Animal Crossing New Leaf: Days 48 & 49

Day 48

I hope you don’t hold it against me that I took Christmas off. 😉 I played, but it was a full day and I didn’t want to touch the computer after all of the day’s festivities.

Stalk Market

AM: 71 Bells
PM: 67 Bells


I received a letter from Jingle in the mail as well as a present from the snowman. Jingle sent me his picture.
Jingle's Picture
On the back of the pictures in tiny letters the animal’s favorite phrase is written. Jingle’s is something to the effect of “haste makes waste.”

The snowman sent me…a snowman. 🙂



I had no visitors today, but Pete wandered around delivering mail and he was a bit more chatty than usual. He actually mentioned thinking about Pelly. Wasn’t he in love with Phyllis previously? Or couldn’t really decide?

New Store

I was very excited to check out the Nook Brothers’ “Home Center”. Today is the grand opening. However the morning hours on the home center are even worse than the previous store. It doesn’t open until 10. I’m not a real morning person, but I’m seriously thinking of changing my ordinance to be early riser so I can visit shops before 10am.

Home Center


When it did open I rushed in to see what was new. My first shock: they sell K.K. Slider albums! The home center sells 4 pieces of furniture, and one wall item (It’s in the gap in the center. You can’t see it in the picture below). There are two wallpapers, two floors and a bunch of miscellaneous tools, stationery, medicine, the usual.

Home Center Selection

K.K. Album! + seasonal item and fortune cookie

The top right side of the store

ni dan zaka

This is the k.k. album I bought. I’m not entirely certain of the translation. Google translate yielded “two stage slope” *shrug*

The gardening shop is now attached to the Nook Brother’s store. You can walk over from a door in the bottom right hand side. Reggie told me all about the new shop and how the Nook brothers approached him about expanding. Apparently he has a weed cleaning service. I haven’t talked to him about it because I don’t have any weeds…but it could be neat if I take an extended break. (god forbid!)

I forgot to snap a pic of all his items without text and stuff, so you’ll have to make do. Reggie now sells one tool, one tree, two shrubs—not the hibiscus from the island. I bought holly and I think a rhododendron or azalea or something. And he still sells two flowers. In addition he sells flower furniture. Today I bought a poinsettia (pictured). Tomorrow he had (that sounds weird) a sunflower.


Moving Day

Ida dropped the moving bomb on me. I said she could go. Who am I to stand in the way of poison frog with her steamy album modeling career? So on the 29th she’ll be moving out. I think that means that Nelson will stay.

Ida moving on the 29th

Snowman Woes

I had different snowman woes today. I couldn’t find the darn snowballs. And you’ll see why in this horrible screenshot. Nasty bugger!

stupid dung beetle

stupid dung beetle

Eventually I got my snowballs. I don’t know if they reset when you go into buildings? I just saved and restarted a few times until I found them. I made a snow daddy. I’m going for the snow family.

And that ended my day. I was pretty busy on Christmas.

Day 49

Stalk Market

AM: 64 Bells
PM: 59 Bells

This week is not looking good for my turnips. Time to ask Kokuto to look at his prices.

Time Capsule?

My letters are usually crammed full, but this morning I went to the post office and saved the two from the snowman. When I checked my mail I only had letter (from Lillian thanking me for letting her come over yesterday which I didn’t mention in my post). So I had one space free. This fact becomes important in a moment.

Lillian came charging up to me “Oh I found you! I’ve been looking for you!” Lillian had made a time capsule and she wanted me to bury it for her. I accepted it and thought about where to put it.

Me accepting the time capsule

Me accepting the time capsule

I decided to put it way in the corner of town by Resetti’s manhole so I wouldn’t accidentally dig it up thinking it was a fossil. But when I went to bury it I couldn’t find it in my inventory…this is where the letter part comes in. It was in my letter slot and I had the option to bury it from the letter slot which I thought was weird. I have no idea how long it needs to stay buried or what it is or if Lillian will mention it again. I have some investigating to do about time capsules.

The buried time capsule

The buried time capsule

Snow Family

My snow daddy landed on #38 today and now I’m one number away from a bingo. Despite wanting to win and get another shot at it with another snow daddy I built a snow momma. I don’t think I made her perfectly…I guess I’ll find out the day after tomorrow assuming I make the snow child tomorrow.


The super cute igloo was up on the campsite this morning. Too bad I couldn’t say the same about its occupant.


Inside was Truffles (トンコ) the pig. I’m not really a fan of most of the pigs in the series. I didn’t talk to him more than once because I didn’t want to decline his moving offer should it arise.

truffles the camper

“I’ve gotten refreshed from being in the fresh air here.”

Rare Item

I had my first rare item notice on the bulletin board today. The Nook Center had a Number 8 Lamp in stock. I went over and bought it for 8,000 bells. And then immediately put it up for sale at the recycle shop.

The rare #8 lamp

The rare #8 lamp

I bought the K.K. album that you can see in the bottom left as well. It turned out to be K.K. Paris. The fortune cookie below the album (that you can’t see) was #4, a dud.

Here is a better picture of the new gardening shop and its new items.

upgraded gardening shop


I had Katrina today. I paid for the fortune, but I’ve been up since 6am and I didn’t really pay attention to what happened. She chanted. She mentioned someone named Haniwa. I don’t know a Haniwa (unless it’s someone new on my friend roster?) Then she yelled “Men’s bottoms” —no joke. And it was done. I think she said something about a disaster.

men's bottoms

“men’s bottoms”

Snow Family

Today I made snow mama. She didn’t seemed thrilled with my craftsmanship. Tomorrow I’ll roll together junior. I’m kind of excited to see him.

snow mommy and daddy


I stopped by Shrunk with an apple for him. He taught me how to be bashful (not the glowy cheek one, but hands behind the back moving feet)


And that was my day. 🙂

5 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Days 48 & 49

  1. Oh! You’re right. I wonder what the deal is with the gyroids…I’ll have to go reread my screenshots and see if I can make sense of them.

  2. The snowballs do reset if you enter and exit a building 😉 As for time capsules, just bury it and it will disappear (the marker) and eventually you’ll see it pop up again. Once it does, just dig it up and give it back to the neighbor who gave it to you.

    Merry Xmas btw 🙂

  3. Ooh, Time Capsules! That looks fun! 😀 Also your Snow Family is going to look sweet. 🙂 I hope Snow Daddy doesn’t melt too much…

  4. Congrats on the new upgrades! I wonder what the time capsule is about. Do you really think you can hold out on not digging it up for an entire year? I don’t know if I’d be able to handle the suspense! lol

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