Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 46

Stalk Market


Joan sold turnips for 91 bells this morning. I bought 100. Stalk market don’t fail me now! I have a mortgage to pay.


The item that Kaizo created from my 3 gold ore was the gold clock. It’ll be a while before I get another piece I think. The gold ore are kind of rare and I only have one more.

gold clock

Too bad I didn’t have this before the “apocalypse” it would have been fitting.

Nook Brothers

I had a notice on the bulletin board today explaining that Nook Mart would be closed on 12/24 to upgrade. Yay! Because of the upgrade everything was on sale today.

two tone clock

nook wares

I snatched up the rotating sushi table and the Christmas dresser for half off. While I don’t have the cement mixer yet, I didn’t feel like buying it.

Fortune Cookie

I got fortune number 6 today. It turned out to be another dud. Here’s what I got in place of something cool:

bird dipping thingy

Garden Shop

I stopped in to pick up a tree from Reggie and he stopped me to tell me that he’d be closed on the twenty-fourth as well. Two stores closed on one day? This could be an amusing upgrade. I can’t wait to have more vegetation to choose from. It looks like when he upgrades more he sells fruit. (I don’t know how many upgrades there are) Someday I’ll get my pear and persimmon.

garden shop upgrading

better buy the things you need today since I’ll be closed tomorrow.

Sickly Lillian

I gave Lillian more medicine today. Will she be well enough to participate in Christmas eve festivities tomorrow? I hope so!

lillian getting better

Her “happy power” is returning. LOL. I think she’s on the mend


Perfect! PERFECT! Let’s hope it’s not a fluke. Now, what will he send me…

perfect snowman

This color, this luster, this size! I have nothing to complain about. I’m perfect!

snowman praise

You’re really awesome!
Let me say it again!
You’re really awesome!
(this isn’t going to my head or anything)

My snow-daddy’s eye roll did nothing for me. I didn’t get a number. Better luck tomorrow. I don’t care though cause I finally made a perfect snowman! yay!


The big news is the perfect snowman and Nook Mart/Gardening store upgrading. Tomorrow is Christmas Eve and I can’t wait for that event. It doesn’t start until 8PM and I have my own (real life) event beginning at 6PM PST so I am not confident that I’ll be able to post before midnight tomorrow. I’ll do my best. Merry almost Christmas!

pervy nelson

Yay! You’re a lucky girl!
(it was only because he gave me a furniture, but it still sounded creepy)


Out of town deer villager: Takeru in Brewster’s Café I think he has rabies. Look at those red eyes



tortimer in the cafe

Tortimer came in for coffee too! I rocked it

milk and sugar

Brewster gave me used milk and sugar. ewwwww

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