Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 43

Stalk Market

AM: 74 Bells
PM: 70 Bells

Happy Home Academy

I had not one, but two letters from the happy home academy in my mailbox this morning. Apparently they liked my completion of the ice room. The first letter congratulated me on reaching 70,000 points and the second one congratulated me on reaching 90,000 points. They each had a present attached.

The reward for reaching 70,000 points was a gold plaque. The reward for reaching 90,000 points was a silver trophy. It looks just like the fishing trophy, but it’s got a little house on top.

HHA rewards

Holiday News

The bulletin board also had two messages for me.

solstice bulletin

~ Tomorrow is the Winter Solstice ~
Tomorrow Kasen Village will celebrate the shortest day of the year, midwinter’s day. Don’t oversleep!

Christmas news

~ News ~
Soon it will be Christmas!
Have you decided on your Christmas Eve plans yet?
Wishing everyone a wonderful holy night

As usual take those translations with a grain of salt.

Tomorrow is also Shinobu’s birthday and party. I ordered her an asian bed today in preparation.

Christmas Wish Lists

We’re getting down to the wire with the wish lists as the bulletin board makes plain. Shinobu has apparently calmed down enough to tell me what she wants: something yellow. Um ok.

shinobu's present

“This year’s present I want something good I think…
Something yellow would be good!”

I decided to go see if Ida would tell me what she wanted for Christmas: furniture. Should be easy enough. For the record, does anyone know if I’m supposed to have these things on hand for Christmas or will I have a bag full of stuff and I just have to distribute it? If I do have to buy it I’d better get shopping. And, if I do have to buy it, what’s a: 家電 (consumer electronics) specifically? A TV? A refrigerator?

ida wants furniture

“This year what present do I want from Santa…
If I got furniture that would be good!”

Museum Dinosaur Wing

I wandered around the museum and found that I only need four more fossils to complete the dinosaur wing of the museum. That was fast! But, if you find them all, you get four fossils a day in town. I completed the T-Rex today, which is what prompted my museum stroll.

Completed T-Rex


Speaking of museum completion (or lack thereof) Redd stopped by today. I made sure to inspect all of his items before purchasing, but I’m not sure when he has a fake how to tell. Is it when he gets nervous when you’re asking about it and does the pee pee dance? (for lack of a more descriptive term). Or is it random? Regardless, I bought a neat statue. I forgot to get a pic of one of the statues he had. Oops.

what's it called?

I bought this one
Anyone know what it is?

neat bust

I have a fake one of these from Kokuto’s Redd


Silver Slingshot!

As I was ruminating outside I saw a present fly by. It was the silver slingshot. A friend gave me one already, so now I have a spare.

Snowman Mishap

I tried to follow snowman rolling instructions, but upon closer inspection I rolled the bottom one a little too big, and the top one a little too big as well. I got a snow daddy. He thought he was wonderful, but I was going for a regular snowman.

snow balls

too big. will try again tomorrow. There needs to be a bit more variance in size as well.

Aaaaaannnddd we’ve started bingo again.

new bingo card

got a number from the new snowman and the very melty one.

Public Utilities

Since I’m done waiting for perfect town I felt like putting in the pretty flower clock. I tried to see if there was room between town hall and the town square. There was, but Shizue would only let me place it a little north of where I wanted it. Beggars can’t be choosers I suppose. I paid it off. Here is what it will look like tomorrow.

flower clock

“How is that? Do you want to decide on this spot?”


That’s it for now. Tomorrow is shaping up to be a big day! I have a birthday party to go to and it’s the solstice (and the end of the world :P). For now I have some Christmas cookie dough to make. Tomorrow, cookies to bake. またね!

7 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 43

  1. That’s the King Kamehameha statue from Hawaii!

    It looks like a fake since the hand is supposed to be palm-up. Also, with that Japanese painting, the guy’s hands are supposed to be open, not doing the “gun pointing” pose, so that looks like a fake as well. I think there’s a Japanese wiki out there with descriptions of the details to look out for to tell the real art from fakes, though I don’t think it had pictures.

  2. Thanks for telling me what the statue is! I’ll have to search and see if I can find the wiki with the details. Pictures help a lot, but I should be able to figure out what they’re saying if they’ve got descriptions.

  3. gah, that statue you were asking about, i think its hawaiian statue that is in front of a justice building? I remember seeing it often on Hawaii Five Oh.

  4. I dunno why but I am totally into this Snowman Bingo thing! I hope I can get a chance to play ACNL before the snow melts lol!

    I’m amazed by the comments above, I had no idea that you can actually tell when Redd’s items are fake. I thought it was just hit or miss. But to know that the fake art has subtle differences… I’m gonna have to brush up on my art history! This game is so freaking cool.

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