Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 45

Stalk Market

AM: 55 Bells
PM: 51 Bells

New Door

The gingerbread door is a bit clashy. I’m hoping to get other pieces of the set. Come on Nook! Hook me up!

gingerbread door


We’re not discussing snowmen today. We’re just not going there. I got #15 on my bingo card. I have a ways to go before I get another Snow-daddy item.


I requested that Saharrah redecorate my perfectly lovely living room. I paid her 3,000 bells and didn’t get anything special in return. No originals. She seems to go for dungeon/hovel feels when she redesigns my place. I wonder why.

Saharrah's Redesign

Christmas Wish Lists

It seems that sometimes the villagers get more specific as time goes on. Margie has now narrowed down her Christmas item to “light blue” clothes. And Shinobu has added on to “something yellow” by telling me that the “something” is clothes. Tricky tricky. I still can’t get Derry to even mention Christmas. Iris and Lillian want the same thing. Iris didn’t clarify and Lillian is sick so…I hope Christmas eve goes all right.

Dinosaurs galore

Inching ever closer to completion of the dinosaur wing of the museum, today I donated the last piece of the stegosaurus.

completed stegosaurus

Nook Mart’s Wares

I had the (not pictured) wall shelf today so I didn’t get to purchase a new wall item. I did snag the “peacock chair” and the Christmas Bookshelf. I don’t think I will quite complete the set by Christmas eve as tomorrow is the last day they’re sold. But if you get them as rewards for successfully delivering presents to villagers (speculation on my part) I may have a shot.

nook's wares

Plague Meister Lillian

I stopped by and gave Lillian some medicine bright and early this morning. I’m hoping she’s back on her feet in time for the holiday. Telling her to say “bye bye” has me a little worried that she’ll kick the bucket. Maybe she’ll ask for a new catch phrase soon…

medicated lillian

“….thanks. I feel a little more comfortable now” (or something along those lines)

K.K. Night

I purchased Famitsu DS + Wii 02/2013 today from Kinokuniya in Costa Mesa ♥. Included was a catalog guide. Within the guide were all of the album covers and names of K.K.’s songs. I picked one I wanted “K.K. Love Song” and had him play it. Unfortunately my pockets must have been full because he didn’t give it to me.

Acoustic Night

Though the fact that I don’t think there’s anything under that guitar creeps me out, I still like K.K.

I went back and requested a random song. And I got my album art:

k.k. Bossa

K.K. Bossa (the one on the right)

Café Life

I decided to ask about part time work before retiring for the night. It was before 10pm and he let me take a shift. None of my customers told me anything that they wanted. They all just wanted their “usual.” Thank god for cheating. Ida (poison frog) told me I was Brewster’s rival. Hakase was shocked that I remembered his favorite drink. Yuka scoffed that I was helping Brewster out and then was elated that I gave her such a soul warming, body warming coffee. My last pleased customer was Pelly. She just said her drink was delicious and thanked me.

ruminating over milk choices

Hmmm How much milk should I give Hakase?

Brewster rewarded my hard work with very delicious coffee beans and a coffee cup. He told me the cup had been used at the café, but still worked. Um does that just mean it’s not broken?

growing coffee collection

There’s my (dirty?) coffee cup. I didn’t put coffee in it I swear.


I learned something else from the catalog guide. If you take 3 gold ores to Kaizo to remake and pay an exorbitant 10,000 bells you get something…gold. You’ll have to wait until tomorrow to see what it is (and I will too cause I didn’t pick it up). The song I had in my inventory was also lit up as an item to be remade. I didn’t give it to him, but I’m wondering if you can make gold records?

gold ore waiting to be remade

gold ore waiting to be remade


Soooo tired. I leave you with a few pics.

K.K. playing

Kokuto in the HHA Plaza

Kokuto in the HHA Plaza. He gave me the bunny balloon.

Ugly Sweater

Shinobu sent me this ugly sweater as payback for her birthday present. Thing is, I kinda like it. It has a sort of Charlie Brown feel.

Kokuto's upstairs

Kokuto’s upstairs room in the HHA. I was checking out his counterfeit.

3 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 45

  1. I love your little photo albums at the end when you’re too tired to write. 🙂 They tell a story of just how interesting it is in your town!

  2. Haha I think it’s cool that K.K. is a nudist! He “wears” his guitar. Omg he’s like the Naked Cowboy in Times Square!!

    I like your new sweater. It looks comfy and warm. 🙂

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