Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 38

Stalk Market

AM: 126 Bells
PM: 127 Bells

I wouldn’t have known when to sell this week. It was a roller coaster.

Christmas Lights!

The elves must have been busy in the night because I didn’t put the Christmas lights up. Some of my pines have lights. It’s beginning to feel like Christmas in Kasen. I need to make myself a shirt with a scarf on it.

Christmas Lights

Snow Persons

Now that I have to be politically correct, or at least descriptive regarding the snow people I’m having a hard time describing them. My first melty snow daddy gave me a 20. I didn’t have a 20 on my card. Bummer. The second one was: lucky 13. I had that.

snow daddy #13

I figure I’ll keep trying to make snow daddies until I’ve at least gotten a bingo. So here are today’s snowballs pre-joining. I was a little worried about the size, but I got what I wanted when I stuck them together.

snow balls


“You’ve got 32. Punch a hole in the card”

I need to show you my card. I still need at least 2 numbers before I get a bingo.

Christmas Wish List

I finally found someone who does not want consumer electronics or clothes. Hakase decided he wanted wallpaper. I think he mistook me for Santa though. Maybe I should get my hair dyed white for the big day.

hakase wants wallpaper for Christmas

Still Perfect

I went in for my daily chat about the village environment. Shizue yelled at me. I think that’s a good sign. She gets a little carried away.

it looks great

It looks great

Caught a New Fish

I was fishing in the sea cause Derry (the monkey) wanted a fish. I don’t fish around my town too often. It’s not as lucrative at the island. I caught a sea butterfly. It’s new for me, not the series. But it was so glowy I didn’t recognize it from previous games.

sea butterfly

Barista Yumi

I cheated. But I still screwed up on the second drink. I got Lillian’s drink perfect. That’s all I wanted. 😛

Lillian's coffee order

I wanted to make her her favorite coffee so I looked it up: Blue Mountain Blend, plenty of milk, 3 sugars.

perfect coffee for lillian

“You studied what I like!”
OMG How did she know?!

I still screwed up Poison Frog’s order. I was looking at the wrong line. LOL. But I got 2 of the 3 components right so she wasn’t too displeased.

screwed up ida's order

You’re getting better! The beans are different though…

Margie came in next and since I was on the page I couldn’t help but look up her order too. She likes a blend, black. I blushed hearing how much she liked it, but I cheated! Oh well.

My final (surprise) visitor was DJ K.K. I think he’s a nudist. I had to try and avert my eyes. He likes his coffee the same as Margie: a blend, black.

DJ K.K.'s coffee

“Thanks. It was delicious.”

Lest you think I’m making up the nudist thing…

kk is nekkid

kk is nekkid

For my almost perfect barista performance I was rewarded with more very good coffee beans. And after a second Brewster told me he was giving me a coffee maker too (no I haven’t tried to use the beans in the coffee maker yet). He said it was old but it still worked. I wonder if I can work my way up to a super deluxe espresso machine?

Coffee Maker

It’s just a Mr. Coffee. Nothing fancy

Gulliver’s Present

And while I’m in my house, here’s what Gulliver sent me from Kenya.

Mask from Kenya

Gotta stop by K.K.’s tonight and pick up a song.

2 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 38

  1. There’s no shame in looking it up! You want to please your customers, you’re just doing your ‘homework’ on learning what they like. Right? 😉

    Wow. K.K. Just wow. Tho he’s not entirely nude – maybe he’s just wearing a skin tight white shirt with his hipster glasses and beret?

  2. I think its a bodysuit. Geddit? 😀

    By the way, re: learning what your residents favourite blend is – of course it’s forgivable. 😉 x

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