Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 47

Stalk Market

AM: 80 Bells
PM: 75 Bells

Please let this not be the slow decent into nothing week…

Snowman Reward

I was excited to check my mail this morning. I had one letter from my dad and one from the snowman. I was most excited about the snowman’s letter. I thought for sure I’d get a piece of furniture. I opened it and found…a hat. I was a little disappointed until I put it on.

snowman hat

The snowman sent me an awesome snowman hat. I feel so festive.

Dad’s present wasn’t too shabby either. He sent me a CD player.

dad's present

Dad sent me that futuristic CD player over to the left.

Christmas Eve

Shizue let me know when I logged in this morning that it was Christmas Eve. None of my villagers will let me forget it either. They’re all aflutter about tonight’s festivities. Nothing is happening yet and we don’t have any suspicious characters wandering around town.

merry christmas from nelson

Merry Christmas, Yumireen (my nickname)! Today is Christmas eve! But during the day there’s nothing to do.

While I’m thinking about pervy Nelson, it turns out he’s not a goat. He’s a deer. I have a sticker book (don’t judge me) from Famitsu DS+Wii and it has all the characters with sex, species, birthday, personalities. Nelson is a deer. My mistake. He looked like a goat to me.

merry xmas yuka

Because today is Christmas Eve, everyone is in high spirits and acting stupid (I think…)

merry xmas bulletin board

~Merry Christmas~
(not sure what the first part says)
Who will you spend the evening with?
Wishing everyone in the village a wonderful Christmas!

ida christmas

It’s finally the Christmas Eve event!
I can’t calm down even by taking a walk!

Well Lillian?

Lillian seems to be doing better, which is good since Nook Brothers is closed today and I can’t get her more medicine, but she didn’t give me anything for nursing her back to health. Ingrate. She also didn’t mention Christmas and just complained about living alone. Do we need to get Lillian a bunny boyfriend? Everyone in my town seems to have issues being single.


It’s a BIG tent. I can’t wait to see the new goods tomorrow!


I did it again!!!

I made another perfect snowman! Let’s hope I’m on a roll! Although….I might try and make one of each for the next few days and make the baby snowman.

snowman present

Please let me thank you (and send you a present)

More Remaking

giant Clam Shell + Song = Music box thingy. I picked up all the shells on my beach till I got the one that looked like a clam, then I sacrificed one of my K.K. albums to the greater remaking good, and gave Kaizo 3,000 bells. I haven’t picked up my music box thingy yet, but it should be ready.

music box remake

K.K.’s album waiting to be remade


I’ll be back later today or tomorrow with a post full of Christmas Eve mayhem. I had a little downtime this afternoon so I thought I may as well post a bit.

Christmas Eve Executive snowman chic

new emotion

I gave Shrunk a banana. He taught me another Stayin’ Alive move.

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  1. Ooh yay the Snowman Hat! I like how they added all the DLC from ACCF into the regular game in ACNL. Glad to see you’re finally having some luck with the perfect snowman. 🙂

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