bit better. The first customer was Hakase (zombie pig). He told me he wanted “blue mountain” beans. I winged the rest of it with 1 milk and 1 sugar. He said it was perfect and I glowed.

Hakase loved my concoction

Hakase loved my concoction

The next two I didn’t do quite as well on. Ida (poison frog) came next. She said she wanted “Kilimanjaro” beans. I knew from the other day that she didn’t like milk. I can’t remember what I put for sugar. She said it was getting better but the sugar was off.

sugar is off

Nelson didn’t give me any extra hints. He said he wanted a blend (again) and that was it. I fidded with the rest of them. I think I added a bunch of sugar and milk and while he didn’t gag, he didn’t like it.

nelson different

That was very different than I thought it would be

The last customer of my shift was Shank. The only thing he told me was not to add milk. Nevertheless I rocked his drink. I used mocha beans, didn’t add milk, and added one sugar.

coffee's great

He said it was great

For payment Brewster gave me another bag of beans—this time they were *very* good beans. I wonder what I get if I get everybody’s order right?

3 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 37

  1. I think (not sure) that each of the characters has their own wikipedia page. And on there it says what kind of coffee they like.

  2. I’m sure there’s probably a wiki somewhere that says who likes what coffee. I’m ok with being surprised and making mistakes. 😉 I am kind of curious what rewards you can get though.

  3. Well done with your Gulliver geography quiz and improving your barista skills! That’s so cute that you got a birthday party invitation! I’m excited to see what the party is like.

    So wait… Redd doesn’t show up on a weekly schedule anymore?

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