Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 40

Stalk Market

AM: 98 Bells
PM: 94 Bells

It’s another snowy day in Kasen Village. That’s good. It means less watering for me.

Christmas Wish List

Nelson is concerned that Christmas is fast approaching (as am I!) and he was musing over what he wanted from Santa. He thought it was a little selfish of him but he wants food for Christmas. LOL.

Nelson wants food for Christmas

Nelson wants food for Christmas from beloved Santa-san

Now I need to figure out who hasn’t coughed up an item for Santa. I only have a week to go!

Espresso Machine

The espresso machine looks very familiar… I think it was given out as DLC to Europe for City Folk. I distinctly remember you could not set it on anything which annoyed me. Apparently you can set it on things, but it doesn’t appear to do anything.

espresso machine in room

Snowman Games

I went around playing slot bingo with my remaining snowmen. I got the card down to where I only needed one number in a couple of spots, but did not hit a bingo with my current melting snow-daddies so I made another one.

snow balls pre joining

I still needed one more number. After making the new snowman (which turned into a perfectly respectable snow-daddy) I realized I had forgotten to check one of my melty snow-daddies. He rolled 15 which gave me a bingo!


After all those days of snow rolling and eye rolling I scored a ski rack. I was hoping to keep my card and use it for consecutive bingos, but after winning the card disappeared.

ski rack in room

Petition- 全国おひるね推進運動

Derry (the monkey) gave me some sort of petition to institute afternoon naps. I talked to a bunch of residents and never got an option for them to sign it. After looking it up online it seems I’ll need to get 6 other players to sign it. The problem is I don’t have that many ACNL friends. So, if you play ACNL, let’s be friends! We’ll have to coordinate a time to meet up (the hardest part). Maybe we can use Skype to figure out a time. I would happily sign other people’s nap petitions too. ww


After the petition conversation I interupted Yuka and Derry having a spirited debate about what goes in a BLT. They both agreed that it contained bacon and lettuce, but Derry thought the T stood for tamago—egg. I had to solve their T conundrum and inform them that T stood for tomato. And now I want a BLT. mmmmm


“sliced tomatoes and mayonnaise on bread!”

Wall Decoration Fiend

I can’t help it, since things you can put on the wall are new to this game I have to snatch them up each day at the Nook Mart. I don’t care if I like it, need it, or will just sell it back immediately, I still feel compelled to buy it. I have a spotlight, a sconce, a rococo candle, a few shelves, a noh mask, a hanging plant. To name a few. Today I bought the hanging lantern that one of the little Nooks (I can’t keep them straight) had in the shop.

paper lantern

Dud Fortune

I got another dud fortune today. This one was #38. And all I got for it was a used wallpaper (you know, the tatty looking one your house starts with).

fortune 38

“Oh too bad #38 is a miss”

Sleepy Shinobu

I don’t think we need to enact a napping ordinance. I went to deliver something to Shinobu and found her asleep on her feet. We played a game about the delivery item, if I could guess what it was she would give it to me. I guessed clothes and indeed it was. I got a happi coat.

dozing shinobu


I have a lot left to do today. I haven’t visited the island or worked for Brewster. The able sisters wasn’t even open by the time I turned the game off. So I may post again later tonight or add on to tomorrow’s post. またね!

5 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 40

  1. A kinda… anti-climactic, reward for the BINGO card, given how much luck is involved, hopefully some of the other rewards are better. Then again, maybe I’m just spoiled by how awesome the set you get from the Snowomen is. My jaw actually dropped at that picture of your room, I adore that set, the carpet especially.

    How’s the 3D looking to you? I don’t know if you use it, but I almost exclusively play in 3D and this is one of the games who’s aesthetic, I feel, can benefit the most from it.

  2. I can’t wait for ACNL to come out in the UK, but first I’m off to trade my 3DS for the Pikachu 3DS XL!

  3. Hey, a bingo win is something to celebrate! I think the ski rack is just lovely. 😛

    Good luck on the Christmas shopping, Santa-San!

  4. This is the first Christmas where I’ve wanted NOTHING – except maybe Amazon gift vouchers so I can put it towards my Animal Crossing purchase in 2013 🙂 Thanks for the blog post, Jennifer! x

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