Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 50

Stalk Market

AM: 56 Bells
PM: 118 Bells

This is not the greatest profit by any means. Should I sell? Should I hold out??


Another camper braved the cold and built an igloo in Kasen. I keep hoping to see another hamster (so cute!) but alas today’s visitor was Boone (まんたろう) the gorilla. I didn’t offer him a spot in the village even though Ida is moving out in two days.

camper boone

“How far was it I ran I wonder? About 100 kilometers?”

Public Utilities

Lillian stopped me and told me she wanted something built in the town, a modern bridge. I still have room for one bridge, though I haven’t decided where to put it. I was hoping for something golden gate-esque. I think it’s kind of ugly. It may be awhile before Lillian sees this spanning our little river.

modern bridge

Modern Bridge


It should come as no surprise that I screwed up my snow-kid. I ended up with another snow-mama. Gaaaaahhh! I made the bottom snowball a little too big. Snowman bingo wasn’t kind to me either. I still need one number. Come on 43! Sooooo maybe I’ll just go for snow daddies for a few days until I get a bingo…


I was so excited to see Redd’s tent today. Instead of just picking an item at random I sized up each one before picking the real item. Well, I think it’s real. I’ll know tomorrow when it gets delivered.

King Kamehameha

This is the same one i had last week. It’s fake. The hand is going the wrong way. Palm should be up.

Solemn Painting

This one is a fake I think because the person in the dress is too tall
Las Meninas
by Diego Velázquez

Venus de Milo

This *should* be legitimate. The fake Venus has long hair.

can't remember the name...

This is fake because if you look closely there’s a “bite” out of the big leaf

Home Center

Nothing too exciting in the home center. A desk, a compass, a cone, something that looks like it belongs on a stage as a prop of grass, and a shelf I had.

cone, shelf, grass

compass, desk

I ran into Yuka in the home center. She made sure to clarify something for me:


“The Y in D.I.Y doesn’t stand for young, it’s yourself”

Gardening Store

Over in the gardening center they had a potted tree for sale.
garden center

I bought the flower bags (not that I need them) and Reggie pulled me aside and gave me the silver watering can. Hooray! If my black roses ever wilt and I don’t want gold ones I can bust it out. Now, do I need to buy the trees or the shrubs for the axe? Or does it matter…

silver watering can

“Because you’ve bought a lot of flower seeds…”

At the Café

Resetti was in the café this afternoon. He’s pretty gruff.

Resetti at the cafe

“what do you want? Do you have some business with me?”

I took a shift since I had the time. Nobody except the out of town customer told me what they wanted. Nonetheless I performed admirably (probably pissing Brewster off. He hates it when the customers like my drinks better.)


“My usual please!”


“I’d like to order my usual please!”

making coffee for T-Bone

making coffee for T-Bone (nobody tell him he’s going to be dinner)

Shizue wants her usual too

“I’d like a coffee”

In addition to the usual coffee beans Brewster gave me a used coffee mill. Pretty soon I’m going to be able to set up my own used coffee shop and put him out of business.
coffee mill

The coffee mill

Bad Hair Day

It seemed like a good idea at the time to get my hair done in a pixie cut, dark blue. Instead I just look like a guy. Kokuto swears I look like Terry Gross. Help! Will change tomorrow…

blue pixie

bad blue pixie cut.

5 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 50

  1. I think you should hold out till tomorrow morning and see what your turnip prices are…and i would still check on Kokuto’s prices as well, just in case! I hate to see your bells go down the drain with the stalk market. Wished i had this game already….i would let you in my town if my prices were perfect for you! LOL

  2. @Shinkuu I never played Tales of Graces (I heard it was good), but I’m assuming that’s a bad thing since Hubert sounds like a guy. LOL.

    @chorna flowers in the hair are girly, right?

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