Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 41

Stalk Market

AM: 91 Bells

Silly snowpeople

I talked to my snow-daddy slot machine snowmen this morning (the ones that are melting), but they won’t give me a new bingo card to play. Boo! Apparently I have to roll a new snow-daddy to get another bingo card.

unrolled eyes

Give me a bingo card or I douse you with boiling water!

I think I may have to make a line pattern and see if I can perfect my snowman rolling technique. I made a regular snowman and he was almost perfect, but not. I told you I was no good at making snowmen. LOL. And I would like to start trying to collect the snowman set.

pre joined snowballs

unhappy snowman

“Just a little more and I would have been perfect”

I almost attempted to make the snow-child (yes there is one) but in order to get anything from him/her/it you have to have one of each of the other snow-people in town. If they’re imperfect you get a little mouse snow furniture. If they’re perfect you get a furniture of all of them in a row. I don’t have any snowmamas left, and I haven’t perfected my regular snowman, so I think I’ll wait a bit before trying for him. There’s almost too much to do with all the snowmen/women.

Shinobu wants??

So, I think Shinobu figured if she yelled loudly enough Santa would hear her and give her what she wants for Christmas. Trouble is this isn’t a real “Christmas Wish” request. It sounded like what she yelled was that “Christmas isn’t just for couples!” so maybe she has issues about being single? LOL. Regardless I still need requests from her (I think), Ida (poison frog), and Derry (the monkey). Here’s my list so far:

  • Nelson: food
  • Lillian: consumer electronics (whatever that is)
  • Margie: clothes
  • Yuka: clothes
  • Iris: consumer electronics
  • Hakase: wallpaper
shinobu yelling

“It’s not just for couples” (I think that’s what she’s saying)

New Hybrid

I got a pink hybrid lily today over by the (empty) campground. So far I have orange, black, and pink lilies. I haven’t gotten a single hybrid violet. They grow like weeds, but I don’t know if they produce alternate colors.

pink lily

Public Utilities

While I’ve been waiting out perfect town (still perfect) no one has asked for any new utilities. Yuka seems very adamant that she wants an “illumination arch”. It sounds interesting. I bet it looks great at night, but during the day it looks like it’s missing something.

illumination arch

An Intervention Interlude

I need help. I don’t know what to do with my gyroids (nasty buggers) and I’m hoarding my ore for when I finally figure out what can and can’t be remade with it. I’ve bought all the rooms in the museum (for 10k each they’re a steal). One is crammed with dinosaur parts. One looks semi-reasonably like a display area. Another is housing my ice set until Nook makes my back room bigger—tomorrow, I paid off my loan. And then there’s this eyesore room. I need the AC crew from hoarders to come help me.

gyroids and ores oh my

Shopping at Nook Brothers

Finally a Christmas Bed!

nook brothers wares

a wall fan

yes I bought the wall fan

Fortune Cookie

They had a fortune in stock. I miss them so. I keep meaning to save the fortune and give it to Shrunk, but I can’t bring myself to. What if it’s something good? Like this:

triple red shells

Fortune #38

Able Sisters

The Santa suit is getting a little tiresome. I should probably save it till Christmas. I decided to go window shopping. I ended up with a red sweatshirt cause it matches the pants a king’s beard (it’s cold outside and the beard helps!) and this weird hat. It’s called a “kuroko” and when I looked it up on wikipedia I think it may actually be part of a stage hand’s outfit. Can anyone confirm?


Of course no outfit would be complete without clown shoes. They have a “crazy” and good feeling. LOL.

clown shoes

Color Contacts

I intended to go into speedy salon to get my hair done white for Christmas, but when I walked in Harriet told me about the color contacts she had. All thoughts of a new hairdo flew out the window. I sat in the chair, told her I wanted color contacts. She told me it would be 3,000 bells and asked me a few questions. She said “you’re dreaming and you’re visiting a little village what leaves the biggest impression on you?”

  • the vast sky
  • the big trees
  • the endless ocean

I picked the ocean. She then asked “what kind of ocean is it?”

  • cobalt blue southern ocean
  • the winter wind ravaged northern ocean
  • the emerald coral ocean

I picked the last one. I ended up with:
emerald contacts

I think they look kind of neat, but with different eye shapes the probably look a lot more dramatic. I still want my shell bikini and mermaid tail to complete my “under the sea” look. 😉

Coffee Slinging

I tried to work at Brewster’s last night, but he told me it was too late. It was almost 11pm before I got around to seeing if he needed work. Today I arrived bright and early (well, after 10am) with my customer request list in hand. Cheating is ok sometimes.

Nelson wanted his usual. They do that after a while. They stop telling you anything that they want, so if you don’t take notes or have a website to visit you’re out of luck unless you have a great memory—I’m getting old. My brain is trying to make room for all the Japanese stuff I keep cramming into it.

Anyhoo. Nelson also told me that my coffee was better than Brewster’s. At that I heard Brewster do the startled emotion (I couldn’t really see it).

nelson likes my coffee a lot

“This tastes better than Brewster’s coffee! Your secret ingredient is love isn’t it?”

After Nelson I had two customers from out of town, Winnie and Francine. They were both very impressed.

winnie likes her coffee

Francine likes her coffee too

My final customer was Resetti. Thank god he’s not a nudist like K.K. He didn’t gush like the other customers, but he liked his coffee just fine.

Resetti leaving

After my shift Brewster gave me very good coffee beans. I’m trying to find out what, if anything, you can do with them. I think you’re just supposed to sell them. After a moment he gave me a siphon too. Funny, I have one that looks very similar at home (my real home).

coffee siphon

6 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 41

  1. Maybe Shinobu wants a boyfriend for Christmas….why don’t you hook her up with your friend KC? :p

  2. Hahahah @Sean, I think KC is taken! 😉

    Your gyroid room is too funny. Kinda reminds me of Chokomaru’s basement in ACCF, completely filled with tarantulas and scorpions.

    Those color contacts are cool! I assume you are stuck with them until you change it again? I wonder what all the different eye shapes look like, with all their color options!

    Aww I like Francine! I think it’s awesome that random villagers come to the cafe. Hopefully your buddy Carmen will drop by and say hi sometime.

  3. Gyroids seem to have no use other than decoration. Unfortunately I’m not sure if Brewster still offers up gyroid storage in this game, but thankfully you can store the ones you like in the club during off hours. Only 4 though, just talk to the gyroids in the back and you will be able to replace them if need be.

    Coffee beans are simply for selling as they have no other purpose. They’re worth 2000bells though!

    Violets do hybrid. Stick a White and Purple together as they make blue ones. Not sure about the yellow ones yet…

  4. I’m really looking forward to the exhibition rooms in the museum 🙂 There’s so much to do in this new version of AC… oh, Jennifer, how envious I am of you! 🙂 but thanks SO much for sharing. 🙂 x

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