Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 51

Stalk Market

AM: 135 Bells
PM: 275 Bells

I nervously waited until the afternoon and BAM! 275 bells per turnip. Thanks for the tip Zen! It’s still more lucrative to bug catch on the island at night, but I haven’t been doing much of that lately. And I need to! Nook is gonna send someone to break my knees pretty soon.

275 bells per turnip

27,500 Bells for 100 turnips. Not bad


I screwed up my normal snowman. I knew my streak of two was too good to last! LOL. I think the head got just a bit too big when I rolled it on top of the body. I hate it when that happens.

While I had the number for my bingo card, it did not score me a bingo. I said 43 Mr. Snow-daddy, not 3. Will try again tomorrow…unless he’s melted…

Dormant Tree (I hope)

I was shocked to find that my inaugural tree was completely devoid of foliage and looked like it would be right at home in a haunted forest. I’m hoping this is normal and that I wasn’t supposed to water it or something.

Winter Inaugural Tree


I found a familiar seagull washed up on the shore today. And after I woke him up and he shouted for “Elizabeth” he finally spilled that she was an old girlfriend…but then he mentioned a hurricane, so I think it was really a hurricane…or not. Anyway, on to the quiz. I had to rush through it because just as I started talking to him I noticed a present floating slowly by.

clue 1

“The people in that country eat a lot of hot and spicy kimchi”

He went on to say that he heard a rumor that they had a refrigerator just for kimchi.

My first thought: Korea.

clue 2

“and it’s famous for the martial art called Tae Kwon Do”

This was no help to me as I’m not terribly familiar with the origin of martial arts, but Kokuto confirmed that we were still on track for Korea. And apparently Gulliver used to dabble in Tae Kwon Do. Don’t mess with him.

My choices were:

  • India
  • Korea
  • Vietnam
  • Thailand

I chose Korea and should receive my present in the mail tomorrow. I then ran up and shot the aforementioned balloon out of the air. I got another balloon hat. Rats!


I had a swagger in my step as I entered the museum today with my Venus in my pockets (ha!). It was indeed legitimate bringing the number of artifacts in my art wing to three.

legit venus

Still Bad Hair

I haven’t changed my hairstyle yet. I put on a dress (you know, to look more like a girl) and bought some weird starry eyed glasses that I think make me look a bit more feminine.

Newish look

The Christmas dress should have been discounted I think, but it’s still cute.

Island hopping

I’m getting pretty pale, so I thought I’d hang out on the island for a bit. Imagine my delight at finding a piece of mermaid furniture I don’t have! Now the only piece I’m missing is the mermaid lamp. I did tours by myself for a bit until I saved up 40 medals. I like to do the 2 star difficulty fossil tour. I get 9 medals a time (assuming I get gold rank which I usually do).

mermaid um dresser?


I took my part time shift at Brewsters. He didn’t give me anything new this time. I started a remake of an alarm clock. It’s supposed to turn red. Haven’t picked it up yet. Margie wants a dung beetle, but I almost never find them before they cause my snowballs to commit suicide…


4 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 51

  1. Glad to be of help! 🙂 Some quick notes since I need to go shopping in my town today:

    – Bugs are quite lucrative though when you get to the higher levels of the Stalk Market (selling over 1m bells worth), it becomes extremely addicting and nerve wracking. I’m currently working my way up to 100m bells (59m at the moment)
    – If the snow daddy melts and you make a new one, you won’t be able to use the same card. So make one before it dies. (conjecture. as this is what happened to me)
    – That happens to the tree in winter. It’ll be back come spring 🙂
    – Best medals for me are still the Pro rock breaking tour (15 for 4 minutes assuming gold) and the Furniture Hunt (16 every 2-4m assuming gold)

    Have fun! Let me know when you have time to stop by each others’ towns! Would love to see what your town looks like 🙂

  2. One of the best things about Animal Crossing is the way every day there’s something different happening in town. No two days are completely alike. Glad you made such a huge profit on your turnips!

  3. @Zen OMG you’re rich! LOL. I’m still pretty poor. I was happy with my measly million bells, but that’s gone now…

    The rock breaking hunt, you mean the one with the ore where you have to find the “special” one worth 10 points and all the ones worth 3 points etc? That’s my favorite but it wasn’t at the island yesterday. The furniture hunt if it’s the scavenger hunt with the list I like too, but all I had were bug hunts for the most part.

    Send me an email about when you’re available to visit or host. I’m on pacific standard time and I’m horrible with time zones. I should just play with my gates open more often…I always forget. v3lla at sosostris dot com

    @chorna Even on my “boring” days with no exciting visitors or store unveilings I still find something to amuse me. 🙂

  4. I like how the Town Tree (or whatever it’s called) actually loses it’s leaves in the winter. At least ONE tree in this game is accurately portraying what happens in the winter time!

    I’m confused. Isn’t the Venus de Milo supposed to be missing a head?

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