Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 52

Stalk Market

AM: 178 Bells
PM: 85 Bells

Glad that I sold when I did! I kept thinking today was Sunday though and wondering where Joan was…

Gulliver’s Present

I feel kinda silly because I forgot to take a picture of the name of the item Gulliver sent me and I don’t remember what it’s called…but, this food item is what got expedited from Korea.

Gulliver's Korean Item


The only visitor Kasen had today was Pete. He was pretty quiet when I saw him on his evening delivery run.


“As you can see I’m doing my evening deliveries.”

Packing Day

Today is Ida’s last day as a resident of Kasen village. Shizue told me to visit her before she left, so I did. I liked her house, and she wasn’t half bad as far as poisonous amphibians go, but I’m still excited to straighten out my path after she leaves. (Her house is over just a little to the right where I want my path.)

Ida is leaving


Hakase sure likes to play hide and seek. But he seems to be insinuating that I need to play in order to lose a bit of weight. I’m not sure I like that.

Yuka hiding

Yuka didn’t hide very far…

unexpected jacob's ladder

While not one of my townies I found my fifth cliffside Jacob’s Ladder while searching

found everyone

I found everybody and they rewarded me with an oriental rug

Special Item

Two (are these spotlight items?) special things at the Nook Brother’s store in one week? Today’s special was the number 9 lamp. It cost a hefty 9,000 bells. I snatched it up anyway…and put it up for steeply discounted sale at the recycle shop. Just after I put it there Derry came in and simply had to have the number 8 lamp that was still on display.

9 lamp

8 sale

no takers on the port-o-potty yet though…

Fossil Finding

I dug up all four fossils today and took them to the museum. I had one that hadn’t been donated and gave it to Blathers. I completed the Mammoth fossil and he was elated. I went strolling through the fossil wing to see what I had left to complete. I just need the パラサロロフス head and the フタバスズキリュウ tail (I hope I spelled those right).

completed mammoth

“Ho ho! This means…!
You did it!
The mammoth is complete!”


I picked up my remade alarm clock. Kaizo changed it from gold to blue (I thought I was changing it to red. Shows how much I pay attention). I think it will look nice in the mermaid room.

blue alarm clock

blue alarm clock

I saw pictures of a neat remake in a magazine and wanted to try it, so I searched my drawers, and two fossil-filled display rooms in the museum before I found all three pieces of a brontosaurus—the only dinosaur that I had all the pieces for. Then I talked to Kaizo. He told me that for just 4,400 bells he’d remake it into an easy to decorate with miniature. I jumped on that deal.


The brontosaurus head pre-remake

For clarity, it may not be the brontosaurus. It’s a (phonetic english) “brontoterium” and I don’t know what that is. I haven’t had a class that’s covered Japanese names for dinosaurs, so I’m on my own. 🙂

remade dinosaur

Isn’t it cute! And portable

dinky dino

as advertised, it fits in a room better, but I still need to scrape together the cash to make my room bigger…

New Hairdo

I got my hair “fixed”. I still went semi-pixie cut, but not quite as severe and had it dyed blonde. This was the only yellow color available and it’s a bit light for my taste. I spruced it up with a flower and I think it looks a little less boyish than the previous hairstyle.

New Haircut

Close up of the new hairstyle

A close up of the new hairstyle with princess peach dress and pink lace up shoes.

smile emotion

I got the “smile” emotion

5 thoughts on “Animal Crossing New Leaf: Day 52

  1. I still have 4 pieces left in my museum. Blathers isn’t having any of what i bring over :/ Anyways, the fossil is a Brontotherium. It’s also referred to as a Megacerops 🙂

    Also, if you don’t like a remade item, you can give it back to Kaizo and he’ll restore it back to original or remake it again. For a fee of course. Do keep in mind that nearly every lamp can be remade into every color except black.

  2. So I recently saw that you can indeed play igloo games inside igloos on another blog a few days ago. They played Rock-Paper-Scissors and lost a watering can (Because they lost.) to a duck villager. I was wondering if you could possibly try and confirm this sometime? It seems to happen randomly!

  3. Wow good luck on completing your fossil museum! The mini fossils are so cute! But I kinda like having a gigantic dinosaur fossil taking up an entire room. Maybe that’s just me. 🙂

    Love the Princess Peach dress! You look so cute!

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