Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 39

I missed Joan

There was a bit of family drama via facebook this morning and I kind of forgot about AC while asking Santa for a family that got along. So I didn’t start playing until after noon and didn’t get to buy turnips.

Saturday Night Blues

I went in last night and told K.K. that I was feeling blue. He played K.K. Hymn for me and gave me a copy to take home.

K.K. playing his hymn

Shrunk danced inappropirately in the background

K.K. Hymn

K.K. Hymn Album Art

I should probably mention that you can display albums in your room either as furniture or as a poster or picture on the wall. If you’re a K.K. fanatic you can decorate your room to reflect that.

K.K. Album as furniture

K.K. Album as furniture. I imagine you can put it on a table as well, but I don’t have a free table in here to check.

K.K. Albums on the wall

K.K. Albums on the wall

Silly Villagers

Nelson ran up to me as soon as I stepped out of my house today to gossip. He told me that Lillian and Iris were always together. He thinks they’re starting up a girl’s band together. And of course Nelson wants to be the music producer. I think he’s a pervy little goat.

Producer Nelson

“Of course, I’ll be the music producer!”

Snow-person making stuff

Out of the three Snow-Daddies that I have in town I got two numbers for my bingo card. The first was a miss. I only need one number left for a bingo.

The current bingo card

Come on 15!

I attempted to roll another Snow-Daddy today, but I had my first snow-person blunder. Here is what I started with. I think they were too small.

snowman fail


I think he might be saying something akin to he lives again, but I dunno.

I’m pretty sure he was telling me he sucked. I don’t think I’ll get anything from him in the mail. The “regular” snowmen send you a piece of the snowman set. For future reference I found a link with his dimensions clearly shown.

Dud Fortune

I got fortune #30 in Nook’s shop. If you recall this is the “dud” fortune. Last time he gave me a juke box for the dud fortune. This time I got a bug zapper. So, the dud prize differs each time.

Fortune #30


The campsite had an igloo on it today. That seems much more practical than a tent. I walked in to see who would brave the cold just to stay in Kasen village. It was Bob (ボブ). This could get confusing because in English there is already a Bob and it’s a cat. In Japanese that cat’s name is different. This Bob is a dog. I imagine his English name will not be Bob.

Igloo Camper

Igloo Bob

Even though I think Bob is pretty cute (for a dog—I’m a cat person) I didn’t try and persuade him to stay. I did try and eat his warm-looking soup, but couldn’t interact with it. Rats!

Badge Master

Wow! It’s been a while since I’ve run into the badge master. I didn’t know what he would give me a badge for. Barrista extraordinaire (by cheating), Snow-person mangler? No. He told me my shopping catalog was filling up and gave me the “Catalog Mania B” badge. I don’t know what the B stands for.

I got the Catalog Mania B Badge

I got the Catalog Mania B Badge

catalog mania b badge

This is a badge for people who have gotten a fairly large number of catalog items

Current Badges

These are my current badges. The newest is the little leaf book.

I spy with my little eye…

Hello, what’s this? I saw something weird sitting on the ground below the cliff so I went to investigate. It was something somebody had dropped. I found its owner on the first try.

dropped item

It was poison frog's

“Oh! I’ve been looking for that!”

She gave me a four ball shirt to thank me for returning whatever it was that she dropped.

Happy Home Academy

I forgot to mention I had a congratulatory mail from the HHA this morning. They sent me a reward for reaching 50,000 points. I got a silver plaque.

Academy SIlver Plaque

Café Life

I tried using the coffee maker Brewster gave me with the coffee beans I got. Nothing happened. I did find out via the catalog that you can’t purchase the coffee maker.

I completed a shift as a perfect barista today (cheating my ass off). I gave Margie her favorite black blend coffee. Then someone new came in! Dora (とめ) . Dora is not one of my villagers. I didn’t know we would get “strangers” in the café. Word about Brewster’s awesome café must have spread!

I made Dora her favorite drink too: Kilimanjaro, full of milk, 3 sugars. Yuck! She gushed about Kasen village’s wonderful café.

Dora in the cafe

I finally made Nelson a drink he liked: blend, a little milk 1 sugar. He responded by telling me it was “Excellent!!!!” My final customer was Pete! He didn’t tell me a single thing about what he liked. He just said he wanted coffee. Fortunately because of my crystal ball I was able to glean that he liked a blend, some milk, and 2 sugars.

pete likes his coffee

“Ah the taste! The taste! It’s perfect coffee~”

After Pete left the rush died down. Brewster gave me some very good coffee beans and an old espresso machine. I haven’t tried out or even looked at the espresso machine yet. I’m too busy wondering if I want to try and scrounge up 900k bells to buy the king’s crown. I don’t think I can scrape it together by 8PM though…

7 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 39

  1. Is there no way to play igloo games in this version then? D: That makes me very sad, but at least igloos have returned. Oh and I think that yummy looking soup is actually cream stew! It’s a delicious dish!

  2. First I’d like to thank you, New Leaf had fallen almost completely off my radar, but you’ve brought my hype back in full force. I’ve actually had a lot of fun reading your log here and this is looking like the best AC yet.

    There is one thing that’s bugging me a little though, are the villagers as active as they were in Wild World? I remember they seemed to idle kinda awkwardly in City Folk.

  3. @Little Miss Mint Tea I haven’t seen any mention of igloo games. Up until I saw my igloo camper I didn’t know there were igloos in this one. LOL

    @Major999 The villagers seem pretty active in this one. They fish, plant flowers, ask for favors, visit the stores in the shopping section, and go to Club 444. I don’t say too much about them because their conversations are the hardest for me to understand and try and translate. I miss a lot of the nuance of the game I’m sure.

  4. Well that’s great to hear, sounds like the town’s more lively this time around.

    Do they actually wander the town, though? I know it’s a weird question, but they way they stuck around one area so long in City Folk, I dunno, killed the immersion, I guess is the best way to put it?

    I don’t know what it was about Wild World. Had more charm, in a way.

  5. @Majora999 they do wander around town. It seems like they kind of clump up for me around the recycle shop. Which is ok because then they talk to each other. I don’t catch nearly as many of their conversations together in New Leaf as I did in City Folk.

  6. Ahhh so cool! I love how you can display the album art. But if a song is on display somewhere, does that mean you can’t play that song in your stereo?

    I love that igloo! How cute!

    That’s so cute how you can get random patrons to the cafe, including big names like KK and Pete! I wonder how Shrunk likes his coffee?

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