Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 42

Stalk Market

AM: 83 Bells

No Visitors

Unless you count Pete. I interrupted his morning delivery route. He had already stopped by my house and delivered a terse letter from my mom. Enclosed was a tiki torch. Maybe she’s trying to keep me warm during the winter?

delivering the morning mail

Delivering the morning mail.


I went to check on my town’s environment again. I got the big “isn’t it great!” yell from Shizue and then she gave me something from the “committee” (what committee???) to everyone to commemorate the achievement of the perfect town.
It is none other than a blingy gold watering can. Oh how I love thee gold watering can!

I got the gold watering can

“I got the gold watering can! I can water richly” or something. I think it’s a play on the fact that it’s gold

gold watering can

*bling* *bling*

When you water with it you actually turn in a circle in front of you watering probably up to 9 squares. I say probably because I didn’t test that. I tried to get a good shot showing dripping flowers, but I semi-failed at that.


The 3 flowers in front of me plus the one to the side are wet…timing is difficult.

Nook Brothers

I hate plastic flowers. That hanging flower basket must be plastic, right? I bought it anyway. I even hung it up in my icicle room which is bigger now and houses all of my ice set.

hanging flower basket

snowman fail

Ack! I tried for another regular snowman and I got an almost perfect one again. Really really leaning towards a pattern on the ground, but I don’t think it would help me as I’m not sure how many lines big it should be.

wrong size snowballs

whatever, I tried

whatever, I tried


The island didn’t have anything I needed. I have a large mortgage again so I should probably visit the island a couple times tonight and hunt bugs. Now that I have my perfect town reward I can go on a big spree and rearrange some of the trees in town and maybe put in that flower clock that’s so adorable, but I’m in pre-Christmas freak out mode, so I doubt I’ll be doing anything drastic for the time being. In fact, as a stress relieving measure (wouldn’t you think Animal Crossing would work?) I’m gonna go hunt some monsters in Monster Hunter 3G HD. Great Jaggi beware I have a very big dull hammer with your name on it!

5 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 42

  1. HOORAY YOU GOT THE GOLD CAN!!! おめでとう!! That’s amazing that it waters multiple flowers at once. Did they steal the idea from the upgraded watering cans in Harvest Moon, I wonder?

    Just a thought – looking at your snowman troubles… I think you should try rolling the bottom snowball a LITTLE bit bigger. The two snowballs seem a little too close in size. Give it a little more of a differential, see if that helps.

  2. Glad you got the gold can! It waters the spot in front of you and the 8 spots that surround it. 🙂 The silver can does the spot in front of you and the spots directly NSEW of it.

    Oh a perfect snowman. Base snowball up to your character’s nose and then the head up to your character’s mouth. Works perfectly. Don’t forget to watch for the snow bug! (it rolls the snowball, to catch just hit it but you’ll destroy the snowball)

    If you need anything, let me know. 🙂

  3. Congratulations on the golden watering can, too. 🙂 You worked very hard for it and you deserve it. 🙂 I love the pictures, lol. The shrug is great!

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